Jun 11 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Uncle Luke has Found a New Padawan!

Mark Hamill is breaking out his lightsaber moves for Episode VII! Check out that awesome stance, and the beginnings of what we’re sure will be an epic beard! And, in a terrifying example of corporate synergy, he’s... training Mickey? Mickey seems to lack the necessary intensity to make a proper Jedi....

Morning Roundup must tear its eyes from this extraordinary image to present you with Avatar casting, Snowpiercer details, and Sleepy Hollow news!

Anthony Pero
1. anthonypero
This photo is a capsule of everything that gives me the dreads about disney assuming ownership of star wars. But I've made my peace with it. Just don't throw it in my face anymore, okpleasethankyou?
Joanne Center
3. thegloop
@anthonypero - Star Tours was built at Disneyland in 1987 and since then, Disneyland has sold Star Wars/ Disney or Muppet related mashup souvenirs. They have a "Jedi Training Academy" in Disneyland where little kids can have mock battles with Darth Vader and have done so since the early 00s. They have been hosting Star Wars weekends at Walt Disney World since 1997 where various guests have come, and members of the 501st would parade around Disney World. This is NOT a new thing. In fact, Disney purchasing Lucasfilm has changed virtually nothing as far as merchandising is concerned, except that now the Star Wars stuff that had been exclusive to Disneyland will soon be appearing in regular Disney Stores. Just stop it with the hand wringing already.
4. The_Duck_Is_Rising
What's even worse is that Scrooge McDuck is the Duck One so feared in the Wheel of Time series, the Great Lord of the Duck as worshipped by so many Duckfriends! (Ooops, I've mentioned his actual name, and now he is aware of me ...) And Mickey Mouse is one of his confederates ....
Anthony Pero
5. anthonypero

lol. Like I said, I've made my peace with it. But I apologize if my "hand-wringing" has offended you!

There have certainly been tie-ins before. That doesn't stop me from legitimately fearing an increase of them, now that Disney doesn't have to pay for it. I'm just waiting for the Princess Leia "Disney Princess" toys to start showing up.

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