May 2 2014 1:35pm

Matt Smith Joins Terminator Reboot!

Allow us our best David Tennant impression for a moment: What. What?? What???

Time travel enthusiast Matt Smith has joined the cast of the Terminator reboot! Apparently not satisfied with the hard left career turn that was the West End’s American Psycho, he has now signed on to play “a new character with a strong connection to John Connor” in the new film. Could this new character perhaps... be made of liquid metal?

The film will also star Emilia Clarke (sans dragons) and Jason Clarke (no relation, also, presumably, sans dragons) as Sarah and John Connor. Oh, and Schwarzenegger.

Um, Geronimo, we guess? We’re as confused as you.

Jenny Thrash
1. Sihaya
With that forehead? He'll be great.

I just wish I could point out to TPTB that Garret Dillahunt has just gotten some free time, if they're not done casting T robots. It would be good to see him get all glowy-eyed again.
Liz J
2. Ellisande
@1 that Dillahunt has free time now makes me sad... :( But yes, that'd be so awesome.

but Matt... hm. Thinking about the first Terminator film I could see him in the Lance Henricksen cop role, or as Doctor Silberman. Although I guess it says new character so it's not either of those, but who doesn't doesn't want to see the Mother of Dragons put a hypodermic of drain cleaner into the Doctor in the sequel? heh.
Jenny Thrash
3. Sihaya
#2: I know. After seeing him play a a convincingly psycho heavy a few times, I really, really liked his comedy work. It was a joy to see how easily he flipped the switch from being Simon Escher or the Terminator to being Burt Chance.
Cain Latrani
4. CainS.Latrani
So, now we know. Skynet stole the Tardis.

This actually explains everything.

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