Apr 2 2014 9:30am

What Do You Want to Happen in Game of Thrones?

If you’ve read all of the Song of Ice and Fire books then you know what’s going to happen in the next few seasons of Game of Thrones. But what do you want to happen? Not only in the show, but in the book series itself?

We took an informal poll amongst the Game of Thrones-happy staff here, asking those who have only seen the show what they want to happen and asking those have read the books what they would like to happen. How about you?


Spoilers ahead for the entire book series and the forthcoming season of Game of Thrones!



Chris Lough: Just combine A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons in an interesting way. The show is so entertaining, that’s all I ask!

Leah Schnelbach: What I really want is for the last book to be about how the throne doesn’t actually matter—I want it to devolve into an apocalyptic showdown between endless armies of White Walkers and thousands of dragons that just spontaneously reawaken, with all of the humans getting mowed down. No more POV characters—no more POV!—just an omniscient third person narrator describing the destruction of the two non-human armies. The epilogue of the last book is set a thousand years in the future, and tells the story of the descendants of the remaining humans who managed to hide out until the dragon/zombie war ended in mutual destruction. The humans are better now than they were—rather than worshipping Lords of Light, Drowned Gods, or illusions of power and wealth, they spend their lives seeking knowledge, sex, and drunkenness, all in honor of the One True Lord, Tyr the God-Imp, whose exploits have been immortalized in stories and songs. Oh, and no one gets on a boat, ever.

There, see? A happy ending.

Emily Asher-Perrin: SPACE DRAGONS. Then Daenerys can rule from a THRONE OF STARS.

Bridget McGovern: In terms of my what I’d like to see in the upcoming season and beyond…obviously, I’m looking forward to seeing how the show will handle the Purple Wedding ; I just hope that it’s every bit as crazy and dramatic as the Red Wedding was horrific and heartbreaking. For the most part, I’m happy to wait to see what the writers of the show are going to adapt the source material, but if I had my druthers, we’d see all of the following:

  • I’d like to see Daenerys and Daario’s flirtation unfold with about 90% less skeeviness. I know that skeeviness is hard to quantify, but there was really nothing I enjoyed about their interactions in the books; I kept feeling like I was supposed to view his behavior as charming swagger, when all that came across was an irritating, tricked-out hustler with a gold-tooth who can’t keep his hands off his naked-lady daggers. Since I couldn’t find any charm in Daario, it made Dany’s response to him that much more baffling (and oddly disappointing, if that makes any sense?) So if the show could throw in a little more banter and actual charm and a little less leering and braggadocio, I’ll be thrilled.
  • Less time spent with the Greyjoy clan: No offense to the House Greyjoy fans out there, but I’m hoping the show really boils down all the time the books spend on the Iron Islanders, apart from the already-established characters of Theon and Yara (Asha). Sometimes reading the Greyjoy POV chapters feels to me like being forced to eat your vegetables…and those vegetables are cold, and slimy, and taste like salt water and despair and wet feet. I’m not saying that Euron, Victarion, and the Damphair need to be cut entirely—I just hope the series doesn’t spend a ton of time on the kingsmoot and other grim, kraken-y business when there’s already so much ground to cover elsewhere.
  • A stronger, savvier Sansa: I know that the character of Sansa is a lightning rod for all sorts of conflicting opinions among GoT/AsoIaF fans; as much as I disliked her very early on in the books, I think that the series and Sophie Turner’s performance has breathed additional life into the character, or at least managed to drive home aspects of Sansa that I didn’t necessarily appreciate at first glance. Personally, I would love to see Sansa Stark evolving over time into a more calculating, shrewder, more worldly figure (both on the show and in the books)—not necessarily more mercenary or less empathetic, but as long as she’s stuck with Littlefinger, one can only hope that she’ll pick up a few tricks and start employing them to her own benefit…


Iron Throne Marc Simonetti


Theresa DeLucci: I wish Benjen Stark would return to the Wall and tell Jon who his parents are. It’s supremely unsatisfying, especially on the TV show, for Benjen to be in the first few episodes and then disappear forever. If the universe is determined to keep Starks from ever reuniting, all Starks should at least get the courtesy of dying onscreen (in some horrible fashion of course.) My feelings might also be biased because I love all fictional big-nosed brothers of Sean Bean. Benjen is the new Faramir, okay? He should be equally as worthy of some more story.

I had held out hope for Benjen in the books, when everyone thought that he might be Coldhands, but, alas, it was not to be. I’d like some closure. Even if that means Benjen coming back as a big-nosed wight.

Also, having seen the season four premiere, I want a third Daario.

Chris Lough: I want what I think a lot of readers generally want: Daenerys to head west, the Starks to start reuniting, and so forth. But what I want from the next book in this series, more than anything else, is for something good to happen to a character. Not bittersweet, not okay, just flat out good.

I think the story needs this kind of relief now and then and I worry that Martin might be stuck in this kind of loop where he feels that death and trauma is part of the appeal of the series so he has to double down on it with every new book. I found A Dance With Dragons to be a complete slog because of this (well, this and the constant walking and boating and stew-eating) and when Jon got stabbed at the end of the book it didn’t at all feel like a big climactic moment, just more of the same ol’ ultraviolence. It’s gotten to the point in the series where a hope being fulfilled would actually be shocking.

Bridget McGovern: In terms of what I’d like to see happen in the books still to come…I actually haven’t read any of the material released from The Winds of Winter so far, so I’ll just keep these general, short, and sweet:

  • Jon Snow totally survives the events of A Dance with Dragons to live and pout another day.
  • Rickon gets a POV. I would love to know what goes on in that kid’s head—he’s such an unknown quantity, at this point: is he irreparably warped from all the terrible things that have happened in his young life, or will he bounce back? Also, tell us everything about Shaggydog (best name for a direwolf ever.)
  • The Triumphant Return of Syrio Forel and/or Nymeria: I realize that one of these returns is far more likely to happen than the other, but both would be welcomed and appreciated. Especially if it helps bring a little of Arya’s humanity back, in some way…
  • Leave the Hound’s fate ambiguous: The Hound might be dead. Or, he might have survived, given up his violent past and begun a new life as a novice at the monastery on the Quiet Isle (depending on how you interpret the comments made by the Elder Brother of the monastery to Brienne in A Feast for Crows). I actually would prefer to leave the question open—I like not knowing, but being left with the possibility that Sandor Clegane finally found some peace (or at least, a less violent and bloody mode of existence).
  • Podrick survives Lady Stoneheart’s noose. That would be nice.
  • No more random characters named Pate. Unless all the Pates eventually get tired of all this outdated imperialist dogma, see the violence inherent in the system, rise up, melt down the Iron Throne, and reinvent Westeros as an anarcho-syndicalist commune (with each Pate taking turns acting as executive officer for the week)…in which case: all power to the Pates.


Your turn! What’s your wish list for the series, be it in TV or book form?

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1. mutantalbinocrocodile
Potential flamebait here, but. . .I want to see Dany NOT end up as the ruler of Westeros, at least not permanently. She would make a fantastic rallying point for an apocalyptic showdown between humans and Others. . .but I genuinely don't think she would make a good queen of Westeros. She doesn't understand the culture, and ultimately she is far too mentally unstable. Her reasons for wanting the throne are too deeply rooted in childhood trauma to make her plausible as a good ruler of an unfamiliar country, which is likely to disappoint her expectations after White Girl's Adventures in the Orientalist Orient. (Kudos to whoever coined that phrase on the reread BTW--I've forgotten.) Much better for everyone involved, possibly including her since I'm in cold-hearted GRRM-mode, if she dies in a literal blaze of glory saving humanity from the Others but paves the road for someone less mentally ill to take the throne.

ABSOLUTELY no offense intended for real-life sufferers of mental illness, but would you really want someone with moderately controlled Bipolar II (which is what I'd guess both Dany and Rhaegar have/had) to have to rule Westeros? Would there be a worse fate for them???? I pity whatever poor sucker ends up with the job; honestly I wonder if the only person left standing who can handle it might be Stannis.
2. Johnnyboy
What I want most of all in the next book is a profoundly painful end for Ramsey at the hands of Stannis. Single greatest villain I've ever read.
Chris Nelly
4. Aeryl
@1, While I don't necessarily agree with your diagnosis(unless it's flat out stated in text, I won't go there, personally) but I agree that Dany would be a terrible ruler. The end of ADWD shows her embracing the path of fire and blood over peace and reconciliation, which is nothing good for Westeros.

My eventual hope, is that the dynastic monarchy is destroyed somewhat and the country separates into smaller factions.

As far as for what I hope the characters do

Sansa-Kill LF
Arya-Kill everybody
Jon-Survives, wargs a dragon, melts all the WW, THE END
Bran-don't become a tree
Jaime-(this isn't a hope, but a guess)hung by LS, but then resurrected by LS, to be zombie Jaime, whom Brienne can't bring herself to kill
Cersei-ZJaime kills her
Tyrion-fall off a dragon(I'm about over him)
Arianne-I'm not sure, not enough info yet
5. Colin R
Given that the novels seem dedicated to demonstrating how awful monarchy is, I want to see the Iron Throne destroyed and no one rises to be King. The Starks and sometimes Daenerys seem to be the only rulers who see rulership as requiring duty, justice, and responsibility toward the governed; Stannis understands duty simply as an obligation to obey your betters, and justice as unfeeling application of legalism. Everyone else just sees rulership as a prize.

So, let the kingdom be broken up, and let something new take its place.
6. Gregor Lewis
Not really fussed with who wins the throne. More interested in how they get there.

Less Dan Browny 'pageturn bait', more organic unfolding of story please.

That was perhaps the most disappointing thing about ADWD for me. What started off well in terms of cliffhangers - "I'm your monster Brandon Stark" & Tyrion being dragged to depths of the Rhoyne by a Stone Man, had by the end become a child's failed exercise in building suspense.

So much so that, for me too Jon Snow's stabbing was ... meh & worse, utterly predictable.

I never see the schlock/shock moments coming in books I enjoy most. Although ASOIAF has tended to telegraph what is coming, GRRM's great strength for me has been giving you hope AS WELL AS foreboding, both before and during the event, which has made the END SCENE gutpunches after the 'horror' unfolds so brilliantly brutal.

In ADWD it was purely 'by the numbers', less 'OH NO YOU DIDN'T!' more 'HERE WE GO AGAIN ... sigh', with no suspense before & during, leading to emotional detachment after.

Lastly, one thing I would hope gets resolved with clarity, is the unravelling of the Red Priestess'/Priests' various Azhor Azhai prophecy fulfillments.

We're already in Melissandre's head, witnessing the equivocation. Lets see that explicated 'worldwide', to the detriment of Benerro, Moqorro, Thoros and any others who pop up.

As many have noted, prophecies have already been deconstucted in ASOIAF. This Azhor Azhai palaver needs to be confounded as unambiguously as the Dothraki 'the stallion who mounts the world' (or whatever that one was).

Y'know what? I've talked myself into it. I'd love to see Stannis win it all, after rejecting / recognising Melissandre's 'glamour' for what it is, and defeating all comers in his own right, not as a scion of 'the Lord of Light'.

Baratheons have Targaryen blood. He could end up a dragon rider. Perhaps his daughter's greyscale will be 'cured' in dragonfire as she becomes a rider too.

Of course Jon must be the third - the ultimate warg.


Just finish the story!

Write like the wind GRRM. Even if it's only a gentle zephyr, keep at it by the muses' grace, until you get it done.

7. Jacob Finley
Jon - Either is resurrected in the same manner Beric and Catelyn were... or becomes one of the undead. It would be cool as well if and when he is brought back, he is no longer loyal to the NW's mission and decides to abandon it all and does a bit of a turn heel.
Others/White Walkers - I want a plot twist thrown in where it turns out that they aren't necessarily evil and are rising to challenge the rule of the real "Great Other" - Danaerys Targaryen.
Danaerys - If not the above then she will have to be the Nissa Nissa of the series.
Theon - I want him to live. After all the hell he's gone through he kind of deserves it. One of the most fascinating characters in the series.
Arya - I want her to kill Cersei and Tommen.
Lady Stoneheart - Jaime and Brienne are sent on a mission to the Wall to hand Oathkeeper to Jon.
8. mutantalbinocrocodile
I'd love to see a less unified Westeros at the end, like @4 and @5, but I'm slightly tempering my expectations with GRRM's characteristic cruelty. MAYBE splitting it back up into more or less peaceful smaller countries is something he would do. The continent is way too big to plausibly have a stable central government in the absence of magical means of transport (AKA dragons flying really really fast). But abandoning the idea of rulership? I wouldn't get my hopes up for something quite that affirming.

Hey, all I'm 90% sure of is that the series end is not:

The Others Win. All Humankind and Dragons Are Slaughtered And Everything Is Eternally Even Worse Than Everything That Has Already Happened. The End.

And only 90%
George Jong
9. IndependentGeorge
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't want to see a Sandor/FrankenGregor showdown. If that is him on the Quiet Isle, then I really hope he finds peace. Anything else feels a little too much like Dr. Krieger trying to set up a kickass robot battle.
10. Jacob Finley
One more possibility...

Arianne is the one who plays a part in the death and downfall of Danaerys for not stopping the "golden crowning" of Viserys. Kharma is a bitch.
11. mutantalbinocrocodile
And @4, I am normally VERY careful about this kind of thing, but Ser Barristan's descriptions of Rhaegar practically sound like the DSM, and Dany shares many of the same traits. Anachronistic terminology is absent for obvious worldbuilding reasons, but unless I hear otherwise I do conclude that GRRM is trying to say that the Targaryen family, in modern medical terms, has a tendency towards bipolar spectrum mental illnesses and sometimes co-morbid psychoses.
Martin Cohn
12. arixan
Dany, Jon & Easter Egg riding dragons, melting WWs and Tyrion ruling Westros drinking from his sisters skull.
13. a1ay
The Others Win. All Humankind and Dragons Are Slaughtered And
Everything Is Eternally Even Worse Than Everything That Has Already
Happened. The End.

This is my suspicion: GRRM has spent fifteen years undermining every fantasy cliche there is, from Noble Knights and Handsome Princes to Western Saviour/Conquerors and Heroic Journeys. It makes sense that he's building up to undermine the biggest cliche of all - the Happy Ending.
Chris Nelly
14. Aeryl
@7, If it's true, as has been posited in the read here at Tor, that Valyrian is a genderless language, then Arya killing Cersei is line with Cersei being killed by the valonquar, who isn't a "little brother" as she believes, but is instead a "little sibling" which Arya MOST definitely is.
15. vjj
Syrio Forel must be revealed to be Jaqen H'ghar. Also, Arya needs to use her Warg mind-transference powers in the service of her missions of revenge.

The Alchemists need to be in a huge chunk of the next book. There's a lot of cool back history that needs to be revealed. With the return of the Dragons their previous magical alchemical working need to start working again: like those creatures entirely made of fire.

The "Children of the Forest" need to play a huge part in the last two books. I mean if they were powerful enough to violently alter the geology of Westeros then I think they'd be useful against whatever the White Walkers represent.

There needs to be a massive thrown-down between Daenerys and the Warlocks of Qwarth (see what I did there?).

I want to know what the deal with Qwaithe is. Is Qwaithe related to Daenerys in some way? Is Qwaithe an old Valyrian?

In the end I want one of House Martell to rule over Westeros.

Get rid of House Greyjoy entirely. If George RR Martin isn't going to bring Cthulhu into the Greyjoy part of the story then I don't care anymore. House Greyjoy is probably the most boring part of ASOIAF. I know, have a Cthulhu type monster rise from the Ocean and snack on every single Greyjoy in the story.

Finally, one of the main characters needs to take trip to Carcosa. Carcosa is shown on the Maps in that "World of Ice and Fire" accessory that Martin released some time ago.
Chris Nelly
16. Aeryl
@13, See, I actually DON'T believe that. Just on a few things I've heard him say, I do believe he intends an uplifting ending, even if it's not a happy one.

I've stated before, that above all, this is an apocalypse story, in the biblical sense, and what gets lost in our modern interpretation of that, is the new world that reborn from the ashes of the old one, is a better and more just world.

So it won't be a happy ending, in the Disney sense, but it will be an ending the shows that the balances of power have been equalized and no extreme supernatural threat will imperil the existence of a just society.
Chris Nelly
17. Aeryl
@vjj, I'm over the whole "Syrio is Jaqen" thing, they're styles are too different. Gaining mastery over on martial art is hard enough.

I'm of the opinion that the WW ARE the Children of the Forest, horribly transformed in an effort to halt against the continued invasions of Westeros by the First Men, the Rhoynar, the Andals, which lead to the birth of the dragons to counterbalance.

Quaithe is a shadowbinder like Mel, but I think Quiathe believes Dany to be Azor Ahai.

I'm with you on Greyjoy, just let me keep Asha and the rest can sink below the oceans. But I acknowledge that they were a necessary part of the story to get Dany a fleet of ships.

I'm with you on House Martell too.
Lauren Hartman
18. naupathia
I'll try to avoid saying what I think will happen and instead go with what I want to happen:

I agree with those above who say Dany should not be queen/ruler anymore. I want her to come to Westeros and fight the Others. But I want her to either die in the battle (sad), or to see the error of her ways and learn that ruling by might/threat of dragons is no way to rule. So maybe all the dragons died in the battle, or maybe she exiles them or uses magic to freeze them in carbonite, whatever. Then she abdicates in favor of a better ruler (Tyrion, please, after he gets out of his crazy funk). And she goes to live in her house with the red door.

I want to know who are the 3 dragons? I think this will definitely determine a lot of how the end of the books plays out. On the same note, I really want "answers" to all the prophecies.

I want Tyrion and Sansa to be reuinited. How hilarious/awesome would that be - after all, they are already married! I want Tyrion to get out of his funk about Tysha, and I want Sansa to grow up and learn all of LF's tricks - after that I think they'd make an awesome duo.

Jon: Well I want him to survive, and I am pretty sure he will, in some form. I want him to warg into Ghost, now that his body is dead, and then "meet up" with Bran, who will teach him about warging and what he (Bran) has been up to lately. Bran will have discovered that the Others are maybe not as pure evil as people believe, and that their true purpose has been to fight the dragons. I think maybe the Targaryens or whoever a long time ago built the wall to keep the Others at bay so that they could rule by might of their dragons, since there would no longer be anything powerful enough to stop them.

I want Jon to be "the prince that was promised" (for R+L=J to be true). And then he is the Ice to contend against Dany's Fire. And since GRRM had a short story about an ice dragon, I could see how one might still exist beneath the wall; Bran will warg into it, and join (undead) Jon + the Others in a fight against Dany. Insane? Maybe. But it would be damn cool.

I want Arya to.... well the one thing I want most for her is for her to be reuinited with Nymeria. I would like for her to finally rejoin with her fellow Starks, use some of her badass skills to kill be that need killing to help save the world, but then for her to ... I don't know? How can someone forget how to be a badass assassin? Or forswear the house of black and white? I guess I'd be ok if she ends up as "best assassin" as she changes her face and walks into the setting sun.... but it'd still be sad.

I want all of Dorne to just disappear... I have no idea what their deal is or what they're plotting, but Arianne annoys me, Doran's plans keep getting ruined, and I just don't really have any sympathy for anyone there. Just make them quietly go away. Same goes for the Greyjoys. I do not like what Victarion and Euron are up to, and I just feel they were introduced too late to make a meaningful impact on the resolution of the books without it feeling too deus ex machina or plot convenience.

I want Ser Davos to live and have peace, along with Theon. And hopefully Sandor doesn't get pulled back in either.

I want the books to be DONE.

Oh and as for what I want with the show specifically:

Please get back old Daario. Or find new Daario. The current one sucks. And please make the "romance" less rage inducing I-want-to-slap-you-you-stupid-teenage-girl-pretending-to-be-queen-but-throwing-it-all-away-for-this-idiot.

Please combine book 4 and 5 in a way that makes sense. Hopefully they can make the Meereen bits more interesting... Dany's decent into emo-ness after exiling Jorah and chaining her dragons I think needs to be made more explicit than the books. Especially without the prophecies in the show ("You shall be betrayed once for love...") I'd like to see how they make Dany's reactions seem more natural.

(Sorry for the length!)
19. Athreeren
I was hoping for an intervention from Leigh Butler here.

20. Jeff R.
I want Howland Reed to stop being Sir Not Appearing in This Novel.
21. i can't think of an alias
Just get it done on a timely basis, without dragging the last two books out into six (like Memory of Light times two). I don't think we would be lucky enough to find another Sanderson to finish ASoIaF (at the current rate, it would take Martin 30 years to complete six more books).

If the Others were to win, they couldn't possibly have less morals (at least to each other) than the people of Westeros have shown. "Other", in this case, might actually be better than the Lannisters, Greyjoys, et al.
22. Gregor Lewis
@20 Jeff R.
Wouldn't it be great if he appears in the next Prologue ... and survives!

Instead of being part of blood & death in the moment, he can tell us about all the blood and death he has been witness to ... and after receiving a message from his kids, he resolves to do what he can, to stop the bleeding now.

It'd be GRRM deconatructing his own established Prologue method!


Who cares how he appears? Lets just hope Howland Reed DOES APPEAR ... & LIVES!

Chris Nelly
23. Aeryl
@Athereen, Leigh has likely been warned to stay away, there are spoilers for books as well.


The wall was built thousands of years ago, the Targs and their dragons only came to Westeros about 300 years ago. The WW preexist the dragons, not the other way around. I think it more likely the dragons were born to counteract the WW.
Eric Scharf
24. EricScharf
I want to see Davos Seaworth defeat one or more Greyjoys in a straight-up contest of seamanship.

I want Varys to find Jaqen H'ghar in Braavos and tell him, "Pay up."

I want Tyrion to get his History link at the Citadel with frequent sabbaticals in the Summer Isles.

I want Melisandre to demonstrate to Danerys precisely what the title "Mother of Dragons" entails.
25. shellywb
I want Dany to either leave Daario or end up being eaten by her dragons. I want Jon to stay dead, then they all find out he could have ended the WW threat. I want Bran to turn into a tree because frankly a tree's POV couldn't be less interesting than his. I'd like Arya to find her mother, and the meeting shock both of them into their senses again, though I know that just could never happen. I'd like Sansa to fool everyone and end up with the throne and kick ass as a ruler-- she is the person I least expected on the throne in the beginning of the books, so I'd love to see her earn it. Tyrion can be her consort.

And I'd like the end of the book to be Tyrion and Bronn and Sam sitting on the ruins of the wall sharing a drink and looking down over the remains of Westeros as people slowly work at rebuilding. Tyrion forgives Bronn then pushes him off.
Carolyn Paterson
26. iceandfyre
I had held out hope for Benjen in the books, when everyone thought that he might be Coldhands, but, alas, it was not to be.
Since when? As far as I know, there has been nothing to outright disprove that theory. Coldhands (very conveniently, from a narrative standpoint) has never shown his face to Bran, the only person we've seen him interact with who would recognize Benjen.
Andrew Berenson
27. AndrewHB
I want Shireen (Stannis') daughter to end up on the throne. She would engage in a systematic slaughter of all supporters of the Seven Gods. Instead, she will require everybody in Westros to convert to the worship of R'hllor. Melisandre will be her high priestess. Shireen will melt down the Iron Throne and have it recast in the form of a giant iron fire.

Thanks for reading my musings,
Chris Nelly
28. Aeryl
@26, Yes, but the Greenseer says Coldhands has been there for decades, and Benjen's only been missing for a few years.
29. ljade
I'm pretty certain that, no matter what I think or want to happen, nothing good is going to come in the end of this series. Martin seems to relish the killing of favorite characters in ghastly manners and the ones who could rule well and are still alive he's kind of ruined through the books.

The only thing I'm hoping is that Tyrion makes it through the rest of it relatively unscathed. He quickly became my favorite character to read and has all of the best lines on the show.
Lauren Hartman
30. naupathia
@23 Aeryl: You're right about the Targ's rule being around 300 years ago - but does that mean the dragons have only existed so long? I thought they all came from Valyria, so it's possible dragons existed before Targ rule? You are correct about the wall being older, so I don't know how it would hold together. But remember I was just saying what I want, not what I think is. :)

I guess the question of dragons being created/brought to fight the WW vs the other way around depends on your take of whether fire or ice is more desctructive. But to me, and in most fantasy literature, those aligned with fire are representant of death/destruction/chaos, so I have a hard time seeing them as a force for good. Especially after Dany's turn/Melisandre/etc. Not that GRRM ever paints things in black and white though. I think the whole thing is reminiscent of Frost's poem:

Some say the world will end in fire,
some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
to say that for destruction ice
is also great
and would suffice.

Most likely the conclusion will be that both sides are awful and mutually assured destruction is the flavor of the day.
31. weald_steph
Dude, I am always ALWAYS going "and now Nymeria and Arya are reunited!" "But, but Nymeria?" I may have squeed a bit with the whole dreaming through Nymeria's eyes, because at least there is that little bit of connection.

Mostly, I've decided to expect the comet to fall and everyone to die, and it all to have been for not. Though, an epic White Walker/ Dragon showdown would be fun.

Other than that you can find me in the Summer Isles enjoying life.
Chris Nelly
32. Aeryl
@30, I don't think either the dragons or the WW are a force for good, I think they are necessary until they both are wiped out. The main reason I think the WW had to come first, is because we've spent 5 books learning the history of Westeros. If the dragons were truly the catalyst for the change in the world, we'd have spent more learning about Valyria.
33. Ryamano
I want what's on the first picture:

The Others win, destroy all humanity, and cats inherit the earth. Then Lady Whiskers sits on the Iron Throne, becoming Queen of Westeros, with Ser Pounce as her loyal Queensguard. Meanwhile, the evil cat Balerion is plotting away how to steal the throne.
34. Ellen G
Jon Snow wargs into Ghost after all the stabbing. His body dies, and he spends a while ripping White Walkers apart. Then, when Dany fiiiinally makes it to Westeros, he joins her as one of the heads of the dragon by warg-ing into one of the dragons.

Also, Tyrion and Sansa wind up king and queen, the end.
35. adamas
I 100% agree that GRRM could do a better job of having a tight narrative that gets from point A to B... But I'm enjoying the journey, and to me that's the most important thing.
I wish more people would read this blog
And realize that a lot of very cool stuff is going on in the novels in the sections they skim through trying to get back to the main plotlines.
Nancy Lebovitz
36. NancyLebovitz
I want Sansa to acquire some clues, for her knowledge of heraldry to turn out to be useful, and for her to become an evil queen.

I would like something sufficiently awful to happen to Ramsey Bolton (the torturer), but I'm not counting on it. I'd settle for a quick death. He'll probably end up ruling Westeros.

If we're talking about utter wishful thinking, I'd like Tyrion to find some way of making his benevolance something other people would like to achieve. I'll settle for him surviving in reasonably good circumstances.
Chris Nelly
37. Aeryl
Seconding the rec for the Mereeneese Blot, that website is great.
Nick Larter
38. thremnir
I'd love to see the Boltons go down in an heroic blaze of glory as they valiantly hold back the zombies and white walkers long enough for the rest of Westeros to regroup.
Kerly Luige
39. Celebrinnen
I want Jon, Arya, and Gendry make it alive to the end. Other than that ... don't actually care any more.
Oh, and yes, it would be lovely to see a better, more peaceful end for Sandor, though he seems to be well dead and gone ...
40. apokalypsis
Arya vs. Dany - leading massive armies with direwolves and dragons. After they DESTROY EVERYTHING, our two heroines will climb the pile of corpses and...
41. rfresa
Of course I want Jon to warg a dragon and burn all the white walkers, but I want there to be some bigger significance to the struggle between ice and fire and the long seasons. Somehow the struggle has to be ended and the seasons balanced.

Endgame, I like the idea of the Iron Throne being destroyed (maybe turned into Valyrian steel to fight the Others) and the kingdoms divided.

I really think that the White Walkers are going to overrun most of Westeros, to the point that most of the noble houses are destroyed, and only small pockets of people survive, who won't even care if there's a king. I think that Euron Greyjoy works for the Others, and maybe also the Faceless men. There is something at Winterfell, maybe in the crypts, which will be important to defeating them, and then there's the various horns.

I hope Melissandre brings Jon back to life and realizes he's the dude, and then gives her own life to make him a real flaming sword. He'll have to make a difficult sacrifice, and will blow the horn to bring down the Wall and/or end the Others. Then he dies. Centuries later, Bran is still living as part of a tree and starts training another greenseer, as all the Lords start trying to unite the kingdoms and the game begins again.
Fred Breese
42. Silvanus
The music from Kill Bill to start playing while Arya kills everyone. (Although sticking people with the pointy end of her Katana (Katanas are always better right) wouldn't be a good idea. Slice and dice...
43. Akhmetov Ruslan
It would be perfect to add Mads Mikkelsen to the 'Game of Thrones' great cast. I can imagine him in a role of R'hllor's priest or some Ironborn
Chris Nelly
44. Aeryl
@43, Mads Mikkelson for EVERYTHING!
45. Mr. Targ
LET ROBB COME BACK TO LIFE PLEASE (ok sorry, sorry, I know that's not likely, but i would be so happy)
Or have Stannis rule. Although I don't like his idea of monarchy (these people don't even care about the people, the throne is more of a prize than ruling!)
Dany MAY make a good ruler, but I think she is insane. I mean, talk about a god-complex. She is a great character and is good overall, but I think all the Targaryens have that crazy gene.
Let a Stark sit on the throne...
Maybe Arya...
Or better yet, just eliminate the throne and let the freaking white walkers kill everybody, I think I'd like that best.
After all, valar morghulis! I think the point or endgame of this story is going to be that EVERYBODY WILL DIE.

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