Apr 21 2014 12:30pm

The Wheel of Time and the Hugo Voter Packet

Hugo Awards Wheel of Time

Ever since the announcement of the 2014 Hugo Finalists, we’ve been getting questions on all fronts about the Wheel of Time. Since 2006, the Worldcon has been making a collection of e-texts of the nominated works (subject to their authors’ and publishers’ willingness to make them available) available to Hugo voters, so that those voters can make informed choices. But no work as long as Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’ Wheel of Time has previously been a finalist.

In answer to many inquiries, we’re happy to be able to say that the entire Wheel of Time will be made available in the Hugo Voters’ Packet. Voting on the Hugos will begin shortly, and any attending or supporting member of LonCon 3, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention, will be eligible to vote—see the LonCon site and their Hugo Awards page for further details. The Hugo winners will be announced at LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, on the evening of Sunday, August 17, 2014.

Martin L. Shoemaker
3. Martin L. Shoemaker
Very classy! If it's on the ballot as a single work, then you'll make it available just like any other single work. I applaud this decision.

I also suspect you just pushed sales of supporting memberships to record levels!
Martin L. Shoemaker
4. Cromptj
This really makes membership value for money, not that it wasn't before...
Steven Halter
5. stevenhalter
Good decision. Of course, now I've got a lot of reading ahead.
Martin L. Shoemaker
6. DavidL
So a supporting membership just became the best bargain in the history of ebooks.
Deana Whitney
7. Braid_Tug
I only have about 3 of the WoT books as an eBook. So this is exciting. :-)

Thank you Tor!!!
And Team Jordan!
And Team Sanderson!
A.J. Bobo
8. Daedylus
Wow. I'm speechless. This is an amazing, and excellent decision, I think. Good move, Tor!

I am very curious about out how many people will actually able to sit down and read the entire series between now and the voting deadline. That is a truly daunting (but amazingly fun) task .
Martin L. Shoemaker
9. Aldazar
^ --Challenge: Accepted.
Deana Whitney
10. Braid_Tug
If people need the Cliff notes version of books 6-9, read Leigh Butler's WoT Re-Read, right here on

But read AMoL in full. It really is great.
Chris Meadows
11. Robotech_Master
What I'd like to know is, what electronic format(s) will it be made available in? Will they be DRM-free? Will the other books in the bundle be DRM-free?
Martin L. Shoemaker
12. burritosenior
That is really cool! I don't have any of the books as e-books. Hmm.
Steven Halter
13. stevenhalter
Robotech_Master@11:The packet usually contains a variety of formats that vary by publisher. Some in the past had some DRM but came with the password (I think these were in PDF format). Most were DRM free.
Martin L. Shoemaker
14. mutantalbinocrocodile
You are a class act this year, Tor! I only had New Spring in e-format, and I lost all my previous hardbacks to an overseas move!

Plus, while the whole series is a LOT of reading between now and when voting closes, maybe some WOT newbies, or people who fell off the wagon because of the tiresome nature of waiting for new volumes of a giant serialized work (everyone who gave up at CoT, this means you!), will appreciate it in ways that weren't possible in the single volumes with the super-embarrassing covers. (Darrell K. Sweet's been gone for long enough that I think we can say it.)

That said, as a call to all excited WOT fans who are also voters, let's all work together to make this a clean vote, OK? PLEASE everyone read all the nominated novels if you possibly can, even if you're squeeing your head off right now, and make the choice you feel is right then. And be open to it being one of the other finalists. That's the only way an award can mean something for the long term.
Steven Halter
16. stevenhalter
ZenBossanova@15:You can get a membership pretty much anytime. The Hugo voting closes at the end of July.
David Foster
17. ZenBossanova
Thanks! I was finally able to puzzle that out. Now I am just trying to figure out where the Hugo Packet download is!
j p
18. sps49
I don't even have any kind of an e-book reader, but this is just too good to pass up again.
Steven Halter
19. stevenhalter
XenBossanova@17:The packet isn't out yet--should be soon. If you get a membership, they will let you know as soon as it is available.

sps49@18:The formats supplied seem to usually work fine with the free PC based eBook readers.
Martin L. Shoemaker
20. Robert D West
> That said, as a call to all excited WOT fans who are also voters, let's all work together to make this a clean vote, OK? PLEASE everyone read all the nominated novels if you possibly can, even if you're squeeing your head off right now, and make the choice you feel is right then.

Not just that.

Please, please, please: if you vote in the 'best novel category', take the time to read and vote in the other categories, too. Under the WSFS constitution, if at least 25% of the people who vote in *any* category don't vote in a specific category, no award will be issued in that category.

If a bunch of new voters vote for 'best novel' only, and not for the other categories, many of the down-ballot categories may get no award at all.
Martin L. Shoemaker
21. Nightsky
An attending membership officially became Too Good To Pass Up. I'm a total WoT noob (one of those series I keep meaning to getting around to reading), and I vow I *will* finish before voting closes.
Steven Halter
22. stevenhalter
Robert D West@20:Good point! It would be really unfortunate if say 10000 people voted for the novel and all the other categories were forced into No Award.

mutantalbinocrocadile@14:Also very good points. It can never hurt (other than eye strain) to at least try to read everything on the ballot.
23. JoeNotCharles
Just out of curiosity, is New Spring included? Is it even part of the nomination?
Ron Garrison
24. Man-0-Manetheran
"Supporting membership of Loncon 3 is also available. This does not entitle the member to attend the convention, but is for anybody else who wishes to receive all the publications and vote in the Hugo Awards and/or site selection."
Price is currently £25 ($40US).

Martin L. Shoemaker
25. John Pomeranz
Astonishingly generous. Thank you, Tor, the Jordan estate, and Mr. Sanderson.
Brent Longstaff
26. Brentus
Awesome, please make it mobi/epub and not just PDF. PDFs don't work well with e-readers (the ones designed for reading, not tablets).
Peter Ahlstrom
27. PeterAhlstrom
JoeNotCharles@23: I have heard that New Spring will not be included. That strikes me as the correct decision, because it is not part of the single continuing narrative that makes up the main series.
Publius 75
28. publius75
1) Late April Fools joke?

2) This obviously sets a precident for future works being included in the Hugo Packet. If the WoT is included in the packet then all works have to be included...right?

3) Kinda shows you how highly regarded Robert Jordan was to everyone at Tor doesn't it? I doubt anyone would have blinked twice if Tor didn't include the entire series. Sure some people would have made a fuss, but those people probably won't vote for the WoT anyways.
Leeland Woodard
29. TheKingOfCarrotFlowers
That's absolutely fantastic. I only have about a third of the books in e-book format, and that plus all of the other ones we'll be getting in the packet obviously make it worth it.

Jordan is going to blow it away at the Hugos. Can't think of anyone who's more deserving of the award.
April Moore
31. aprildmoore
@14. mutantalbinocrocodile
That was a great post and even greater advice!~ Yes, please do read as many of the works as you can AND (per @22. steveenhalter) DO vote in as many categories as you can. The Hugos are worthy of our full effort and attention.

And if The Wheel of Time does manage to win, we can all feel good that it will be for the right reasons, not just because we love it, but because many people do. Robert Jordan wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I for one am really looking forward to reading the other entries - just as I did last year.
Martin L. Shoemaker
32. somewheresouth
Wow, I pity the voters trying to read the whole WOT before august...
Leigh Butler
33. leighdb
Wow, that is so awesome.

And I, too, encourage everyone to vote in all categories! Join! Participate! Embiggen your horizons!
Martin L. Shoemaker
34. Ryoshi Kanagawa
It looks like I will have even more reading than usual this year. Since I've already read the Wheel of Time I will work on the other books and categories first, but it will be great to have them in ebook format anyway. Hopefully I can at least get to a few of the WoT books by the time the voting starts!
Soon Lee
35. SoonLee
Adding my voice to the chorus (mutantalbinocrocodile @14, Robert D West @20, aprildmoore @31) encouraging voters to read and vote for all categories on their merits.

See also this Brandon Sanderson post:
Mani A
36. sn0wcrash
Oh well done. Well done indeed. I have the entire series in physical formay, but getting the whole thing in electronic format? Time to look into how I can get on this action.
Martin L. Shoemaker
37. cytherea
I am so thrilled to hear this; I hope that some of the SF/F fandom that have been... less than thrilled about the WoT nomination take this as an olive branch and give the series a fair shake.

Personally, I already bought the whole series in eBook format, but I love this gesture. It only adds more weight to the huge pile of respect I've always had for Tor.
Ralph Feldhake
38. feldhake

I read the first half of The Eye of The World ten years ago and liked it, but decided I just couldn't get into this until the series was finished--I knew someone at work who was complaining that he'd been waiting ten years to find out who murdered so-and-so and decided that I didn't want to be him.

The whole thing, plus all the other nominated fiction, for $44? Yes please!
Martin L. Shoemaker
39. Megs
PURCHASED! I had been meaning to get into the habit of buying supporting memberships again, and this was just the kick in the teeth to do so. Leaving aside the fact that this gives me the excuse I was needing to dive back into WoT, I so rarely read shorter fiction and am very excited to read what's nominated this year.
Martin L. Shoemaker
40. charbar
Wondering if they'll try to secure rights/compile public domain items for retro hugos; that'd be even more awesome!
Martin L. Shoemaker
41. Charlie L.
I'm late because I have just started to dig through the voter packet, but I would like to echo the sentiment that many people have expressed on this thread: thank you for including the Wheel of Time in the Hugo voter packet! Ensuring that the entire nominated work is available to the voters is an incredible gift that helps maintain the credibility of the award and helps us get closer to the ideal of combining the tastes of a popular award with the careful consideration of a juried award. Thank you so much for your support of Worldcon and the Hugos.

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