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This Sneak Peek of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2 is the Best

Game of Thrones The Lion and the Rose Joffrey wedding Purple Wedding

Oh man. Oh man. If there was ever any doubt that Joffrey and the Lannisters have won the game of thrones then there it is. This promo for the second episode of Game of Thrones season 4 “The Lion and the Rose” is so totally in your face that we can't help but have just a smidgen—just a smidgen—of joy upon seeing that little fucker wed to Queen Margaery Tyrell.

This is going to be the best wedding ever, you guys. We hear Hodor himself is spinning during the reception. Warning: The comments of this post are sure to be full of spoilers.

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
A toast! To the happy couple!

Seriously, where is the hairnet? She IS wearing the necklace, but the hairnet was so much more elegant.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
Maybe it's buried in all that hair? Then again, Joffrey's cake looks like it's made of E-Z Cheese, so maybe the hairnet isn't needed at all...

Also WOW Tommen is huge now.
Jim Kiley
3. Jim Kiley
I'm sure their entire marriage will be joyful.
Beth Meacham
4. bam
No lovely hairnet? Too bad. Nice to know the season is opening with a wedding, though.
Christopher Morgan
5. cmorgan
Was that a Dragon over King's Landing? Am I forgetting something?

What's really going to be the sucker punch this season is the final confrontation between the imp and his lady friend.
Jim Kiley
6. dougg
She does have that nice necklace from Dontos though.
Marc Houle
7. MightyMarc
After all that blood was spilled at the last wedding, I'm glad this wedding will be a much more joyous occasion.
Walker White
8. Walker

The hairnet was replaced with a necklace. Not sure why, but going with it.
Sky Thibedeau
9. SkylarkThibedeau
Tommen looks way too big to be playing with Ser Pounce who may have the Warged Spirit of Ned Stark doing bad things to Lions.
10. Maac
Oh, I do NOT like the loss of the hairnet. The purple on auburn was one of my happiest mental pictures, for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic. I took the necklace as just a necklace, because I am naive, apparently. Hairnets are better. It's less likely to show when they are a little damaged, for instance.

It just seems like such an unnecessary change.

(If that's Tommen standing next to Cersei in that picture -- damn, he's huge! -- he looks like a veritable Joffrey CLONE.)

I'm beyond pleased that the wedding is so soon! I thought they'd leave us hanging for half a season at least.
Chris Nelly
11. Aeryl
@9, That's a theory I haven't heard before!
Jim Kiley
12. mrDuh
Choke, choke.
Chris Nelly
13. Aeryl
It IS the necklace Dontos just gave her that she is wearing in this shot.
Jim Kiley
14. _rayne
I think the change makes sense, given the hairstyle Sansa always has. A hair net would look odd.
Theresa Wymer
15. Tekalynn
Ooooh, a royal wedding! Pass the pie, please.
Jim Kiley
16. Josh Luz
Still smiling at Jaime's line from last episode. "Ser Preston will be stationed here by the... primary entertainment."
Joe Vondracek
17. joev
Another wedding? I'm getting all choked up just thinking about it.
Jim Kiley
18. LuPandora
Purple Wedding Yeah!!!! Lets all rejoice :D
Ben Johnston
19. AlcairNovall
Ah... I always love a good wedding. leaves me all choked up everytime.
Tom Smith
20. phuzz
I've read the books, the other people in my house haven't. Somehow my constant refrian of "but I'm sure Joff's wedding will be lovely" doesn't have them convinced.
Still, I'm looking forward to seeing their reactions :)

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