Jun 25 2014 4:05pm

Oh No! “Evil” Avengers Spotted in Age of Ultron!

Chris Evans stunt double Captain America Avengers: Age of Ultron set photos

You’re not Captain America! You take off that suit right now you evil doppelganger! Besmirch not the good name of the Cap!

The eagle-eyed folks at Digital Spy caught some photos of the Avengers: Age of Ultron stunt doubles on the set of Joss Whedon’s next installment and must have found them as hilariously incongruous as we did. While there’s nothing weird about stunt doubles on action movies... when all the Avengers stunt doubles are assembled they somehow look so, so weird. Like evil doubles from a mirror universe, or a low budget Roger Corman-esque version of the team.

Here are Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson’s doubles (and maybe Mark Ruffalo’s?) just chilling on the set—crushing our dreams.

Avengers: Age of Ultron stunt doubles Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson set photos

And here’s Hemsworth’s Thor double, visible only from behind, rocking a blond ponytail, and thinking about how the cops won’t stop hassling him when he’s just trying to ride his sweet motorbike.

Chris Hemsworth stunt double Avengers: Age of Ultron set photos

Even with only about half the Avengers’ stand-ins here, these photos are so great. It’s exactly this:

It’s kind of amazing how the Avengers actors have so sneakily become the faces of these heroes in our minds despite decades of comic books. You don’t necessarily realize it until suddenly a different Cap is making a mean face at you and possible making fun of the awesome fort you built out of lawn equipment in your front yard. Like his fort is any better. He didn't even make one! Pfff.

Here, take a look at this photo of the Chrises Evans and Hemsworth looking like they’re in mid-breakdance-mode in a fight scene. Doesn’t it feel so much more correct? And isn't that weird? It’s fascinating to see the actors compared to the folks who also don the costumes, but don’t get the credit or the Tumblr GIF sets. These folks are busting their butts and putting themselves in harm's way so we can watch an exciting movie and we're glad they're out there. It's just interesting how severe the incongruity of a new face in a familiar costume can be!

Photos: WENN

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
Is it me, or does that costume make the Cap double look like he has a really small head?
Pamela Adams
2. PamAdams
Clearly that's not an Evil(tm) Avenger- he has no goatee!!
Matthew Glover
3. themightysven
@1 the costume is designed so that with the helmet on it looks normal proportioned, so yes, with it off his head would look too small
Tom Smith
4. phuzz
In someways those guys are more badass than the actors, after all, they're the ones who really can take a punch, or fall off a building etc.
Christopher Bennett
5. ChristopherLBennett
@4: Well, it helps that the punches are pulled/faked and the buildings have airbags under them, but yeah, stunt work is pretty badass even so.

Although the real badasses are the stuntwomen, since so many of them have to do stunts in skimpy or figure-hugging outfits and thus have to do without the protective padding the men use.
Rancho Unicorno
6. Rancho Unicorno
Where's Lee Majors?
Jenny Thrash
7. Sihaya
It occurred to me a while back, and I don't have any statistics to back this theory up, but I have a feeling that stunt women today are better off than their predecessors for doubling action heroines with distinct action heroine body types. Stuntwomen used to do the typical "woman in peril" scenes for a fairly willowy heroine. They used to have to go through all the physical risk of stuntwork without being allowed to develop their bodies to lessen their chance of injury, else they wouldn't be accurate doubles. Put a little muscle on the heroine, and her double can reduce the risk of an ACL tear, for example.

Bonus: put the heroine in flat shoes like your average action hero, and her double doesn't destroy her ankle doing a flip-kick in heels. That only happens sometimes, but Charlize Theron's ankle injury during "Aeon Flux" was probably a good reminder to movie producers about the importance of proper footwear when the action scenes roll.

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