Jul 27 2014 3:00pm

Constantine Panel Gives a Sneak Peek At Demons!

We don't think there are enough cigarettes in all of London for this number of Constantines! They were part of a John Constantine meet-up that took place shortly before the screening of the pilot episode of Constantine at this year's SDCC. So at least any lingering demon plagues should be sorted out...

Constantine premiered its pilot to a great response from the crowd! We've gathered some of the highlights from the show's panel below, along with the new extended trailer that debuted on Saturday night.

The Constantine panel featured an screening of the pilot, plus executive producers Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer, Constantine himself, Matt Ryan, and Harold Perrineau, Charles Halford, and Angelica Celaya.

  • Ryan admitted to not knowing much about Hellblazer when he got the role. Not only do fans email him with tips, but “A friend of mine is a huge comic book fan and for years he was telling me about John Constantine. He sat me down when I found out I was [auditioning] and said, ‘You have to do this, you have to do this.”
  • Goyer mentioned that they didn’t think Liv “could go toe-to-toe with John” hence swapping her out for Celaya’s Zed, which makes us wonder why they didn’t make the switch earlier…
  • Perrineau, who is playing an angel named Manny, is excited to delve into a new character. “We're still learning more about him—I still don't know everything about him,” he said. “It's really exciting. We don't know what kind of angel he is.”
  • Cerone says they found Ryan through his stage work, when he worked with Jude Law in “Henry V.”
  • Angelica Celaya filmed her first scene on Friday, wrapped at 4:00am, and then hopped a plane for Comic-Con!
  • Cerone wants everyone to look forward to the introduction of the “Newcastle crew”—including Papa Midnight!
  • Goyer plans to focus on classic Hellblazer rather than New 52-era work. "We're not idiots…We have access to the occult corner of the DC Universe. Probably our first [DC character cameo] is in episode five or six. We just want to make sure it's not guest-star of the week, and someone who works organically. I'm sure some of you saw the Doctor Fate helmet…”

The new trailer:

We have a lot to look forward to in this show (including John facing off with a demon version of himself?). We would have appreciated a mention of the edits to John personality (less smoking; much less bisexuality) but we're still excited to see what they do with our favorite working-class warlock!

[info gathered from TV After Dark and Comic Book Resources!]

1. exiledjerseyite
Wait, hold up, Dickie Bennett is in this? Sweet.

I mean, I'm going to watch at least the pilot no matter what, but now I'm a little more interested.
2. quinne
First of all, this show is doomed. David Goyer ruins everything.

Second of all, the last bullet point has David Goyer totally contradicting himself - IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH. So, first he says that they're going to focus on classic VERTIGO John Constantine (you know - the reason everyone loves Hellblazer in the first place). Then, he IMMEDIATELY wants to talk about DC UNIVERSE CAMEO APPEARANCES - in this case, DOCTOR FATE. Let me enlighten everyone, DOCTOR FATE NEVER APPEARED in the MAIN VERTIGO SERIES HELLBLAZER. Doctor Fate decidedly is a character of the mainstream DC UNIVERSE. DOCTOR FATE is a four color SUPERHERO.

The reasons most fans of comics with TASTE dislike David Goyer is his lack of writing ability AND his attempts to deceive his captive audience with statements like that one.
Shelly wb
3. shellywb
@quinne, I don't think I've ever seen you say a positive word about anything. I'm not saying you don't have every right to dislike all you watch, but knowing what you like, if you do like something, would help me wrap my head around your points of view. Not that you should care. But if you feel like answering, is there any TV/movie production you do like that's related to comics or novels?

As far as this series, I'll watch the first. This character has intrigued me for a while so I'll give it a shot.
4. quinne
The Vertigo run of Hellblazer comics were wonderful. If the TV version stuck close to that then it would be great. You know there's a reason David Goyer was fired from the Superman vs Batman movie.
5. Tumas
@ 2 quinne: While I rather agree with your assessment of Goyer and his word on the DC universe, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Constantine and Doctor Fate.

The Hellblazer Constantine appeared along with the Trenchoat Brigade in Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic, which included an appearance by Doctor Fate (which, by the way, included a future where he is definitely not a superhero). Constantine appeared again in The Sandman, which also included minor appearances by superheroes not affiliated with the dark/occult corner of the DC universe.

Both titles are decidedly Vertigo books and share the same universe, so it's hardly a stretch to decide to tap into this idea of a shared universe for the TV series. As both Books of Magic and Sandman show, it doesn't have to affect the tone of the story to happen either.
6. Brandon Johnston
@quinne: Yes, Hellblazer is wonderful, but that show would also be doomed to fail. That character is too inaccessible for network TV. He'd work fine on HBO, but no way in hell would he work on network. Even if every Constantine fan tuned in religiously to watch every week, they wouldn't get the numbers needed to survive passed a first season.
7. quinne
Books of Magic was a Neil Gaiman miniseries. It can't really be considered canon. Yes, Constantine appeared in Sandman FOR ONE ISSUE. The Endless NEVER APPEARED in the MAIN HELLBLAZER SERIES. Yes, Swamp Thing has appeared in Hellblazer a few times.

I guess the argument is about degree and style. Doctor Fate DID NOT APPEAR in the MAIN SERIES OF HELLBLAZER - NOT ONCE - and I think that's significant.

Doctor Fate always has been shat upon by whomever was running the DC Universe in any particular decade. They haven't taken good care of Doctor Fate. Which is why I don't like linking Constantine and Doctor Fate. Its a escape door through which Warner Bros/DC is planning to introduce New52 characters to the NBC audience - it's sales marketing garbage to it's core.

Finally, the Magic of Doctor Fate is quite different from the Magic of John Constantine. Constantine's magic, and those of his supporting cast, is highly detailed and rich with occult ideas and occult history. Doctor Fate waves his neon yellow gloved hand and a universe dies. Doctor Fate is a FOUR COLOR SUPERHERO - John Constantine is a Pulp Fiction Occult anti-hero. Doctor Fate might as well be Superman.
8. quinne
@6 Brandon Johnston - NBC can produce whatever garbage it likes - DON'T EXPECT ME TO WATCH IT. I think people who have taste and intelligence should boycott demographically tested, formulaic garbage which network TV likes to torture "people" with.

I'd like to point to drivel like "Grimm" as an example of what NBC executives would like to turn every single supernatural show they deign to produce.

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