Jul 9 2014 12:10pm

This Video Almost Convinces Us that American Doctor Who Actually Happened

American Doctor Who video Sam Rockwell Jeff Goldblum Gene Wilder Tony Shalhoub Donald Glover Nicolas Cage

Remember that awesome BuzzFeed article that laid out an almost-perfect alternate history of American Doctor Who? With Gene Wilder, Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell, and Jeff Goldblum (yesss) traveling through time and space as various incarnations of the Doctor?

Well, if BuzzFeed’s arguments weren’t enough to convince you, now savvy YouTuber Sam Vestey has cut together an actual reel of all of the Yankee Doctors. It’s like we’re reliving a half-century of this American television classic!

Masterfully combining footage from Moon, Community, Independence Day, Breaking Bad, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and so so so much more, Vestey brings us an excellent retrospective of the American Doctors. Check out the video below to enjoy pinstriped suits, doubles, tentacles, astronauts, darkest timelines, and of course disappearing phone booths. Also, a lot of dancing.

Can Vestey make a sequel starring the 11 picks for female American Doctors? Clearly he’s got his work cut out for him finding the right bit of 30 Rock footage (for Tina Fey)—or, if he’s going by our personal candidates, any Tilda Swinton film.

[via io9]

Sky Thibedeau
1. SkylarkThibedeau
I always pictured an American Series would have the Doctor flying around in a Tardis stuck in the shape of those One Hour Photo Kiosks they used to have at American Shopping Centers in the 70's and 80's
Angela Korra'ti
2. annathepiper
OH GOD Harrison as the War Doctor. PERFECT. :D
Del C
3. del
I think Vincent Price would have been better as the Master. It's the beard. Which American actors would have played the Master in their respective eras? I'm thinking something like Vincent Price; Dennis Hopper (too young in that era?); Ronny Cox, who regenerates into; Jim Carrey.

But Sam Rockwell is another on that Doctor list who would have been good as the Master. I feel like I want Frank Langella and Harvey Keitel in that list somewhere too.
Bruce Arthurs
4. bruce-arthurs
I came up with a list of my own back at the beginning of 2013. The only overlap with the choices here was Dick Van Dyke (though Tony Shaloub was suggested in comments).

My #1 choice for an American doctor, though, was John Astin. (Didn't the Addams mansion seem bigger on the inside? And Carolyn Jones as the Doctor's Companion, oh my!)
Sean Tabor
5. wingracer
When I read it, I thought it was crazy but after seeing this I totally want Gene Wilder as The Doctor.
Del C
6. del
Bruce@4, John Astin and DeLancie look good, but I would think Christopher Lloyd rather than Michael J Fox.
8. Wombatcombat
Should have gone with more TV actors instead of film actors
Megan Williams
9. MeganJW321
I saw the video and title and thought "this is gonna be sillly".

But I don't think I've ever been more wrong. The person responsible for this is a genius.

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