May 9 2014 3:13pm

Five Seasons and Nothing Else. Community Cancelled

NBC cancels Community

The weirdest little show that could finally won't anymore. According to Entertainment Weekly, NBC has pulled the plug on Community, citing its poor performance over the previous season.

We'll simply have to be happy with the 97 episodes we got. And who knows. Donald Glover is still out there on a boat somewhere with LeVar Burton. Spin-off, maybe? The Dean would make an excellent, and quite festive, stowaway Gilligan-type.

1. Kirshy
In fairness to the network the show did suffer when Dan Harmon left. But I rather enjoyed this season. Another victim of Hollywood politics.
Jeremy Goff
2. JeremyM
I am extremely bummed out, but not terribly surprised by this. This has been one of my favorite shows over the last few years. Who knows maybe Netflix or Hulu could step in and give it home now.
3. perfect tommy
they should have never fired dan harmon...after that it was all downhill from there on...could be a coincidence...but i doubt it. i used to reall really like community.
Sean Tabor
4. wingracer
So we are now living in the darkest timeline.
Josiah Newcomb
6. Joeynewc
Well that is a bummer. Not unexpected, but I really enjoyed the last season. It's a shame to see it go. With Donald Glover and Chevy Chase gone, and with Harmon left to pick up the pieces I guess it was inevitable. I just wish we got that last season and a movie.
But, at least we know how it ends. With a meteor wiping Greendale of the map. And that is canon!
Anyone got suggestions to replace the void left in my heart?
7. MJStevens
For me, the show really suffered without Donald Glover and to a lesser degree without Chevy. This season has been tough to watch, IMO. I used to eagerly await each episode and would even watch it live. But right now, I still have the last 3 episodes sitting on my DVR.
Thomas DeLorenzo
8. flyingtoastr
Maybe if NBC hasn't stupidly kept Community going against Big Bang Theory it would have had a chance to pick up some better ratings.


I agree that the show suffered without Glover. Chevy I can do without, though.
9. William gaskins
This show was so much better than big bang theory. Bbt is a show written by normal people about nerds with all the lame tropes that entails. Community was written FOR nerds of all types with so many inside jokes and references that only our ilk would understand. Adios greendale...
Lauren Hartman
10. naupathia
@9 I agree. BBT is such a slew of cliches against "nerds". I watched it and it was somewhat amusing and really only because Sheldon is the best. But the main character Leonard is a complete jerk. He's mean to everyone and does such selfish and jerky things I don't know how anyone can relate to that. And Penny, the "supposed" normal not-geek girl, makes more geeky references and in-jokes on the show than the rest of the cast. Just to provide fanservice to the actual nerds who watch the show, I guess. Basically, the characterization is awful and the writing is not all that much better.

Community was great though and it's sad to see it go.

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