May 13 2014 1:15pm

First Look at Affleck Batman and the New Batmobile!

We've gotten our first peek at Ben Affleck's batsuit and the brand new batmobile! Zack Snyder's peek (above) yesterday simply wasn't enough... so here's the real deal.

It's still in black and white, so no telling on the color scheme yet (if there will be anything other than black that is). But we're dugging those less-pointy bat ears! Also, it's nice getting a confirmation of some kind of batmobile combo, halfway between the tumbler and Burton's highly stylized take.


Ben Affleck, Batman

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
I like the sculpting on the cowl a lot, but otherwise it looks too Frank Millery and too much of a step backward from the more functional, believable body armor of the Nolan films to more of a sculpted-latex thing that's probably hard to move around in.
Chris Nelly
2. Aeryl
@1, I disliked the Nolan aesthetic at first, but it grew on me. And I liked the Tumbler better.
Dave Thompson
3. DKT
Yeah, it is very Frank Miller-esque. Which makes since with Snyder, I guess.

I'm curious to see more.
Luis Cesar
4. Luis Cesar
Thumbs up, Zack Snyder. Finally a break from the all black rubber armor get up. This looks in line with the current iteration of the Batman in the comic, what's called the "New 52". Unique, daring and certainly mean enough to rumble with the Man of Steel. Can't wait
Fake Name
5. ThePendragon
Considering that the next film is supposed to be influenced very heavily by Dark Knight Returns, it makes sense that the costume is very Miller-like.
Luis Cesar
7. Jerun22
A little too buffed up.

But the batmobile certainly looks badass.
Luis Cesar
9. Arduanne
I do not understand why the armor looks so veiny. I'm hoping in color it will look better, maybe it is just style lines that are torqued out of shape.
Jeroen van Berkel
10. Heronimus Rex
Ears Frank Miller style, check! Batman symbol Frank Miller style, check! This man will kick Superman's ass so, so hard.
Christopher Bennett
11. ChristopherLBennett
@9: I saw a larger version of the picture somewhere, and the apparent "veins" are wrinkles in the material resulting from his pose. Also, there's kind of a ridged texture to it overall.
Bruce Arthurs
12. bruce-arthurs
Big Daddy Roth is back from the dead! And still designing cars! (Not all his customized vehicles were "Rat Fink" style hot rods.)
Brian Haughwout
13. bhaughwout
In the higher-res version going around the web, you get a better look at how the larger bat-symbol makes for a sort of breastplate across the more mesh-like main suit. Between that and the smaller ears (which, as a fan of how Miller, Byrne, and Bermejo have drawn those smaller ears, I approve of a film finally going in that direction), I like how the suit is approaching a "realistic" bat-suit from that sort of angle -- it looks more able to flex than a lot of the other movie suits, plus I enjoy how Snyder & company have chosen to borrow from a different set of comic influences than previous films have (given the wide range of costumes available to choose from). I look forward to seeing it in color!

(I can say the same about the Batmobile, which looks to be a meld of a few comic and film designs, looking to me like a mix of the Tumbler, the 90s comics version, and a bit of the BATMAN FOREVER design)

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