Apr 6 2014 10:00pm

Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 1: “Two Swords”

The longest winter is finally over and with spring comes the fourth season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Fans lucky enough to score tickets to a New York-area fan event got to see “Two Swords” a full two weeks before the official air date. Plus some bonus Hodor time. But after the lines and surprise guests, what people really came to see was how such cultural landmark television was going to come back from last year’s infamous Red Wedding.

Major spoilers for the episode after the cut, book spoilers are also fair game in the comments. And some very NSFW quotes. Be warned.

We got a taste of what comes after the Freys’ and Lannisters’ epic betrayal of the Starks in last season's “Mhysa,” but this is the first hour fully in a post-Robb Stark world. To drive the point home even further, we open with a triumphant Tywin supervising the re-forging of Ned Stark’s Valyrian steel greatsword Ice into two lesser swords meant for lesser men. Watching the Stark heirloom disassembled to the tune of “Rains of Castamere” makes it that much more bitter for people who, you know, have some decency and like the Starks despite their poor decision-making.

No wonder Sansa’s so sad, she won’t even eat her lemoncakes.

One half of Ned’s sword goes to Jaime—and he’d be the first to say he’s less honorable than Ned—who is finding it more difficult to get back in the swing of things upon his return to King’s Landing, newly maimed to boot. I look forward to the gifs of Jaime’s awkward golden hand in use. Tywin’s the first to tell him he’ll “never be good” again. Not with that attitude, Lord Asshole. The biggest blow to Jaime is Cersei’s rejection of him. “You took too long,” she spits, feeling like she was abandoned while he was held captive. As if Jaime could prevent her wedding to Loras? Maybe if he killed him, but Jaime isn’t that person anymore. I felt bad for Jaime until I remembered that he’s missing sex with his twin sister.

Game of Thrones season 4 Jaime Cersei

The other, way, way, more appropriate star-crossed lovers in tonight’s episode were Jon Snow and his wildling fling Ygritte. It was nice to get a scene from Ygritte’s perspective, as we watch her and Tormund march on the Wall from the south as Mance Rayder closes in from the north. Separated by borders and vows, letting us continue in Ygritte’s world as it moves towards a fateful battle against the Night’s Watch makes the growing tension unbearable. It’s also an opportunity to introduce more of the wildling in-fighting as we meet a really nasty clan of Thenns.

In warmer climes, Dany lounges with her dragons, who are swiftly outgrowing her ability to control them. Drogon even snaps at Dany. “No one can control a dragon, not even their mother,” Jorah says, from his fixed position in the Friendzone. This has ominous implications, but not before we get to the last of the great slaver cities, Meereen, on a road paved with dead slaves. Dead kids are pretty much what it takes for Dany to stop flirting with new-Daario.

“Where’s Daario?” she asks. Oh, he’s in The Transporter prequel, but here’s some new bearded guy with whom you will have exactly zero chemistry. New-Daario is a hundred times less smug and a hundred times more boring. And he still doesn’t even have Book-Daario’s stupid blue beard. Bah. I’d much rather watch the burgeoning background love of Missandei and Grey Worm. I miss Rakharo and Irri.

So all of that’s good for a bit of set-up and exposition for future episodes, but what everyone will be talking about after seeing the premiere is 1) Arya and 2) the new sword in town, Oberyn Martell.

Let’s just put it out there: Oberyn has one of the best introduction scenes in this show’s history. He’s built up in the beginning of the episode before we even see him and when we finally do meet this fabled hot-headed playboy prince of Dorne, he delivers. The Red Viper and his equally adventurous, amorous paramour Ellaria Sand are totally allowed bisexual sexposition scenes in Littlefinger’s brothel.

When he tells Tyrion that “Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts” a stadium of seven thousand people whooped and cheered. I’m officially in love.

Going into the season premiere, I was expecting the hour to be a little slow, to be honest. There are some events looming that are as big as the Red Wedding, but I knew by the episode title list that this episode wouldn’t contain any of those. So what’s left?

While there isn’t anything as earth-shaking as Robb and Cat’s death here, there is a really great victory for at least one Stark. Fucking finally. Seven hells. Arya and Needle are reunited in heartwarming, neck-stabbing fashion. The Hound gets some of the best lines of the night and basically steals the show from sexy princes, cannibalistic wildlings, and freaking dragons. And all because one man stands between a Clegane and his chicken dinner. From “What the fuck’s a ‘Lommy’?” to “If any more words come out your cunt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat all the chickens,” Sandor and Arya lay waste to an inn in a fight scene that is by turns comic, gruesome, and so compelling, that same arena of thousands was stunned into silence before thunderous applause.

It’s that good.


Final thoughts and spoilers:

  • There’s a hilarious camera transition from a Joffrey statue to the little snot himself.
  • Margaery laments that her King’s taste in necklaces probably runs to “severed sparrow heads” with an epic eyeroll.
  • Olenna’s “My word!” upon seeing Brienne for the first time. We don’t see Loras this episode, nor his reaction to Renly’s accused killer, but she does get a scene with Margaery.
  • No Theon, Stannis, Davos, or Bran.
  • We never get an answer to Bronn’s burning question about how many Dornishmen it takes to fuck a goat. Damn.
  • Shae is just so slightly beginning to turn away from her little lord Tyrion. I really thought/hoped they’d go in a different direction with her compared to the books, considering the pains they took to make her love for Tyrion and her care for Sansa so genuine, but now it’s looking less likely and more contrived. Double damn.
  • Ser Dontos!
  • Dunk reference in the Kingsguard’s White Book!

Next week: Oh, hey, another Westerosi wedding. Those are always such happy affairs...

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on HBO.

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Alan Brown
1. AlanBrown
The episode just flew by. A lot of good moments. It was satisfying to see Arya get some revenge, although at the expense of a little bit of her soul. And the scene with Ser Dontos showed that Sansa still has some life in her. As a book reader, I know what is coming, but I enjoy seeing it unfold on the screen. HBO is doing a lovely job bringing it all to life.
Mike I
2. MikeyRocks
I literally screamed a war cry when Arya stuck that bastard in the throat.
3. vjj
I have to disagree with Theresa, I thought Oberyn Martell stole the episode. As much as I enjoyed watching the Hound at the end, Oberyn was magnificent.
4. mirana
Gonna disagree on Daario here. I Hated the old Daario with a capital "H". He was not attractive and so, so slimey that it made Dany look like a complete idiot for being charmed by him in any way. Making Daario's flirting a little more boyish than swarmy pimp makes him more believible as a threat to Dany's good sense. And this actor is more attractive by leagues. That helps.

Also gonna agree that Oberyn had some great moments. The Hound just gets better flippant lines. Him and Bronn anyway. If we're going by lines Bronn's always going to win for me!
5. vjj
One criticism I have of HBO is that they're fine with total female nudity but oh no we can't have a good long look at the "procurer" naked in the brothel scene. There does seem to be a double standard there, somebody text Leah to get all pissed off about it and get HBO to change their policy.
Mo -
6. Astus
Really glad that Dorne makes its way onto the grand stage! That Oberyn monologue about Elia was chilling. So good.

I wasn't whooping at the end of the Arya part though. The Hound had a few good one liners and it was good to see them take down those tools but I just felt really, really sad for her. She's truly on a path that I don't think she'll be able to come back from.
7. Ragnarredbeard
The fight in the tavern made the episode for me. Arya's face as she killed dudes was disturbing. I love Arya, but damn.
8. nickrl
"I felt bad for Jaime until I remembered that he’s missing sex with his twin sister."

This sentiment kinda saddens me. His feelings are still worth something, even if they're taboo. Like Jamie says, we can't help who we love.
9. Pigasus
An appeal to better eyes (and memories) than mine:

1) Tywin throws a carcass into the forge. Rat? Direwolf head?

2) We're treated to a lingering shot of a corpse on a cart before the tavern scene. Did anybody recognize the corpse? I have this feeling the Ds where deliberately showing us something and I missed it.
Theresa DeLucci
10. theresa_delucci
@5 I've definitely made that complaint before. HBO rarely goes there in a sex-positive way. Naked men being tortured - cool. In a sexual way similar to the females on the show? Not really. And now that Theon's been cut, going to be even less. HBO doesn't even show that many naked men on their show about gay men having sex.

But that's what Starz is for. And good on them. (Spartacus 4 lyfe!)

@7 I cheered because she finally got her Needle back and proved herself worthy of a little more trust from Sandor. But it is incredibly sad and disturbing to see an innocent child have to become so hardened to survive alone in this world. She's got more grit than men four times her age.

@8 Well, of course Jaime's feelings are valid and it is sad and unexpected that Cersei would reject him so. But on the other hand, their inappropriate relationship getting caught out by Bran started a war. So, in retrospect, is it worth it?

@9 It looked like a wolf pelt that Ned used as a scabbard cover or something. I didn't recognize the corpse.
Chris Nelly
11. Aeryl
Lady Olenna's reaction to meeting Brienne was worth all the gold in Casterly Rock.

They have completely skipped over the madness that must be taking place as Dany tries to get her army, plus thousands of freed slaves with no way to keep them fed, housed, clothed, and sanitary. That knowledge was the only thing that kep me from getting screaming angry at the terrible "white savior" moment at the end of Myhsa.

The whole Dany as a savior thing exists for the sole purpose of deconstructing what happens when you demolish power structures without the resources to build new ones, and makes her desire to settle in Meereen all the more important. I am angry as hell that they have apparently decided to ignore this very integral part of Dany's arc.
Chris Nelly
12. Aeryl

(Spartacus 4 lyfe!)


Also, Dontos' necklace looks nothing like the Tears of Lys, and those stones are too large to be discrete with. Maybe this was a different gift with the hairnet to come later? I mean the wedding is the next episode.

And who wants to lay bets that Lannister guy is dead anyways. The Viper's bite isn't always immediately apparent.

I REALLY hope Indira Varma's Ellaria is taking Lady Nym's place as the Martell rep to the small council, that would be SO AWESOME!
13. Maac
I don't know #2, but Tywin was burning Grey Wind's pelt. :(

I do kind of like Daario 2.0. I didn't quite hate last season's Daario as much as book Daario, but this guy doesn't make me physically uncomfortable, so there's that. I do think they ought to have either given him his obnoxious beard or made him match the original actor more. There are so many characters -- making one visually unrecognizable isn't a wise move.

I don't see why we couldn't have seen some naked procurer as well.
14. Maac
I hate typing on a phone.

Re Dontos - LOVED that scene. Things like that make me wonder how anyone could hate Sansa, and reinforce her diplomatic ability, I think. It's a bit too.early for Tears of Lys though, isn't it? (Typing with one thumb, please excuse brevity and typos)
Adam S.
15. MDNY
Red Viper was always a personal favorite in the books, and they delivered big time! Great scene at the brothel, all around.
They changed the inn scene a bit from the books, but it was still a powerful scene with some great Hound moments. I felt that they should have included Arya stabbing the tickler repeatedly until the Hound dragged her off the body, like in the book. That was a very visceral scene in the book that I thought they could have conveyed better in the show.
Chris Nelly
16. Aeryl
@13, That's not Grey Wind's pelt, it was the pelt that was used to sheath Ice.
Chris Nelly
17. Aeryl
@14, The wedding is the next episode, IMO, it's not early enough.
Theresa DeLucci
18. theresa_delucci
@13 I dunno, that wolf looked to have a head, unlike Grey Wind. Or Ned. Ugh. Taste the sad.

Watching the episode a second time, I don't have quite the same gut reaction to Daario 2.0, but I still don't like him. The arrogance isn't there. It's more generic flirtyness. Nothing about him says Bad Boy, more like, mischievous boy scout. Maybe he needs to take some lessons from Oberyn.
19. sofrina
td, we are in total sync about new daario. not only does he lack o.g.'s stunning good looks, he has a westerosi accent and clothing. o.g. daario had that swagger that made it easy to see why daenerys would fall for him. he was utterly self-possessed, roguish, and insistent on accepting only affection that was freely given. the opposite of every other man daenerys has ever known. (this grey worm/missandei thing makes me rethink my understanding of eunuchs.)

prince doran's scenes were utterly splendid. not just the acting but also the lighting, set design, costuming. all perfectly staged. interesting reveal of yet another second son who does whatever he wants because he doesn't bear any responsibility. it felt like he had always been in the show.

the thenns take the cake. they could only have been more impressive if some of them were women. in fact, i'd say that this episode really excelled at comparing and contrasting the various peoples, customs and climates of the got world. it felt very rich in diversity.
Mike I
20. MikeyRocks
I understand why HBO doesn't show male nudity as much as female nudity, as a network, as politically incorrect as it may be you have to appease your wider percentage of audience. Men in general are more uncomfortable with male nudity than women are with female nudity. This is the same reason you won’t see a brown skinned bachelor. It may not be PC but it appeases the wider audience.
Spartacus was successful because it was overall so barbaric and dripping with machismo that the male nudity wasn't "soft" in a way that would make men uncomfortable (if that makes any sense).
Preston Stafford
21. Pigasus
@10 et al I'll take the sheath explanation. I'll look for that on my next rewatch.

I still think the Ds are messing with us with that corpse. That was a fricking glamor shot. I could be wrrrrrrr but I'm not going to admit that in public.

I'm glad the Thens were brought up. I really like their portrayal.

The Ser Dontos scene was a good one.

Arya's little smile as she rode out from the tavern into the pillaged lands bothered me a bit but I'm going to trust the Ds.
Nathan Martin
22. lerris
@11 Aeryl

I think it's too early to conclude that they're skipping over the difficulties of housing and feeding Danaerys's slave army. After all, there are still 163 miles to Meereen, which is where her difficulties become clear to her. This really seems to me to be something that needs to develop over the course of the season. Right now, Dany still believes herself capable of ruling, and our view of her story reflects such.
Chris Nelly
23. Aeryl
They could still show it, but it would have served as a better book end to that atrocious ending, to immediately show what the unforseen consequences of that moment were.
Preston Stafford
24. Pigasus
@TD the HBO page is updated. You're right-sheath.
25. Maac
I have no recollection of Ice being sheathed in a wolf pelt (that huge??) because I am a bad fan. I had it all spun out in my head of this great symbolic moment of triumph over the two last Lords of Winterfell, especially after Ned appeared in the "previouslies." Assumed it was Grey Wind's head with some extra pelt attached, like a bearskin rug. Whoops.

(Is Ice sheathed in a pelt in the books? I am not currently in the same country as my books, is why I'm not just looking it up myself.)

I had no IDEA Joffrey was getting married next week! Words cannot express how much I'm looking forward to it. I plan to dance via Skype with some friends. I'm thinking Cabbage Patch. Or the Macarena.

I do believe they're going to deal with Dany's difficulties, likely in a later, more Dany-centric episode. Some of the dialogue hinted at this already, I think. Plus, in terms of pacing, I'd rather see Dany's problems build up -- it's hinted that she's beginning to lose control of her dragons now, and will lose more later (especially if they continue borrowing scenes from later books as they did last season), and I believe the army/followers issue will be used for dramatic build up as the season goes on -- and when this occurs I'd rather not have the issue distracted by, say Oberyn -- or even Arya -- and others.
Chris Nelly
26. Aeryl
@25, I only noticed the furry scabbard as the showed the two clips of it being unsheathed in the "previously on", which is why I made the connection. I'd never noticed it prior. I do recall that it was mentioned in the books.
27. vjj
@20 I don't think that's quite right. I think Game of Thrones provides sufficient context that "sex-positive" presentations of male nudity would be accepted as part of the story. Only the most homophobic audience members would stay away, and they would be such a small percentage of the audience. Clearly HBO is terrified of something - possibly those in charge are personally squeamish about positive male nudity.

Bottomline, HBO needs to grow a pair - it's 2014 not 1620
Elizabeth Doolin
28. mochabean
Happy to get the reference to Ser Arthur Dayne in the Great Big Book of KingsGuard Lore, Annotated, and Oberyn's speech about Rhaegar's leaving his sister for another woman and starting a war...these are pretty crucial pieces of information we are going to need down the road, presumably, maybe, someday...along with that blue rose.
Adam S.
29. MDNY
Are people watching a different show than me? No male nudity?
On a related note-Did anyone see the South Park trilogy of ASOIAF episodes where they had GRRM singing about "wieners"?
Theresa DeLucci
30. theresa_delucci
Can anyone refresh/remind me what Cersei's "condition" was that she was seeing Qyburn secretly? Was she pregnant with Lancel's child? Was it some STD? (direcrabs!) I've even seen a comment on another site suggest it was menopause and that's why Jaime "was too late."
Chris Nelly
31. Aeryl
It's not stated, and I can't think of anything from the books. But considering how many people she's sleeping with(Lancel, Kettleblacks) an unintended pregnancy seems likely!
Adam S.
32. MDNY
The only thing Qyburn gave Cersei that I recall was when she asked him for something to help with dreams, and he had nothing she couldn't get from Pycelle, but she told him about Maggy's prophecy and he told her that she already knew how to forestall a prophecy....I always assumed that Cersei's obvious weight gain was due to her drinking (there's even a certain irony in that she thinks of Robert as a fat, useless drunkard and that's basically what she herself has become).
Chris Nelly
33. Aeryl
She is wearing the necklace next episode.

The corpse just looks to be a visual indicator that there are bandits and looters around, perhaps ones in Lannister armor. Arya is still circling the same general area in northern central Westeros she's been in since the beginning of season 2.
34. Gregor Lewis
No-one's talking about the clever cross-promotion and sharp timing for 'book-readers' GRRM's latest excerpt release represents, given how the Arya/Hound scene concluded?
I'm feelin' a bit like a fart in an elevator ... No-one wants to 'hear' what I have to say, but I am bursting at (through?) the seams to get out and tell my side of the story.
The scene shit me up the wall. I can understand why people would like it and why it inspired the reaction TD describes above.

But I couldn't see it as anything but a wasted opportunity to reproduce a virtual carbon copy (with changes to the seriousness of the Hound's injuries) of an isolated scene in the book.

Everything was so beautifully oblique in ASOS, until it stopped being that way and the reality of what was going to happen crashed home through Arya's eyes. The exposition that was needed for it to work did happen in Season 2 didn't it? We met Polliver & the Tickler both.

Didn't the dissonance of how Polliver approached the Hound (unleash the plot hammer!) bother anyone?

But then, at the last, a kind of redemption for mine, when you hear Arya quietly ask, "Something wrong with your leg boy?"


But, even while I'm punching the air, it's still a very rare opportunity missed for a 'flawless victory' in the symbiosis of books & TV show.

Oh well...

Given how magnificently Oberyn is introduced in this episode, I am both eager to see what they do and anxious they will unnecessarily mess with my favourite bit of quiet exposition in the series so far, not to mention the duel that follows.

Again, these instances are a fantastic opportunity to trace almost exactly what is detailed in the books. Pascal looks well up to it, and I know Dinklage is.

What's done is done & The D's have proven themselves savants of the television medium. But as happened here, there have been some opportunities missed, unnecessarily IMO.

Oh well ... Glad I got that outta my system.

35. Maac
@34 -- This was meant to be the "book" scene where Arya went nuts with the "Is there gold in the village!? Is there silver in the village?!" -- yes?

I did notice the difference. It felt to me like they were going for a sort of Inigo Montoya vibe, especially since show Arya is so much older than book Arya now. I liked what they did, but I can definitely see how going by the book would have wrenched my heart. (Although, oddly enough, I'm much more afraid of half-smiling "ironic echo"** Arya Montoya than I am of small, snapped, stabby book Arya!)

** I am not linking to TVTropes because I am a kind woman.

(I've been avoiding that newly-released WoW scene due to nonsensical phobias. I'm gonna have to go find it and read it, aren't I... about seven people so far in my offline life have told me I need to.)
Chris Nelly
36. Aeryl
The show replaced Raff the Sweetling, who killed Lommy in the books, with Polliver, who took Needle in the books. Did Polliver also ask about the gold? Isn't that Dunsen, who was completely left out of the show?

And the Tickler was killed in season 2, so no bringing him back, sorry @GregorLewis.

@Maac, it's a good segment, disturbing though.
37. Gregor Lewis
@36 Aeryl

The Tickler - THEY KILLED HIM?

In Season 2 you say?

As my Pa says:
'They is skupit! I no believe that one!'

Obviously I don't remember it, but what an unnecessary waste. Didn't they know what was coming?

Seriously though, for mine that's a proper misstep. Completely unnecessarily robbing us of an easily filmable, better moment.

Instead we got a scene that on the one hand was more than good enough, but that book readers had to make unnecessary allowances for.

(My vocabulary's run dry. Anyone know another word for unnecessary that would fit here?)

@35 Maac

Your kindness is appreciated!

May I respectfully suggest you conquer your trepidation. It's worth the effort and dare I say, a necessary read ;-)

Speaking of changes book to TV. I really like Rory's presence on screen, but I would have loved to have seen him as Book Sandor in this last particular scene.

Anywhooo ...

38. Keneva
@37 Gregor

In season 2, Jaqen H'ghar killed the Tickler at Harrenhal, the first of the 3 assassinations he grants Arya to pay his debt to her.
39. Gregor Lewis
@38 Keneva

Thanks mate!
I gotta re-watch. My memory of Season 2 is as sketchy as the provenance of a CARTIYAY timepiece.

Stephen Richter
40. levellersteve
I think the show was the reason for the "Mercy" sample chapter was released.
Stephen Richter
41. levellersteve
Oh, and I miss Strong Belwas. Fat guy gets bumped by pretty boy.
Birgit F
42. birgit
Men in general are more uncomfortable with male nudity than women are with female nudity.

Women have to put up with it because it is everywhere, but if men have to deal with the same thing they get outraged.
43. Andrada
does anyone have any ideas on who was behind the jewels offered to Shae in previous season (via Varys) to leave King's Landing? Can it be Tywin, or was it just Varys acting on his own (doesn't seem likely)?
44. sofrina
@ 43 - it was varys' own move.
Rob Munnelly
45. RobMRobM
Nice episode.
- I was troubled by making the Thenns cannibals. I would have preferred them to be straight up bad*asses - no need to amp that up more than it is. Also, it will necessitate a show-related change to a key event in ADWD, as cannibals won't work in that context (hint - AK). Oh well.
- I could watch Tormund and Ygritte talk to each other all day.
- Loved the awkward J and C scene.
- Loved depressed Sansa and the little light of apparent happiness with Dontos' gift (although I am wondering whether the gift is as simple as it seems - as discussed above. If so, bravo to the showrunners. Even if not, nice set up for what is likely to come).
- The Tyrion-Shae scenes - to quote Artur Dayne, "And so it begins...."
- Loved the Oberyn intro although I really would have liked to see some women leaders in the Dorne coterie - there was an opportunity missed to really set Dorne apart from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Where was Myra Jordayne and Lady Blackmont when we needed them? (But I agree with the excellent comment above that the Lannister stabbed through the hand is a dead man. Viper FTW!) I also love the idea of Indira Varma on the small council in Season 5. Yes!
- Male nudity - fine with me. Shouldn't only be Theon releasing his kraken.
46. tigeraid
td, we are in total sync about new daario. not only does he lack o.g.'s
stunning good looks, he has a westerosi accent and clothing. o.g. daario
had that swagger that made it easy to see why daenerys would fall for
him. he was utterly self-possessed, roguish, and insistent on accepting
only affection that was freely given. the opposite of every other man
daenerys has ever known. (this grey worm/missandei thing makes me
rethink my understanding of eunuchs.)

Agreed. What bothers me is they didn't even try. Why not give him blue contacts, give him a tan, have him grow his hair long? At least make the EFFORT to show this is the same character. It was infuriating.
47. Andrada
@44 How do you know that?
You're not offering any arguments.
Rob Munnelly
48. RobMRobM
@47 - the answer is that we don't know, and it is a deviation from the books so it makes it harder to pin down. I'd still bet on Varys. Show Varys has a high opinion of Tyrion's abilities and worth to the realm, and knows that Shae is going to get caught and it will impair Tyrion's effectiveness. He also knows, given Tyrion's nature, that Tyrion is unlikely to "do the right thing" on his own. Hence, he steps in to do what's best for both of them, and for the realm. I don't see Tywin as being responsible. He'd just as likely have Shae exiled or killed without any regard for Tyrion's feelings.
Theresa DeLucci
49. theresa_delucci
@48 Yes, I agree. Show-Varys seems most altruistic and I think he likes Tyrion and might even like Shae a bit, too. I'd have to check the continuity. Was she offered jewels before or after Ros died? Because Varys might also feel a bit of guilt over her death.
Rob Munnelly
50. RobMRobM
Theresa - I think the offer came after Ros died, but I'd have to check to make sure.
Jonas Schmiddunser
51. Jineapple
I also think it was Varys on his own (I was actually just a tiny bit confused at first when Shae accused Tyrion of wanting to get rid of her). And yes, Varys gave her the jewels after Ros died. And really, I can't think of anyone else in King's Landing who might have done it.

I don't exactly remember how the scene went in the books, but I'm very satisfied with the way they did the inn scene. It's incredibly disturbing how calmly Arya shoves Needle into Polliver's throat. I wouldn't call it awesome though, as some have...just disturbing (as it's supposed to be).

Not sure why they didn't do the hairnet, but I guess a necklace works almost as good.

Generally a great episode, can't think of any big criticism really, pumped for next Sunday :)
52. Andrada
I don't know, Varys doesn't strike me as the type who wouls shower diamonds on a person of no consequnce, unless he had something to gain from it. Nor does "the better of the realm" equal the wise and prosperous rule of the Lannisters for him, as we know.

I guess we'll be given more details in the following episodes.
Theresa DeLucci
53. theresa_delucci
@52 I agree, not the Lannisters' rule, but keeping Tyrion's pragmatic and clever brain around can only be useful. Unless he were to turn against Varys, of course. No one sings songs for spiders or Imps.

And I do think he was motivated to offer Shae an "out" on his own because of his guilt over his role in the machinations that got Ros skewered.
54. One Is Key
Nobody's mentioned that they changed the Thenns from the most refined of Wildlings into body-scarring cannibals?
55. Andrada
@54 it bothered me, but I think they might be trying to set up a connection with Skagos.
56. Lou2
The TV Arya seems to be less strong (emotionally, physically) than the book Arya. It seemed to me that book Arya would have been involved earlier in the fight scene in the tavern.

I also don't remember the dragons snapping at Daenerys in the book. I recall scenes where she didn't have iron clad control over them but I don't recall her feeling any danger from the dragons. Am I mis-remembering?
57. UNoNuthinJonSnow
Really nice season start in my opinion. I'll keep watching :D

If you want to see some funny comics related to Season 4, click this link:
The comic is called "A Game of Tropes - The Contest"

If you want to see more comics just like the Facebook Page or search for #BOUT2

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