Jul 17 2014 1:30pm

This 3D Futurama Video Is Almost Like Having Futurama Back

Futurama 3D video concept art Alexey Rakharov so cool Matt Groening David X. Cohen

We were so happy-sad over the Futurama series finale last fall, but it was a fitting end to a series that ended up spanning a decade. Little did we know that this 3D take on Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s series would be all we needed to suddenly want more.

Russian artist Alexey Zakharov has brought New New York—with a cameo by the Planet Express ship!—to life (or at least, stunning 3D), and wow does it look cool.

Sadly, the video is a mere 32 seconds, but Zakharov crams so much into it that it’s downright dazzling. The lines of air traffic, the twisty buildings, the insane colors—it’s all there! And if you squint, you can see an advertisement for Mom’s Old-Fashioned Robot Oil.

We’re hoping that the “test shot” in the title implies that this will be just the beginning of Zakharov’s Futurama-themed output. Because, just look at this art:

Futurama 3D video concept art Alexey Rakharov Planet Express ship

He did also make a short video focusing on the Planet Express ship itself:

Check out more excellent concept art on the artist’s website while we contemplate selling our rocket boosters to the devil in exchange for more videos. And in the meantime, if Zakharov wanted to make a 3D test shot of Stubby...we wouldn’t object.

All art and videos by Alexey Zakharov

Craig Sanders
1. CASanders
So good, it makes me want to eat Bachelor Chow and watch All My Circuits.
Robert Dickinson
2. ChocolateRob
I've got bad news for you, You may think you've just seen an awesome 3D Futurama video but it was actually just the Hypnotoad.

All hail to him though, he doesn't stint on the quality of his implanted memories does he.

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