May 15 2014 4:20pm

Watch a 5 Minute Trailer For The Flash

The Flash trailer CW

He's not a hero, he's just a boy who got struck by lightning.

The CW has unveiled a 5 minute preview/trailer thing for its upcoming Flash show, which adds the super-runner to the DC television metahuman universe that Arrow has been building over the past two years.

Do you like Arrow? Because The Flash is literally the same show. Take a look!

Run Barry RUN. This fall on the CW.

Zayne Forehand
1. ShiningArmor
This show looks awesome. Can't wait for Fall.

Also, the field being Ferris Air makes me dream of Green Lantern guest starring soon.
2. TheMadLibrarian
They've mentioned Bludhaven a few times, and supposedly Nightwing will be guesting... sometime...
Lis Riba
3. lisriba
Look closely, and you'll see John Wesley Shipp - star of the 1990 Flash TV series - who appears to be playing this Barry Allen's father.
Chuk Goodin
5. Chuk
That show looks great, hope the series lives up to the trailer (and hey, it's Vancouver!)
6. Tumas
This just looks marvellous!

I have to say I'm also glad they're acknowledging that the show spins off from Arrow and that Oliver Queen does appear to give his blessing (and, apparently, the name). I wonder how this will effect Arrow from here on with the introduction of metahumans. Hopefully we'll get a crossover or two down the line too.

Anyway, really looking forward to seeing if the show lives up to the trailer. It all looks very promising, for sure.
Sky Thibedeau
7. SkylarkThibedeau
I thought for sure that Deathstroke was going to cripple Felicity and she would become the Oracle instead of Barbara Gordon. They have practically got everything for a Birds of Prey Reimage.
Robert Dickinson
8. ChocolateRob
I'd say the lightning bolt chose him, he was pretty darned far away from the epicentre of the explosion. Most folks need to be ground zero for this type of thing to give them superpowers.
9. Renae A.
I really hope they expand on the "getting struck by lightning gives you superpowers thing," because I'm pretty sure that while it's a rare occurance, it still definitely happens (and doesn't give superpowers). Maybe it's in the comic and I just haven't read them yet.

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