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Check Out the Trailer for Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth

Alanis Morrisette Radio Free Abermuth

John Alan Simon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Radio Free Albemuth will receive a theatrical and digital release on June 27th! Written in 1976 as an attempt to process an earlier religious experience, Radio Free Albemuth was a deeply personal story to Philip K. Dick. But when his publisher wanted too many rewrites, he folded some of the story into VALIS instead. RFA was then published in 1985.

A record store clerk, Nick Brady, begins having visions because he’s in a PKD story because an extraterrestrial source, VALIS, is trying to wake him up to reality. He follows his visions and works within the music industry to create songs that will help people overthrow a corrupt government. We know this is an alternate reality bcause the music industry appears to have some sort of power. The cast includes Perception’s Jonathan Scarfe as Nick, Boardwalk Empire’s Shea Whigham playing PKD himself, and Alanis Morissette as a mysterious woman named Sylvia. Presumably secrets are revealed, no one can be trusted, and we still don’t learn what the hell electric sheep dream about.

Brandoch Daha
1. Brandoch Daha
I love PKD and have watched most of his work that has survived the trip from the printed page to the big screen: I owe my awareness of his work to seeing Bladerunner once and being unable to stop considering it.

I'm still considering its implications.

I just doubt whether or not Radio Free Albemuth is capable of surviving the trip. I certainly don't think VALIS could survive, at least not in the current hands ... paws ... claws of Hollywood. I doubt that Hollywood would be capable of portraying the multiple levels of betrayal in VALIS satisfactorily: I doubt that they have managed it successfully with Radio Free Albemuth.
Brandoch Daha
2. John Alan Simon
PKD fans will be able to judge for themselves in a few weeks - when Radio Free Albemuth opens in U.S. theatres and digital plaforms. But the reception from PKD fans and scholars who HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN THE MOVIE has thus far been overwhelmingly positive. The screening of the film was the centerpiece of the first International Philip K. Dick Conference in Berkeley. "I was blown away. Loved it." - according to David Gill, a leading PKD scholar who runs the Total Dick-head website. Radio Free Albemuth also was selected to screen at Lincoln Center Film Society in NY as part of the Indie Night series curated by super-indie producers Christine Vachon and Ted Hope. Here's link to article from Bleeding Cool from that screening - "I love the movie adaptation of Radio Free Albemuth. I want everyone to see it . Radio Free Albemuth is a terrific movie, a personal project and a labour of love, the type of quirky indie movie they used to make in the 1990s." -- Adi Tantimedh.

According to PKD Scholar Ted Hand on the PKD & Religion website: "Radio Free Albemuth is the Philip K. Dick movie we've been waiting for. The first truly faithful PKD adaptation: mind blowing fun." According to Variety: "Engrossing. Well-performed. Delivers suspense. For audiences seeking sci-fi with political and philosophical substance"

But here's the "review" I'm actually proudest of as writer/director:

"'I think the movie is amazing. I loved it. And I'm sure Phil would have loved it, too. I wish he could have seen it.'" - David Hartwell, editor, PKD friend and publisher of Radio Free Albemuth.

I realize that PKD fans like myself have been disappointed in the past by movie adaptations - but this is NOT a product of the Hollywood machine. There's not millions of advertising dollars for TV spots and market research for trailers that successfully sell empty movies with the efficiency of Coca Cola. In fact we raised the modest release funds via Kickstarter - with added contributions from the filmmakers - who took no fees (not even the book rights cost) out of the budget. This distribution effort will be a grass-roots conspiracy to inject unadulterated PKD into the American bloodstream. Please check out the FB page for the latest on our modest crusade........

Lots of discussion going on there and my fellow PKD fans are always able to contact me through FB.

We'll be posting ways to get involved.

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