Apr 11 2014 1:05pm

Macmillan eDeals Has Launched—Find Great Reads!

Don’t you wish that there was a place where you could go to find out what Macmillan e-books were on sale? Well, you’re special, and so are your wishes, so Macmillan eDeals is now a reality! Head on over to find out what books have currently hopped down in price, sorted helpfully by genre. Read all the things!

Angus McIntyre
1. angusm
For the love of all that is sane and decent, why doesn't it have an RSS/Atom feed?

(That is to say, there is a feed if you know to tack '/feed/' to the end of the URL, but it's a pretty poor substitute for a real feed, and it's not exactly advertised in any way).
Dan Rice
2. driceman
Pretty handy. Might help in case I miss a Tor post (or Facebook post from Brandon Sanderson) about what books are on sale. Glad I got in on Way of Kings for $2.99 :)

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