Apr 8 2014 10:35am

Let’s Completely Reimagine Battlestar Galactica! Again. This Time as A Movie!

Starbuck, Battlestar Galactica

Just when you thought you were safe from the cylons...

Looks like Universal is picking up where Bryan Singer left off, still determined to make Battlestar Galactica into a film franchise.

So it’s like... Stargate in reverse?

Original BSG creator Glen Larson is attached as producer of the project and Jack Paglen, scribe for Transcendence and Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel, is set to pen the script. Executives have promised that this is going to be a “complete reimagining” from the original story

I’m gonna go right ahead and ask the obvious question... how is this a thing we need right now? I get it, rebooting is what we do now, but we’ve had Battlestar Galactica around in some form or another (not all were successful) for the past decade. By the way, the most recent version was a “complete reimagining.” I’m guessing the point is that it’s a reimagining of the original and not a reimagining of the reimagining, because that would just be silly.

But if Starbuck is not still a woman, I will be quite disappointed.

So... bets on where they’re planning on taking this? Should we have a pool?

1. hoopmanjh
Maybe they'll reimagine the reboot right back into the original series where Adama wears a cape and there's a robot dog?
Anthony Pero
2. anthonypero
Lol @ the robot dog.

I wouldn't mind a trilogy version with a tight story. I also, unlike most, LIKED the last season of BSG, so call me crazy, but I was disapointed that they decided to make them the progenators of the human race on Earth. I thought for years that they were going to drop them in around 10,000 BC, and spread them around the globe, bringing culture to our hunter-gatherers.
David Foster
3. ZenBossanova
Cautiously optimistic! I think they should bring the original Baltar back. Better yet, as a father and son. The father can be the treacherous traitor (as in original BSG) and the son can be the brilliant wanker (as in the Ron Moore reboot). I want a villain known for worse than falling for sexy Cylons.
4. Narvi
I'm not surprised at the reboot. The neoseries ended in a way that makes franchising basically impossible.
5. a1ay
2: I just couldn't help comparing it with the end of "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe".
Sky Thibedeau
6. SkylarkThibedeau
Has to have jane seymour in it somewhere. Maybe as Adama's wife. This needs to be space opera. Maybe in Ssssseeeennnssoorroouuunnnndddd!!
7. MattS
They can make Starbuck a man again if they make Adama a woman and maybe work out a more nuanced portrayal of a woman in command than Admiral Cain.

But really, I'm not a fan of the idea of revisiting this—leave the Galactica alone. It's already been through so much.
8. agonist
My bet is they are planning to take this reboot directly to the shitter. (Pardon my French.)
Jay Hash
10. Joosh
There's just no way this will be better than the recent reimagining...
11. Gerry__Quinn
"Is this a thing we even need?" I've heard that before. It's the cry of a fan frightened of a disrupting new story.

If you don't like it, you're not obliged to watch it.
12. Ragnarredbeard
@ 1

I liked the cape. Added a little flair. The dog, though, meh.
Heather Weaver
13. geeky247
I admit I didn't watch the original series as a kid, but I really loved the more recent version. I absolutely LOVE how Katee Sackhoff played Starbuck. :-)
14. Vampire Doctor
I don't see why this is a bad thing. What else are they supposed to do with the property? They haven't given any details at all on what exactly they're doing. Why must nerds always be outraged over nothing.
15. dzi?kuje
Maybe if they reimagine the original they'll have proper lasers and shields and then maybe it will look more like wat star trek should have looked like and not a star wars rip off. Yes female adama with a cape nd can the cylons base stars not look like star fish
16. Tara Li
I'm hopeful that Glen Larson's involvement means that this might be a return to a more hopeful, optimistic BSG, like the Classic version. GINO was dark, gritty - but... why is that considered *GOOD*, or even *REALISTIC*?

The best example of why I prefer the original to the new is the reaction to the discovery of Earth:

Cmdr Adama: "Our Faith has led us to a new beginning." You can hear Lorne Greene's calm, joyous delivery of something believed in coming to fruition.

Admiral Adama: "WTF? You mean there really is an Earth?" Strident, unbelieving, always on the edge of losing his people because he doesn't have faith in them, himself, or the goal.

While personally I prefer the original Starbuck (and the original matter of names being *names*, and not call-signs), that doesn't matter nearly as much to me as the tone of the show.
17. Volpas
The studios are so concerned with making money, rather than pleasing the fans. How about a two for one ? Battlestar Galactica meets planet of the apes, YAAAY!!

But seriously, a better way would be a continuation of the story, Galactica meets another alien race, maybe even a robotic race, who don't like the Cylons either.

Any other thoughts ?
Matt Diamond
18. MattDiamond
While we are at it, why doesn't someone release a reimagined Harry Potter now? The time seems ripe to me.
19. VampireDoctor
Apples and oranges my friend, but thanks for being dense on purpose (I think?). BSG isn't some untouchable genre giant, the premise makes it a good candidate for a reboot with a new take on it. Just as it was remade a decade ago.
Henry Lightfoot
20. Henry Lightfoot
Bring it on. I'd love to see a version that splits the difference between the existing two series. A little retro stylistic flair (and maybe aliens), but not as oppressive as the Ronald D. Moore series. I loved it at first, but it just wore me out.
21. Galane
What was different about the original BSG was the backstory, in the novel, of why the humans and cylons were fighting. The humans had stepped in to help an alien race fight the cylons, which rather upset the cylons.

The cylons were also a cyborg reptile race (ha! take that, Borg!), implanting electronics etc starting soon after birth. This was only alluded to in the final Galactica: 1980 episode.

So what does Moore do? Tosses all that out and turns New BSG into the oldest SciFi plot ever, Frankenstein's Monster.
22. arthur22
I want Starbuck to be a man again , would be nice to see them show up to earth and we help with the fight maybe in the Star Trek days with Kirk.
Something that says yeah we been busy.
No horrible ending like that last POS they did when at the end you thinking why did I waste my time watching this.
Oh and Starbuck needs to be a guy please.
Jarmila Kašparová
23. Tessuna
@5: Never thought of that, nice :)

@21: I think it's a slightly younger plot of R.U.R., but that's OK with me, I couldn't think of a completely new sci-fi story either. I get why creators of the new BSG did some (a lot of) changes - if they had told us exactly the same story, they would probably feel silly. (But now, when most of us rememberes the new BSG better than the original, maybe they will return to the original plot, saying: Hey, see, totally different than the last BSG!)

On the wish list of "why are they doing BSG, they should reimagin ... instead" I add Star Wars. Episodes I, II and III.
Anyway, most of the reimagining is like "now we can add all those cool effects they didn't have in 70's-80's". I'm all for reimagining some of the recent movies in a "dialing down the stupid effects and writing a better story with deeper characters and no plotholes" way.

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