Jun 18 2014 3:30pm

A Better World Sweepstakes!

Since 1980, 1% of people have been born with incredible abilities—to read minds, to go unseen, to predict the future—and since then a divide has been growing between the brilliants and the rest of the world. When this divide is shattered by a violent terrorist attack, Nick Cooper, a brilliant advisor to the President, is forced to play a deadly game to stop a terrorist group that wants to burn down the old world in order to create a new one.

Out now from Thomas & Mercer, Marcus Sakey's A Better World is the gripping second installment in his Brilliance Saga. We're excited to send three copies to you! 

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on June 18. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on June 22. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Yagiz Erkan
3. yagiz
Please add my name to the hat.
Thank you.
Michael Carter
4. Mcart
I loved the first installment.
Please enter me for the second.
Best wishes and thanks!
David Benavides jr
5. David Benavides jr
I would love a copy! Please! Thank you!
David Benavides jr
6. wbogacz
Sounds interesing. Wouldn't mind reading this.
David Benavides jr
8. Andre Thegiant
Count me in.
David Benavides jr
10. LDB
read minds like a book
David Benavides jr
11. srizzo00
Sounds good! I guess I'll have to go back and check out the first one!
David Benavides jr
12. The Oracular Beard
Yes, please! LOVE me some superhero ficti0n!
David Benavides jr
17. lemonbar77
I guess I should start with the first installment, with hopes of winning this!
David Benavides jr
18. JReynolds
I want to win! Please please please please!

David Benavides jr
20. bobblablog
David Benavides jr
22. mchljrdn
Count me in!
Kevin K
27. glowingdark
Sounds like I need to go find the first book in the series. Please put my name in the hat.
Christine LaRue
28. LadyAnubis
BRILLIANCE was great ... would love to win a copy of the second installment!
David Benavides jr
30. BigJim
Sounds like a fun read.
David Benavides jr
34. Colette Garmet
Marcus Sakey is one of those "must read" authors!
Love how he pulls me into his fictional worlds.
David Benavides jr
35. Jonny Magnum
I thought Brilliance was brilliant, so sign me up!
David Benavides jr
40. bobarcangle
I really liked the first novel in the series. I would like to win one of the copies of this book.
David Benavides jr
41. Tehol Lives
Awesome, Thanks!
David Benavides jr
42. dwarzel
Count me in, please!
Peter W. Horton Jr.
43. mosaix
I must be brillant! I entered! Yes!
David Benavides jr
46. Zangler
I'm in the mood for A Better World. Thanks.
David Benavides jr
47. DavidEsmale
Yes. I need more comic book/super-hero inspired books
David Benavides jr
48. AHump
Big, big fan of free stuff.
William Gardner
50. myangelsman09
Pique my interest once good on you; pique my interest twice....
David Benavides jr
55. eric’s alias
yes please
Lianne Burwell
58. LKBurwell
I love a good twist on superheroes in SF
Michelle Brown
59. michelle.brown
wooo! pick me, pick me! :)
sounds like a great book/series!
David Benavides jr
60. Natejt
Loved the first book, would be very happy to get this one!
David Benavides jr
62. MartyCrosson
Read first book in a day, would love to win second installment
David Benavides jr
63. Artisan61
Yes. please
David Benavides jr
65. Joey B
Sounds great, thank you!
David Benavides jr
68. Galadriel
I'm definitely intrigued!
David Benavides jr
69. Susan O'Bryant
Sounds like a wild ride! Want to read it.
Barbara Lima
71. barblima
Are the billiants good or bad? That's the question.
David Benavides jr
72. Dawn S.
Pleae enter me, thanks!
David Benavides jr
73. Lee Mckoen
Looks great
David Benavides jr
76. Dawn K
look awesome
David Benavides jr
77. Charles Earl Burbridge
Yeah, let's try this one.
Mallory Bailey
78. mallorybailey1
Sounds interesting! I would love to read this!
David Benavides jr
80. Deborah Wellenstein
What a neat concept. I'd love to read this!
David Benavides jr
Another awesome read.
Perfect for me.
David Benavides jr
85. Heather Giovannitti
Love me some awesome beach reads!
David Benavides jr
87. Tim H. Moss
Looks like my kind of read. Send it here!
David Benavides jr
88. Marie Constantineau
thanks for the chance
Brenda Elsner
90. brat52101
Looks like a great read! Count me in!!!!
David Benavides jr
94. brittney puckett
thanks for the chance!
Buddy Garrett
95. garrettsambo
I want to read it. It sounds interesting.
David Benavides jr
96. Karen T Gonyea
Pick Me Please :)
David Benavides jr
97. Edd
I would love to read the work of Marcus Sakey.

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