Apr 2 2014 10:00am

Rocket Talk, Episode 2: SFF Awards

Rocket Talk: podcast

In this episode of Rocket Talk, Justin Landon is joined by Anne Perry and Jared Shurin to talk about the science fiction and fantasy literary award scene. The discussion ranges from why awards exist in the first place, to how effective they are at driving readership, to how they impact the discussions that make up so much of what we call fandom.

Anne is an editor with UK publisher Hodder & Stoughton and Jared is the editor of Jurassic London, a not-for-profit small press. Together they are the founders of the Kitschies and popular blog destination,


Rocket Talk, Episode 2: SFF Awards (41:02)

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Also! If you have an idea for an episode of Rocket Talk or would like to come on as a guest, reach out to Justin Landon at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Obviously, we can’t accommodate everyone, but we’re always looking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

You can find all of the episodes on here.

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Shane who is called Shane
1. Shane who is called Shane
Is there a RSS feed for non-iTunes people? I can't seem to find one.
Shane who is called Shane
2. eekim1988
Ditto on the RSS feed. Us non-Apple users want to listen to!
Shane who is called Shane
3. KameronHurley
"Why aren't more established writers writing edgy, progressive work?" Oh! I know! I know. As a former Kitschy winner, I can say it's because it's been astonishingly hard to make a living writing edgy work. It's massively hard to sell to publishers.
Shane who is called Shane
4. GeoffL
Same here with the RSS feed.
Chris Lough
5. TorChris
Hey guys, there's an RSS feed here:

You can also add us through Tumblr:
Shane who is called Shane
6. GeoffL
@TorChris #5 Hooray!
Stephanie Griffin
7. sgriffin9
I'm really enjoying this new podcast! Great, intelligent, in-depth conversation on the topics I love!

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