May 7 2014 12:25pm

Lionsgate is Developing a Power Rangers Film

Power Rangers

Hot off the massive success of their recent YA properties, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent movies, Lionsgate has decided to tackle what might possibly be their most important project of the modern era of filmmaking: a new, live-action Power Rangers movie.

Lionsgate is taking up this project in partnership with Saban Brands, the people who have been bringing the Power Rangers to America for more than twenty years. While the text of the official announcement is a little bland, it promises to “capture the world of the Power Rangers and translate it into a unique and memorable motion picture phenomenon with a legacy all its own.” Are we about to see an arty Power Rangers flick? Or is it simply, once again, after all these years... morphin’ time?

Aaaaah! After ten thousand years Stubby the Rocket is free! It's time to conquer earth! GUITAR SOLO.

Andy Kilby
1. adk2639
I hope they get Bryan Cranston involved. He needs to be a part of this.
2. Cybersnark
Now we need to hear about Pacific Rim 2. . .
3. James2
Well, here's to hoping that they bring back Lord Zedd -- and he doesn't get defanged this time around.
4. Porphyrogenitus
I fully expect to see a dark and gritty take on the Power Rangers, with much more grim origin stories for each of the teens who will become the Rangers, and with villains who are at once both more sympathetic and more evil than the ones from the source material. Expect a love triangle, and one villain will change sides only to die at the hands of another villain. The special effects will be epic, especially in 3D.
Margot Virzana
5. LuvURphleb
Fly free and true, you brave Rocket!
Travel the stars and see
What no one has seen
Go where no one had been.
Avoid those pesky warring stars
Instead just travel and travel far.
You are one adventurous spaceship, tough and spunky
But here on earth you will always be Tor's little Stubby.
6. scm of 2814
Personally, I'm hoping they adapt Super Hero Taisen...
7. Ryamano
Powe rangers ... In SPACE! Because that was the best season.
8. James2
I still regard that as the real finale of the franchise -- which is fine, since I grew up with -- and am still nostalgic towards -- the Zordon-era.

I don't care about what came afterwards. In a way, it's similiar to how some SG-1 fans feel the show ended with Season 8 and disregard the Ori arc.
9. KAsiki
I would expect the team to be formed more like later series, where a few might know each other. But generally it is a collection of strangers who become friends. Some have it as a pedigree where the "canidates " have been training incase it became nessesary. Frankly I would love if they blended several series in that each ranger is unique based on where they came from. Almost a blend handpicking rangers from the different series. Oh and the Zords better not be lame... look to pacific rim to do them right.
10. McClintick
I'm more worried that it would be just a tv movie using found footage just like the 20+ season series. I'm amazed that Saban brands has been able to mostly keep a lore coing throughout it's many series. that they don't use any ranger fight footage that wasn't already there. Pretty smart how they can just film some non-ranger scenes and throw in the ranger footage from a Japan show and make it work. They also make milllions while only rarely adding anything. Zed being the only original character unique to Power Rangers.

My hope is that its production is more like Power Rangers The Movie. With more armor like suits and 3D zoids. Maybe just make a whole new set of rangers with unique style like a new ranger series. No old cast, no solid theme to all the zords. Red has to be a T-Rex but everything else should not be a dino. Need back to basic colors: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green. no pink as they always struggle making ranger color work

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