Jun 6 2014 12:10pm

Let George R.R. Martin Murder You for Charity!

Valar Morghulis, but a few lucky, charitable people will get to die more than once! Before their actual, physical death, George R.R. Martin will fictionally kill them in the ever-expanding pages of ASOIAF. Martin has started a campaign on Prizeo to ask Game Of Thrones fans to help the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Santa Fe’s Food Depot! He’s offering rewards including t-shirts, signed memorabilia, and even thank you notes from George himself. However, if you have a few thousand dollars hanging around, you can go for a bigger prize: Martin will name a future Game Of Thrones character after you, allow you to pick a career for the character, and, best of all, grotesquely murder your avatar! But wait, we still have to cover the best prize of all...

Click through to meet the Westeros Wolf Pack!

Oh, and Martin's in the video too!

2. quinne
3. n4zhg
Might be news that Martin is doing it, but Baen authors have been doing it for years. It's called 'redshirting' for obvious reasons. David Weber and John Ringo both have done it. And if you want David to do it for free just beat his ass at Spades. :)
Joe Vondracek
4. joev
the ever-expanding pages of ASOIAF
Very funny.

If you donate more than $100,000, GRRM will let your character live to the end of the series (should that ever occur).
5. Cat @ Kinrowan Limited
It's hardly new as Jane Yolen named a character after me in The One-Armed Queen for a favor I did her. (I found a book of fairy tales she was looking for.) That would've been the late 90s. I'm an ethnomusicologist in it.

I'm more curious how a name that is not obviously of his universe will be fit in.
6. Ragnarredbeard
From the pictures, it seems to me that GRRM needs to donate some food to the Santa Fe Food Depot.
7. zagrobelny
Why bothering entering? He will get around to killing everyone eventually.
8. Alan Heuer 2.0
I understand that for a $100,000 contribution, he will adopt you and nickname you "Reek".
Greg Parker
9. WaggaWagga
Unfinished series is unfinished.

But also, I assume he will slightly alter names that don't naturally fit into the Westeros universe.
10. Ryamano
What a weird campaign. Not about saving the wolves. Tha's cool and normal. The "killing the character based on a donor" part.
11. a1ay
As said above, this has been happening for ages (it's also called "Tuckerisation" when the character in question doesn't die). Terry Pratchett auctioned off the name of the Master of the Guild of Assassins in "Night Watch" - the author Ken Follett won.

See here for more:
12. The First of His Name...
Just finish the damn story George!
13. caa
Wouldn't you have to actually write to kill off another character? Rumors are that his editor thinks it's coming in at 8 books now. I can't imagine this series will actually get finished at this rate.
Lindsey Turnbow
14. Obi
...Why isn't anyone talking about the wolves though? Did you see the one that rolled in the dirt? Adorable. I don't have the kind of money to afford being killed off in a book (even if the spots were still open), but I can give what little I've got to help the Wolf Sactuary and the Food Depot.
15. Jens R.
Some of the comments here are really over the top or downright embarrassing (as they're mere insults).

I don't shy away to criticize George but this is piece of news gives no reason to do so.
IMHO, George has taken too many side projects in the past. While a few here and there may be good to give the author a break so that he can then continue his main work in a refreshed way rather than burn out and lose interest in it, I think he has sometimes lost his focus a little too much. Plus, he might have done a little less traveling to conventions, etc.

That said, I don't think that this campaign doesn't deserve the criticism which has been voiced here.
For one thing it won't take George a lot of time and it is for a worthy cause.
It is great to see people caring about nature and animals, I'd love to see more of that. I salute George for using his profile to support the wolf sanctuary.

Moreover, if you can win your virtual self to be murdered in a future ASoIaF book he'll obviously have to write it so this will not distract him a lot from working on the books.

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