Jun 12 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: And Then Someone Made Renly Baratheon Cosplay Totally Awesome

Unreality Magazine shared this example of stunning Renly Baratheon cosplay, and we have to say we were impressed not only with the crown and the dark, murderous spirit, but also with that Wonder Woman rucksack.

Morning Roundup has rumors fresh from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, a serious consideration of gender in video games, and doughnuts that are too cute to eat!

Pat Hayes
1. SCTechSorceress
Ahh... poor Ubisoft! It's soooo hard to animate female bodies. You know, I might even have believed that line, if it hadn't already been done. No, the reality of game focus and production that causes this is that Ubisoft doesn't need (or apparently want) MY dollars. Back before video game technology was up to animating ANY people, and all the 'characters' were spaceships or icons... I played all the time. Then games got better, and my local game store turned into the He-Man Woman Hater's Club.
2. DougL
Well, you know what happens when a game allows mods, many, and I mean many people end up downloading a sexy walk mod heh

It's probably men not wishing to make any mistakes of have Anna make a video about them.

That's an awesome Renly outfit.
3. elvensnow
@1 If you bothered to read the article (which you probably didn't, since this site didn't really seem to either), you would know he didn't say "It's hard to animate females" he said that adding a female character model to the game would take a lot of extra work--you have to redo tons of graphic assests from the ground up--work that they just didn't want to devote the manpower to.

Sure it would be nice to have a female character to play. But if that choice doesn't really add anything to the game in any way (i.e., won't change the storyline or the way your character interacts with the world) then I don't see why any gamemakers should have to add it.

Also complaining about the number of male protagonists in games is like complaining about the number of male protagonists in books and my answer to both is the same: people write what they know. And if most programmers/game writers are male, then that's their default. I personally don't see anything wrong with that. But sadly it's an argument that will never die.
4. Eyeless621
After reading the article, and the quotes from the developer, it sounds more like they didn't have time to design a whole new character model, design costumes, and record voice-overs. That is a lot of work and could apply to any type of character. Nothing he said suggested it was more challenging to do a female than a male. He went on to give some detail about their plans for that character had they been able to add it in (where he mentioned that the new character was female), but nothing that made it sound like the gender is the reason for not doing it.
N. Swain
5. Jabberwocky
@3-- I don't buy the "write what they know" argument. Unless all these
writers and programmers lost their mothers at birth and grew up in the
woods, raised off the grid by a small group of men, they know women:
family, friends, teachers, maybe a girlfriend or wife or two. If they can't apply lived experience to their writing, and maybe ask remaining questions of those women they know, they either seriously lack imagination, which I doubt, or have been socialized to think it doesn't matter/women don't play games (ha!)/women are unicorns whose reality is impossible to understand without magic.

Ubisoft is clearly suffering from some kind of time crunch-- apparently in multi-player mode, everyone is playing the same character in different clothes. But if they actually had any vested interest in having a female player character, they would have started work on it before the last minute. That's rather the point.

I'm just hoping no one starts claiming "Women never do _____" about this game, because the most famous assassin from the French Revolution was a woman-- Charlotte Corday.

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