Apr 1 2014 4:14pm

Lena Dunham Being Asked to Consult on Star Wars: Episode VIII Script

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Girls creator and star Lena Dunham is being asked to consult on the script for Star Wars: Episode VIII, citing the close working relationship between her and Adam Driver, who in January was all-but-confirmed to be cast as the central villain of Star Wars: Episode VII.

The report suggests that Driver’s villain character will figure prominently in the sequel trilogy beyond Episode VII, although Dunham was careful not to suggest as much when confirming THR’s report.

I mean, I don’t think I’m right for Star Wars, you know? Which, in a way, if you think about it, is exactly why I’m so totally perfect! I can’t have a single bias about this because I’m not sure I believe in any of it at all!

Dunham went on to say that she knew Star Wars was important to a lot of people of various generations and was going to her best to not “f-up too much, you guys.”

Dunham will be joining J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan in drafting what she says will be the most “psychologically dark” Star Wars film yet. When asked if the classic Star Wars films had an influence on her writing elsewhere, Dunham enthusiastically responded in the affirmative saying, “Yeah, well, Luke is a total whiny crybaby in the first movie, so there’s that.”

While on the face of it Dunham’s involvement is a controversial choice for the series, the response from industry professionals has so far has been fairly muted. Abrams has so far been coy on the matter, praising Dunham’s realistic portrayal of the process of maturity in adult women. “Without going too much into details,” Abrams commented. “These will be key scenes in the forthcoming trilogy.”

Though plot details for Star Wars: Episode VIII or any of the sequel trilogy films are practically non-existent at this point, Dunham did reveal that she's already written a scene in which an elderly Luke Skywalker climbs into a bathtub with an elderly Han Solo and the two discuss their emotions.

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters in 2017.

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
This is bad news. While I applaud Dunham for her success, there is absolutely nothing in what she does that appeals to me. And Star Trek has shown what happens when you have a person who doesn't have a connection to the mythic arc of the series trying to write it.

This is going to be a disaster. AND I LOVE THE PREQUELS!


And now, I just caught the date. *shakes fist at Stubby*
2. Lilac
You guys. You guys.
3. the Ham Belt
April fools, right? RIGHT?!
4. davhahn
I knew, "knew" the JK story earlier was fake, but I was taken in by this one. Dammit.
5. mutantalbinocrocodile
Good one. And now I have my dignity back after the JK story.
6. BillBacon
I, for one, am excited to see more unattractive female nudity in Star Wars.
7. Athreeren
Several women in a Star Wars movie? This has got to be an April fool!
8. Jayms
That was a pretty good 4-1 gag. I did gag a little on my own tongue when I read the headline.
Jenny Thrash
9. Sihaya
I was really hoping for another Knight Dragons excerpt, but I have to admit that this is pretty fun.
10. vjj
Thank the Gods it's April Fool's Day.
11. Dr. Thanatos
Thank god. I had visions of chubby naked ewoks dancing in the streets...
12. jere7my
Hey, @6 and @11, how about we lay off the body-shaming in this joke thread? Whatever your thoughts are about her writing ability, her body type and whether or not you want to see her naked aren't relevant here.
13. Ragnarredbeard
@12, thank you thought policeman. How dare people be honest.
Bridget McGovern
14. BMcGovern
Stepping in as moderator--let's dispense with the name-calling. The post was meant as a goofy joke, not an invitation to heap criticism on any of the people mentioned or other commenters.
Jeff Youngstrom
17. jeffy
I swallowed this hook-line-sinker, just from the title. I only twigged while reading y'all's AMA.

And I think it would be awesome if true.

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