May 15 2014 2:38pm


Hoverbike for sale Aero X


Two years ago Aerofex introduced the world to its hoverbike, the Aero-X, and now they think they’ll begin selling commercial models as early as 2017! The bikes will cost around $85,000 and are propelled by rotors, allowing the rich and mobile to literally spray dirt in our face as they whiz by laughing.

All class war aside, we would buy one of these things immediately if we could. The Aero-X can reach 45 mph, hovers at about twelve feet off the ground, seats two, and is extremely useful for chasing fugitives across the alkali flats. Don’t forget to wear a menacing helmet!

The video below demonstrates some of the features of the Aero-X, including its braking, roll authority, how they fixed that nasty coupling issue, and how it looks flying over a level surface.   

Does this work on water? It’s got power, assumably....

anudeep ravi
1. adeepu9
That is Surprisingly cheap. Compared to a SUV that is.
Joanne Center
2. thegloop
But I was going to Toshi station to pick up some power converters!!!
Alex Gittens
4. Alex Gittens
Did you mean "hovers at 12 *inches* above the ground"? Because 12 feet is flying, and the video looks more like a foot than 12 feet.
Nick Hlavacek
5. Nick31
@3 and @4 both said exactly what I was thinking. The video clips without any context don't really give any idea how realistic this is. Do I have to live somewhere like the Bonneville Salt Flats in order to ride this? How loud is it? The pictures on the Areofex web site look a lot different than the bike in the video, so hopefully those were early tests.
Chris Lough
6. TorChris
Alex Gittens, Aerofex claims in the source article (linked in the "as early as 2017" text in our post) that the bike can achieve a height of "almost 3.7 meters," which we converted to feet in our own round-up of the bike's supposed top capabilities.
Alex Gittens
7. bryan rasmussen
Insert appropriately amusing quote from "Solar Wars: A New Optimistic Expectation" here.
Angelique Price
8. ophel1a
Whole vehicle airbags
Floatation pontoons for water operations
DOT approved transport trailer


From the website. So, water travel is a go, it seems!
Carlos Rodríguez
9. cecalli
Hoverbikes in early stages. Hope we'll have them soon on streets. How much energy does Aerofex spend? Increasing speed would be a must, it seems too slow for nowadays standars. But, wow, what a wonderful invention! I want to have one as soon as it goes to the market. Let's start saving!
Alex Gittens
10. SueQ
Looks like you need both hands to stear the critter. Good! That will keep some dipstick from texting while flying/hovering/driving.

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