Jun 24 2014 1:20pm

Carl is This Many Copies of Words of Radiance Tall

Carl Engle-Laird Words of Radiance

Sometimes you have a box full of one of the biggest fantasy novels you’ve ever published, a Carl, and a curiosity that must be sated.

Our resident Stormlight Archive rereader is 29 Words of Radiance tall! That’s a lot of words of radiance. And a lot of Carl, if we’re being honest.

Carl Engle-Laird Words of Radiance

Okay, he’s a little taller than 29 copies of Words of Radiance. And probably still growing. This is him at, what, nine feet or so? We can’t tell any longer. He is the storm.

(If you’d like to measure along at home, Words of Radiance is 2 3/4 inches in width. Thanks to fellow rereader Alice Arneson for measuring twice!)

It cannot be confirmed whether Carl was taken for ice cream after this picture was taken.

1. Nerdasaurus
Why do you have so many copies? Also do you want to give me one? Also don't they just grow up so fast? One minute they are 5 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...then you blink and they are 29 Words of Radiance.
Paul Rando
2. SerDragonReborn
Dear Carl:

You have my dream job. You work in my dream office. There's not much point to this comment besides to let you know how storming lucky you are (you have the Dark One's own luck?).

Ser Dragon Reborn.

Alice Arneson
4. Wetlandernw
Heh. Unless y'all got the measurement of the book wrong, we're very nearly the same height - to within a half-inch or so, I'd say. I calculate I should be 29 3/4 Words of Radiance tall... not that I have that many copies to check it with, of course.
5. Dennis_H
He's totally the model for Carl the Intern from Phineas and Ferb, isn't he?
Carl Engle-Laird
6. CarlEngle-Laird
@4 We measured the spine of the book by me pressing it up against an internet ruler.

Calculations might be suspect.
Paul Rando
7. SerDragonReborn

So how many Wheel of Times tall are you (all 14 books hardcover, or 15 including New Spring).

Also, save this article in some kind of time capsule. When the tenth book is released, you can find out how many Stormlight Archives tall you are.
Deana Whitney
8. Braid_Tug
Oh! I since a new game brewing in the Storm Cellar.
Or at the next JordanCon....
Alice Arneson
9. Wetlandernw
@6 - Aha! Calculations are definitely suspect. Are those the hardcovers? Because my hardcover, measured with a hardruler, is more like 2 3/4 inches... which would make me only 25 3/4 WoRs tall, and makes a lot more sense out of the whole thing.

Also? You're tall. And I'm not as tall as you after all. :p
Gary Singer
10. AhoyMatey
I can just see a whole new standard of measurement being introduced....
Deana Whitney
11. Braid_Tug
@9; wouldn't they have to be the hardbacks?

Unless Carl is also a time traveler and brought back almost 30 large-scale paperbacks from the future. :-)
Adam S.
12. MDNY
I would apparently be 25 3/4 Words of Radiance tall (25.8 technically). I don't work for a publisher (or a bookstore) unfortunately, so I csn't verify this unlike Carl. Plus my copy is so old and used already I suspect it isn't exactly the same width as those pristine-looking ones in the pic above.
Rob Munnelly
13. RobMRobM
This is reminiscent of MIT, where many moons ago some students elected to measure distances in terms of the height of one student with the last name of Smoot. So a particular bridge between Cambridge and Boston has a length of 364.4 smoots and an ear. (It is marked in paint, as I recall.) Perhaps we should use Carls for tor.com office or NYC distance purposes.
Stefan Raets
14. Stefan
Here's Carl the Intern with (s)word of radiance!

Deana Whitney
15. Braid_Tug
@ 14: Very nice. You win.

I just mesaured my WOT collection. With New Spring, I'm measuring an even 30". Without NS, I have 28 3/4".
Brandon's three are 7 1/4" (roughly)
The first 3 are 5 1/5"
The first 10 are 21 1/2"

So my son's height is = whole WOT books + the first 3 books.

But I'm 24 WoR tall.
Paul Rando
16. SerDragonReborn
@14 Do you happen to know the feet-to-smoots conversion rate?
@15 Thank you. Thank you so much. This means I'm slightly more than two Wheels of Time tall.

I am 25.45 Words of Radiance tall.

The biggest, most important question: How many Words of Radiance tall is Mr. Sanderson?
Alice Arneson
17. Wetlandernw
@16 - That's a good question. I'd guess 27 or so. Shall we form a pool and see if we can get an official answer in a few days? ;)
Stefan Raets
18. Stefan
I feel like this concept has legs. We should turn it into a series of posts.

- Build a fort with Words of Radiance copies.
- Weigh Brandon Sanderson and see how many copies of WoR equals one Sanderson
- Shoot a copy of WoR from a trebuchet and see how far it flies.

The possibilities are endless!
Paul Rando
19. SerDragonReborn
@17, yes. My guess is 28.
@18, yes, yes, and STORMS YES.
David Corless
20. phonos
Living in a country with the metric system (i.e. no longer in the dark ages), I find the WoR system of measurement much less confusing than rods and furlongs.

How many WoR does Carl weigh (or is that rude)?
David Goldfarb
21. David_Goldfarb
If I type "how many feet to a smoot" into Google, it instantly comes back with "5.58333333 feet (5 feet 7 inches)".

I visited Cambridge last year, and crossed the bridge in question. The marks are still there — apparently they're redone annually. The bridge has actually been lengthened slightly since the marks were made, however.
Deana Whitney
22. Braid_Tug
Well darn. Wet & SerDragon already took the best guesses.
Can I claim the 27.5 WoR mark?

@21: of course the Smoot would show up. All those engineers designing the math systems for the internet. Wonder if, he had a less fun name to say, would it still be a thing?
Paul Rando
23. SerDragonReborn
@21, I did the same with inches. 1 smoot = 67 inches = 24.38 Words of Radiance.
24. Freelancer
I just stacked all of WoT, WoK, Warbreaker, and Wise Man's Fear on top of WoR, and measured it at precisely 2-5/8" (2.625"). Granted, in a tall stack only the bottom copies would be so compressed, so the average height would end up closer to 2.75" per copy.

Using that value, I'm just shy of 28 WoR tall. I would estimate Brandon at 26.5 WoR.

Also, Carl is a tall dude.
Kerly Luige
25. Celebrinnen
If somebody should ask me, I can now say that I am 23.6 WoR tall :D Cool!
28. Capt D
How certain are we that the width is actually 2.75 inches. If true that would make Carl 6 ft 8 inches. Are you really that tall Carl?

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