May 28 2014 3:50pm

Announcing the Imprint Imprint is excited to announce that we will be expanding our original fiction program via a new imprint dedicated to publishing novellas, shorter novels, serializations, and any other pieces of fiction that exceed the traditional novelette length (17,499 words).

Each DRM-free title will be available exclusively for purchase, unlike the current fiction that is offered for free on the site, and will have full publisher support behind it. It will have a heavy digital focus but all titles will be available via POD and audio formats. We will also consider traditional print publishing for a select number of titles a year. All titles will be available worldwide.

Ebooks offer greater flexibility than print publishing in terms of story length and publication schedule, greatly increasing the options that both new and experienced authors have in getting their fiction to the market. In the past six years we have had the great fortune to work with literally hundreds of authors and illustrators in the publication and promotion of their short fiction. Transitioning to an author-centric digital imprint, with the aim of fostering and reviving novella and short novel-length commercial science fiction and fantasy, is the next logical step in's evolution.

We have worked hard ensure that our contracts are as streamlined and author-friendly as possible, and will only include rights that can be immediately utilized by the authors. Authors will be offered the option of receiving a traditional advance against net earnings or higher rates with no advance. Royalties for all formats will be based on net publisher receipts with no hidden deductions and will be paid quarterly.

In short, we are using this opportunity to reevaluate every step of the publishing process and are looking forward to creating a program with a fresh, start-up mentality, but with the rich legacy of Tor Books and behind us.

Fritz Foy and Irene Gallo will continue to be the Publisher and Associate Publisher of the new imprint. Carl Engle-Laird is our editorial assistant. The imprint will also feature material acquired by editors at Tor Books and TorUK. We will now be hiring a senior editor, publicity manager, marketing manager, and designer.

Alongside the new imprint, will also continue its existing program of acquiring award-winning original short fiction for publication on the site itself.

For all other inquires, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yagiz Erkan
1. yagiz
Great news!
Looking forward to reading the new imprint's titles.
Ross Newberry
2. rossnewberry
Congratulations! I can't wait to finish my novel and get it lost in your slushpile!
Paul Rando
3. SerDragonReborn
@1 Same here!

Congratulations and good luck to The Imprint
R. Mitchell
5. R. Mitchell
That is fantastic news. One of my favorite things about ebooks has been their potential for short fiction. Good luck and I'll be on the lookout for them
Misa Buckley
6. MisaBuckley
Is the imprint open for submissions via Mr Engle Laird?
Cain Latrani
7. CainS.Latrani
Hmm. Might toss something your way. Good on you for giving something new a go. Not enough risk taking left in the publishing world these days.
Chris Meadows
8. Robotech_Master
Looks promising. But what kind of turnaround can we expect on approval or rejection of submissions?
11. Ithilanor
Sounds awesome! This looks like a pretty cool way to experiment with traditional formats, and I look forward to reading new short fiction.
Thomas DeLorenzo
12. flyingtoastr
Very awesome.

Question though. That email for submissions: do you guys prefer to chat first or just want the whole kit and kaboodle (manuscript, summary, contact details, etc) right off the bat?
R. Mitchell
13. Laura Christensen
Just send an e-mail saying "I'm curious about your submission guidelines" and he'll send you the whole set. That's what I just did and it's pretty straight-forward from there. :)
Alan Brown
14. AlanBrown
This looks interesting--definitely a new niche in the publishing field!
R. Mitchell
15. rkrugg
Tor for the win. Seriously, this kind of thing is why I love Tor.
Bruce Arthurs
17. bruce-arthurs
I'm surprised, but only because it didn't happen sooner.

Novellas? I still remember the Tor Doubles, which featured back-to-back novellas, both classic reprints and new, in an attempt to revive the old Ace Doubles format. Great idea, but not viable in the changing print-book market, even then. The big self-publishing explosion of the last few years has shown that a viable novella market exists now.

Shorter novels? I've creebled for years about the lack of the shorter books I grew up on, when a genre paperback averaged about 160 pages and could be read in a single evening. The bigger doorstops and multi-volume series common now take a larger commitment. (I forget who said it, but it's worth quoting: "When I read a book, I want an experience, not a relationship.")

So I'm excited and looking forward to this new project. Thanks, Tor!
R. Mitchell
18. Mark Gambier
Is this strictly for works in text-only or will this support enhanced ebooks as well?
N. Swain
19. Jabberwocky
I'm really pleased to hear this, and I look forward to buying and reading many shorter forms of fiction in the future.
R. Mitchell
21. S.Hellier
I can't wait to send some of my work your way in the comming months.

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