May 6 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Promise We’ll Never Grab Jar-Jar’s Tongue Again

In honor of May the Fourth, The Nerdist's Amy Ratcliffe rounded up a few of the most ill-advised Star Wars collectibles ever produced for a mass audience. We're not really sure how any of these made it past the inter-office memo stage, but we had to feature our favorite, the horrifying Jar-Jar-tongue-lollipop nightmare featured above. Full disclosure: someone in this very rocketship owned one of these.

Morning Roundup apologizes for any Jar-Jar-related trauma, and dives headfirst into news! There is a casting call afoot for Episode VII, which will give us clues to the far, far away galaxy Abrams & co. are building. Marc Webb talks about villainy, and Seth Rogen talks about Preacher!

1. joelfinkle
No, much sillier than Kraven is Dreadlox, from 1993's Secret Defenders. Fear powers, somewhat racist, and makes you think about what happens... when SALMON GOES BAD!!!

Image's Bloodshot is a pretty stupid name too... but the character's managed to hang on.
2. Cybersnark
Have you all forgotten Stilt-Man?!?
Ryan Britt
3. ryancbritt
You know there's a picture of me eating one of these in 2005, right?

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