Apr 2 2014 11:45am

We Did An AMA on Reddit!

So we did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit/fantasy yesterday and had a blast! If you’ve ever been curious about: should check it out! There’s much more of course, including musings on what fantasy means to us and what it’s like to work in that iconic New York skyscraper you see in the picture above. (We basically figured out that we were ghosts? Or we work with them? Ghosts smell like books?) We had so much fun chatting, and we hope those of you who participated—or are heading over to read it right now to read—did too!

Rich Bennett
1. Neuralnet
thanks for doing this. It was very cool to read through. is such a fun site to hit everyday.

TorChris did you ever answer what the most popular post on was about? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, how about some new stubby wallpapers... I think I still have one from 2-3 years ago on my desktop right now
Melissa Shumake
2. cherie_2137
so what's up not answering a highly rated question about the ebook store? also, i agree with wanting to know what the most popular single post is.
3. Athreeren
"you can resurrect one SFF author in their prime for one book, who would you choose?
- Could we resurrect Mary Shelley? That just seems like a good idea all around..."

Emily, you are awesome.
Jeremy Goff
4. JeremyM
Thanks for doing the AMA! I just read through the whole thing, which I never do, and it was very entertaining. Since I missed my chance on the AMA I thought I'd just pop in here to say thank you to all of you! You have given me years of free, quality entertainment. I really appreciate the hard work you all put into this site.

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