Apr 9 2014 12:30pm

The Boost Sweepstakes!

Out on May 20th from Tor Books, The Boost by Stephen Baker follows software prodigy Ralf as he uncovers a conspiracy connected to the “boosts” most of the population uses to enhance their brain power. Invented by Chinese researchers in 2023, the boost is credited with leading humanity to its most significant cognitive leap since the discovery of fire, but now someone is trying to roll back the privacy protections the American government negotiated when the boosts were first installed. Only Ralf, stripped of his boost and exiled to the U.S.-Mexico border, where other “wild,” unenhanced humans live, can stop them.

We want to send you a galley right now, so check for the rules below!

THE RULES: The first ten people to email their name and address to sweepstakes [at] tor DOT com will receive one ARC of the book listed above. Please make the subject of your email “The Boost.” Good luck! Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes, and for safety reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave your address in the comments.

Curtis Hutchinson
1. Curtis Hutchinson
Fingers crossed for a copy! Looks highly entertaining! Forgot to post my zip code with my email...hopefully this will not disqualify me!
james Pope
2. jim162065
Curt your names in red, you need to login make sure in in black for to counted.
Gene Hutchinson
3. sukamadee
Logged in now! Should I resend them the e-mail or do you think that should be alright??

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