May 6 2014 11:15am

Rumored Title For Star Wars: Episode VII is Hilarious

Okay, it’s not Blue Harvest levels of funny... but lets just hope it’s the working title.

Reports have been cropping up, starting at Ain’t It Cool news that the title for Episode VII is... The Ancient Fear!

We’re not ruling this out, since Attack of the Clones is still very real, but... doesn’t this sound more like an Indiana Jones title than a Star Wars one? Perhaps it’s meant to parallel other arcs—it sort of seems like it could go up against A New Hope. New hope, ancient fears, phantom menaces, they sort of sound related...ish?

And what is this ancient fear? Is there a giant Godzilla monster lying in wait at the core of Coruscant, ready to rise up and attack? Some sort of Sith myth that would wipe out all Jedi? The revelation that all Corellians are secretly terrified of large bodies of water?

Come on. We can figure this out.

Sky Thibedeau
2. SkylarkThibedeau
I heard the Title was "The Search For More Money".
Mouldy Squid
3. Mouldy_Squid
I heard it was "A New Hope (that we can revive a franchise that has jumped the shark)".
jeff hendrix
4. templarsteel
Star Wars Episode VII: The Revenge of the Fanboys
5. oriol
Who's gonna play Cthulu role?
6. emeraldcite
I wonder how often these leaks are a means to test the waters. We're all making fun of this title, so they'll hit the drawing board again. Eventually, one will leak that everyone will get excited about, they'll deny it's the title, and then it will be the title.

Great way to product test without officially product testing.

I guess this is a geek-sourcing kind of thing.
7. Al C
@6: You would hope that the leak would be testing the waters... but I remember the backlash when "The Phantom Menace" was disclosed.

As long as it isn't Episode VII: The Journal of the Whills
Charles Foster
8. FossMaNo1
..."we can revive a franchise that has jumped the shark."

I still do not understand why so many people blast Eps 1-3. Were they Ep 4-6? No...but then those movies were made with a much simpler premise: good guys (underdogs) vs. bad guys. Eps 1-3 were, by necessity, much more complex...they were about how a man (Anakin/Vader) becomes evil. That's not easy stuff to tell.

Was Jar-Jar the best invention? Probably not, but then again my son -- when he was 5 years old -- thought Jar-Jar was hilarious! And did Ep 1 lack any real luster, perhaps, but my son again wanted all the pod-racing and starship toys from the movie.

Besides, if these movies really "jumped the shark," then would someone please explain to me how they were such a commercial success? If they weren't well-liked enough to generate revenue, then how do they continue to make money?

Personally, I thought Ep 3 rocked...Anakin's slide to the dark side did seem a bit fast, but it made sense and was orchestrated well. The only issue I had with the movie was Obiwan's "I have the high ground" line.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
9. Lisamarie
Honestly, I don't see what's so bad about it.
Fredrik Coulter
10. fcoulter
I have to say one good thing about the first three episodes. After watching the first three movies (episodes four through six) and hearing about how great the Jedi knights were, at least they kicked some butt in the first three episodes.

The initial movies were like movies about a composer where they didn't play any of his or her compositions.
Christopher Bennett
11. ChristopherLBennett
I will never understand why people are surprised that the Star Wars movies have corny titles. The whole franchise is a pastiche of 1940s sci-fi adventure serials like Flash Gordon (indeed, the only reason Lucas created SW was because he couldn't get the rights to FG), and its "episode" structure, subtitles, and opening crawls are overt homages to those serials -- serials with episode titles like "Planet of Peril" and "Shattering Doom" and "Tree-Men of Mars" and "The Purple Death."
12. Pat J
Star Wars, Episode VII: Into Darkness.

And the villain totally isn't Khan.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
13. Lisamarie
CLB - thank you, my thoughts exactly.

I'm not sure why 'The Ancient Fear' and 'Attack of the Clones' are inherently worse than 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Actually, I think it's a pretty sweet title, the more I think about it.
Jenny Thrash
14. Sihaya
Seems like a fine title to me.

Peter Czyzewski
15. sebastianelgar
Maybe they decided to follow the Fate of the Jedi storyline with Aboleth, she would qualify as an "ancient fear"
Kimani Rogers
16. KiManiak
I'm cool with the title. I'm curious what would be a title that folks could get behind?

Heir to the Empire? Dark Force Rising? The Final Command?

or even "better:"

Jedi Search? Dark Apprentice? Champions of the Force?

I think any Star Wars title in and of itself can be mocked. Really, it's the actual story associated with it that makes the overall piece of work either beloved or panned.
(seriously, "The Empire Strikes Back," in and of itself is a super corny title; it just happens to be associated with a great Star Wars movie)
Anthony Bischel
17. abischel06
I don't think that's a bad title, or really that funny. A funny title would have been "Star Wars: The Dead Horse." That being said, I first watched Star Wars IV when I was around 6 years old... this was way back before the Special Edition were released (I got to watch them in the theater=awesome) I didn't care about the titles. Star Wars was to me, and always will be, a kids story. The prequel trilogy was good for what it was. Minus some bad acting here and there. People will shell out $ without question because that's what you do for your kids.

However, I do feel that they should just let the franchise be..... It concluded; Lucas always said that he imagined it as a 6 part story. Star Wars has probably made more money and has become such a staple in popular culture, that a new movie should justly be titled, "Star Wars: The Dead Horse."
18. I Can't Think of an Alias
Maybe Darth Jar Jar is the Ancient Fear?

I'm shaking in my boots just thinking about it.
Brian Haughwout
19. bhaughwout
If that ends up being the title, I actually like it -- like the other titles, it has an old-school pulp serial-episode flavor. I think that the caveats that many on the Internet have are that they don't know what the movie is about (so they read whatever aspersions they might like into it, because Internet), as well as the same reaction to *every* Star Wars title or plausible title. Because they've all sounded very odd, not fitting into the style or cadence used in modern film naming (per the nature of serials, they actually work more like the names of TV episodes).

Plus, seriously, if folks are going to just hate on things, just don't post on threads about the new movies. Honestly, I know that I learned long ago that it was healthier for my own blood pressure to not go ranting about what I don't like on the Internet. Probably advice that Stubby should follow in this story title as well...
Nathan Martin
20. lerris
The only title I had an issue with was Attack of the Clones.It would make more sense if we were viewing the war from the Separatists' POV, but from the POV we are given, the only event it really fits occurred in Episode III, when the clones turned around and attacked the Jedi.
Anthony Bischel
21. abischel06
The Ancient Fear has a good, corny yet supenseful sound to it. It actually sounds sort of heavy.
Anthony Pero
22. anthonypero
The ancient fear in comparative mythology (a study basically invented by Joseph Campbell, so very star wars appropriate) is flooding.

So maybe Correlians and large bodies of water isn't such a joke, lol.
23. CaptainViggo
I don't understand why there are still people mocking the "Attack of the Clones" title. It's cheesy as it's supposed to be for a Star Wars, and no less than "The Empire Strikes Back" (even more for a first sequel).

That said, I'm more concerned by the fact that "The Ancient Fear" lacks the corny cool factor that all the other titles have so far.
24. Docwazoo
Could the ancient fear be... Harrison Ford's face??
Anthony Pero
25. anthonypero
I'm agreeing with all the people saying whats the big deal.

These are CHAPTER titles, not MOVIE titles. The title of the movie is Star Wars.
26. CaptainViggo
As for the Godzilla monster on Coruscant, it has already been made in The Clone Wars show.
Nathan Martin
27. lerris
@23 I'm not mocking it. I was fine with it until I saw the movie and it turned out to be a poor fit.
28. DTT
I would have to agree with (#15) sebastianelgar's suggestion. If the new films are based off the Fate of the Jedi series, this title could make sense. The Fate of the Jedi series could totally be made into films. With it looking pretty firm that Hamill, Ford and Fisher are part of the cast in Episode VII, their older age will make more sense, since the Fate of the Jedi series takes place about 40 years after Return of the Jedi.
29. Jacob Finley
That's a good title.

Anyone else remember the MAD Magazine parody of Empire... "The Empire Strikes Out"... sounded way too similar to Umpire and baseball.
30. Rancho Unicorno
I generally like the title. I would prefer "An Ancient Fear", though.
Gilmoure Gylbard
31. Gilmoure
Heart of Darkness would be cool. Han Solo is tasked with tracking down an Empire officer who's gone off track and kinda bonkers.
Tim Marshall
32. smaug86
Episosdes 1-3 weren't good because Lucas wrote and directed them. It's no surprise that the Star Wars film that most consider the best, ESB, was neither written nor directed by Lucas. He is even on record saying that The Phantom Menace was the film he would have made in 1977 had he the money and control he was afforded in 1999. That's a disheartening thought, IMO, because that film had so much wrong with I could write an extremely TL;DR article about it. No matter what the titles of these new films, the actual films can't be any worse than what I saw in TPM.
Tim Marshall
33. smaug86
@28 Except that the Star Wars Expanded Universe is not going to be utilized at all for any of the new films. That was just announced by Disney a couple of weeks ago. All of the EU up to this point is now considered an alternate universe(Legends). So there will be no Fate of the Jedis, nor any Heir to the Empire nor even Eight for Aduba-3.(alas, no Jaxxon... sigh)
Timmothy Frink
34. twiff
@33: what they said was the EU wasn't going to be canon (and would be "legends"), but that writers were free to use elements of it if they wanted to (if i understand the statement correctly). so it's not canon, unless they decide to make it canon by putting it in a movie. gives them the flexibility to not be held to the EU, but to use it if they want.
Sean Tabor
35. wingracer
I'm fine with the title as long as it is meaningful to the story.

All the other titles (especially IV, V and VI) hinted at what was to come so I'm more interested in what this title tells about the story.
36. KAsiki
While only the movies are cannon, i have a feeling ideas from the other sources are definately up for grabs. As a result 1 jedi finds sith material and turns dark studying it, or 2. Sith empire re emurges from outside the outer rim. both plot lines were used in star wars video games (Revan), but taking the concept (not the story) to the curent time frame definately has possibilities. The real Sith Emipire has no rule of 2.
j p
37. sps49
The movies won't tap any books because JJ Abrams knows better than to share story credit and finagle for rights with something prepublished.

abischel06 @17- Lucas is also on record as saying there would be 3 trilogies; 7-9 would've been rebuilding the Republic. Mr. Lucas is free to change his mind, but it annoys me when he tries to say something was "always" intended as one thing, contrary to his own statements from back in the day.
Christopher Bennett
38. ChristopherLBennett
Different iterations of fictional franchises have borrowed characters and ideas from one another for decades while still disregarding one another's overall continuities. As far back as the '40s, Superman comics borrowed Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, and kryptonite from the radio series, but were still in an entirely different continuity from it. The new SW movies may be free to borrow planets and species and the occasional character from the EU, but that won't canonize the stories they come from.
Matthew Watkins
39. oraymw
You know which part of the title is the corniest?

The part that says "STAR WARS." Really? That's the best you can do?

"Let's make a story about a war in space. What should we call it? What about SPACE WARS? Nah. Too generic."
Anthony Pero
40. anthonypero

He doesn't have to. The authors of those novels do not control or own the characters, plot points or story arc of those novels, Lucasfilm does. When writing in a shared universe, the writer does it as a work for hire. They don't control any rights.
Chris Nelly
41. Aeryl

As long as it isn't Episode VII: The Journal of the Whills

When I saw that excerpted at the beginning of my novelization of A New Hope, I wrote to the Library of Congress to see if it was real.

@8, Agreed. I think ROTS outranks TESB some days(which rushes Luke's training, so fair trade, IMO). And as far as Obi Wan's line, when was the last time you someone beat the guy who had the high ground(hint: It was Obi Wan vs Darth Maul). Anakin should have known better.
Christopher Bennett
42. ChristopherLBennett
@39: Plus, a large part of the reason Lucas chose the title Star Wars is because he wanted something that reminded people of Star Trek, so he could ride on the coattails of a more famous and successful franchise.

Then again, I've always thought Star Trek was a really lame title. I wish they'd called it something classier like, ohh, Galaxy Quest. ;)
Anthony Pero
43. anthonypero
From Wikipedia:

The film was titled Adventures of Luke Starkiller, as taken from the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars. During production, Lucas changed Luke's name to Skywalker and altered the title to simply The Star Wars and finally Star Wars.

So, it could have been much, much worse.
44. Rannin
Star Wars VII: The Star Warsining

I'm hooked, I even like that little brat from episode 1 (take your pick). Consider my money spent no matter what. I'm all for corny, cheezy, stupid fun.
Kay Shapero
46. Anansii
Probably something to do with why there are Jedi and Sith in the first place? Either something Cthulhoid or (shudder) politics? I know - Cthulhu IN politics. A long while ago does give him time to get from a galaxy far, far away to Rilyeh after he loses the election...
47. Safely Anonymous
Star Wars Episode VII: Knights of the New Republic

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