Apr 3 2014 2:30pm

Game of Thrones House Journals Sweepstakes!

Game of Thrones is back this week, and now you can work through your tumultuous emotions about the show with these gorgeous House journals from Insight Editions. These four journals feature the sigils and adages from the Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, and Targaryen Houses, respectively, and their lined pages are perfect for plotting out detailed plans against your rivals.

One winner will receive a set of all four House journals, so comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on April 3. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on April 7. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Michael Carter
1. Mcart
They look great
Please enter me.
Robert W
2. Robert W
Wow! I hope to win.
Gordon Bingham
3. gordonbingham
Oh do I have family members who will fight over these...
Joseph James
10. wjames1204
In the end of the sweepstakes, how many comments? I'm guessing more than 500.
Robert W
12. Rootboy
They look neat.
Robert W
14. Gabriel Davis
Oh! Beautiful!
Robert W
15. Elgion
I will win the Game of Thrones!
Sarah Lester
17. slester
I would love so much to have these!!!
Robert W
18. Athena Franco
Robert W
21. Pwwka
Oh dear. If I give one to each family member...hmmm. I should probably give them to my in-laws. Mwahahaha.
Robert W
24. Gina Rinelli
WHAT these are so cool!
Robert W
25. PipPip_Cheerio
I need these! Sign me up!
Robert W
28. Fuzzy_Dunlop
Now my enemies list will look awesome.
Robert W
31. (aj)
finally....parchment. bound handsomely.
Robert W
32. Dean B.
Please. I would fall asleep with them in my arms, happily breathing in the smell of leather and betrayal.
Robert W
39. Elizabeth Bevins
Beautiful! I'd love to win. Thanks!

bevins dot elizabeth
Robert W
42. Lamey Jannister
Hear Me Roar! A Jannister always enters a contest.
Robert W
46. mutantalbinocrocodile
Those are pretty sweet.
Rob Munnelly
48. RobMRobM
Sure. Please.

Will go along nicely with the loot I scored from other sources in Season 1 (Ice letter opener, Stark and Iron Throne tee shirts, Ned, Jon/Bran (shooting arrows) and Dany posters, preview copy of Ep. 1, etc).
Robert W
50. Ray Jr
Look very nice - would like to have.
Robert W
51. carrottop2864
These would make my wife very happy!!
Robert W
56. Riley of the Dragons
The question is who of my friends would I share it with.
Robin Hildick
57. zabraxus
I would love to have these with the rest of my GoT loot.
Robert W
58. Maviellas
Oh my, these look fantastic
Sean Fagan
59. sef
J'en voudrais, s'il vous plait.
Robert W
60. Brettish
They look great
Please enter me.
Robert W
61. srizzo00
These look nice.
Robert W
62. Lizzy1776
Please enter me. Thank you!
Robert W
63. Matthew Fava
I don't want this nearly as much as i have wanted other things offered through, so I am guessing the cosmos will portion out some good fortune for me now.
Mason Power
64. plum
"A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much, Jon Snow."
Robert W
65. harmonyfb
Oh, man - those look awesome (also, my hubby would no doubt like one in his stocking this December.)
Robert W
68. J Town
Wow, those look awesome! I would love them.
Maria Jimenez
71. mariathemuggle
I need these in my life!!! Great way to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones =)
Robert W
72. Lobath
Enter me please.
Robert W
73. cj_wildcat
Like I need more blank journals taking up space in my office - BUT THESE ARE SO PRETTY! *paws at screen wistfully*
Bruce Arthurs
74. bruce-arthurs
The question is: Would I use these to write my own fiction, or to write my own ending to ASOIAF?
Robert W
75. jc1960
so very cool! thanks TOR!
Robert W
77. endymion
yes please!
Robert W
78. B. Truitt
These look amazing! Don't worry, after I win these the rest of you can get them pretty cheaply in the online shop :D

Seriously though, I may have to pick up a couple as inspiring notebooks to work out story ideas in.
Robert W
80. Geoff Kieser
Summer is coming! (Or was it winter? Anywhoo, enter me please).
Robert W
81. Pamela D
These journals look awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!
M Sharp
86. Acyn
These would make great gifts. They would make BETTER self-gifts.
Robert W
88. Jonw
Ok now these you have to pick me for. :)
Robert W
92. nix
Why wouldn't I comment? These are rad!
Robert W
96. Katharine Davis
I LOVE this show, can't wait for Sunday! Cool journals, would love to win them!
Robert W
98. August Kroll
That is pretty cool! Sign me up!
Robert W
100. Jen V
Game of Thrones!! I'd love to win these! Fingers crossed!
Robert W
102. edk0300
Might not use the Lannister one.
Robert W
104. reportingjosie
Can't pass up blank books.
Robert W
108. rickel bart
four would be fabulous!
Robert W
109. carolann taylor
Great Fathers day gift i rs crossed
Robert W
110. Evan C
Been a fan & customer of Insight Editions ever since you folks hooked me up at the San Diego Comic-Con with a copy of the Inception shooting script signed by Chris Nolan. Loved the deal you gave me on the Batmobile book as well. I'd love to win these Game Of Thrones house books for myself, my girlfriend, and my best friend & his girlfriend. We're all huge fans of Game Of Thrones.
Robert W
112. dashardie
Enter me!!
Robert W
114. Sitarp01
Putting my name in the hat too :)
Robert W
118. eric’s alias
something tells me this will be one of the more popular giveaways to enter...
Robert W
119. Karen T Gonyea
Awesome !! Count me in please :)
Robert W
120. ConfessionGirl
I want, I want, I want, I want...whew that's exhausting :)
Robert W
121. Underbelly
Yes please.
Heather De Luna
122. melikegarfield
If I won these I would go ahead and write the next GOT novel!
Robert W
123. Alarpup
Very cool! Would love to have a set! :)
Robert W
126. Andrea B.
GOT Journals + Fountain Pen = Epic Writing Experience!
Robert W
127. Kimberly B.
Awesome! I'm a journal addict anyway, and it would be fun figuring out the appropriate use for each one of these. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Robert W
128. Liliana Angrisano
In the Game of Journals, you write or you die.
Robert W
129. RR
These look awesome!
Robert W
130. John Barone
Can't wait to see how they handle the new season.
Robert W
131. Jannet K
It would be really nice to win this prize.
Robert W
134. Derek Freudenthal
Those are amazing. What sort of mummer act do I need to do to acquire those? You'll pick me, I know, I know, oh! oh! oh!
Robert W
135. peter gladue
Write Fan-Fiction for the series
Robert W
136. Zmann966
Ohhhh man, I totally want a set of these.
Love the embossing and scale-texture on the Targaryen
Crystal Wilder
137. bibliobat
They look gorgeous! Pretty sure I'd be a Stark... which probably means a short lifespan for me. :-/
Robert W
138. Mason T. Matchak
Yes, please.
Robert W
139. stacy m
yay! give me the pretty! *grabby hands*
Robert W
140. Thomas L Walcher
Thank you for a chance to win the journals.
Robert W
141. christine penner
Those. Look. Awesome.
Robert W
142. jamierenae
Count me in!
Robert W
143. Kkhaley
Please pick me
Robert W
144. Kason Twitchell
Game of Thrones is quite an epic series. These journals look nice. I want them.
John Leavitt
146. jrrl
I hope Winter isn't coming again any time soon, but I'd love it if these came my way!
Robert W
147. Tammy G
Didn't know these existed! Now must have :)
Robert W
149. Caroline R
Way cool!! I always have a personal journal, looks like i've been writting in the wrong ones though ;)
Robert W
150. Jery
these are awesome! pick me :)
Robert W
151. Adrianxx
These look great! Must have!
Robert W
152. Melissa B
What a great prize! Please enter me.
Robert W
153. Adam T
Woohoo! Hope I win!
Robert W
154. Shannon Baas
I would like to read this.
Robert W
155. Michael Ray Rollins
I would absolutely love to have these, So much love for Game of Thrones :3
Robert W
156. LS
What a nice giveaway. Thanks! I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Robert W
158. jennifer little
So awesome, I love them.
Robert W
159. moonglum
Cool! These will make awesome Shakespeare journals.
Robert W
160. Kevin G
Pick me, pick me
Robert W
161. cheekysod7
great for writing my lists of enemies, just like Arya
Robert W
162. Shane Hardgrave
This would be awesome to win!
James Welch
163. jamesewelch
Wow. Those look awesome. Would love to grab some.
Robert W
164. Nichole Anne
Please, please pick me! :)
Robert W
165. Javier G
Those are sweet! Pick me! Pick me!
Robert W
166. Danielle B.
Sweet journals, would love to have them. :)
Robert W
167. Chynnabradford
Those are epic!
Robert W
168. Tommy Beef
Here goes nothing.....
Robert W
169. Whimbrel
Love to have all four! (It might be safest to keep them on different shelves, though. Wouldn't want to wake up one day to find the Stark one with its cover ripped off, or the Baratheon one gouged through, or the Lannister one in the toilet, or the Targaryen one with a scalding hot drink spilled over it.)
Robert W
170. Jared Freeman
Pick me, please!
Robert W
171. NancySeattle
This is awesome! Pick me!
Robert W
172. TeriC
Oh these are absolutely beautiful
Robert W
174. Dagny Taggart
These look awesome, and I've been needing a new journal (also I'm really into Storm of Swords right now and totally in the mood for one of these)
J. Akimatsu
175. DesertLorelei
I could definitely get a lot of use out of these!
Robert W
176. John Cathey
These are awesome! Please enter me!
Sujoy Bhattacharyya
177. HermuxTantamoq
These look incredible! Would be very excited to win
Robert W
178. CrystalLan
Beautiful! Here's hoping! ^-^
Robert W
180. lee Mckoen
These are so cool!
Robert W
181. Martha Holland
My son would love these. He is a BIG fan of the show.
Dirk Walls
183. dirk
I should own these. Without paying for them. I'm saying I should win them. In case that wasn't clear. Thank you. In advance.
Robert W
184. SelenaR
Fire & Blood!
Robert W
185. Miriam12
Wow. These are stunning.
Robert W
187. Yakov
Wow, these look amazing!
Robert W
188. Jikorijo
Those are so awesome looking!
Robert W
190. TaddyCrow
Robert W
193. E. Graham
I never win these, but gee, why not. I'd dearly love a new journal :o.
Robert W
194. DangerDanger
I can haz?
Robert W
195. Margo Franks
These are fantastic! I would LOOOVEEEE THEM! pick me pick me!! I have a Stark Tattoo ^_^
Robert W
197. j80
Simply Awesome.
Robert W
198. Ducky
Omg, count me in!!
Robert W
199. PerfectlyValid
These are beautiful. I'd love to win them.
Robert W
202. SKM
Ooh, how cool!
Richard Schatz
203. schatzfam
I have no rivals - but I want the journals anyway!
William Gardner
204. myangelsman09
I'm in, i'm so in, please, i want to be in. It's probably the most weirdly specific thing to have an opinion on but journals are a lifesaver, best thing ever, no more filling countless ugly notebooks with piles of writings, from novel ideas to journaling, and sketches on free sheets of paper, give me a neat stack of various beautifully bound journals... Add to that ASoIaF reference, the gorgeously done GoT sigils, i'm sold, where can i buy one? because if i don't win i need to find some money to buy one or four.
Robert W
206. dwndrgn
Oh my those are pretty!
Robert W
207. Loren Palmer
no rivals, however i am all in 4 this 1
Robert W
208. Erin78
These look amazing! Yes please :)
Robert W
209. matkeltri
Stephen Bristow
211. Vanesmantha
Uh-oh, I feel a profound thought coming on. Quick! Send them to me so I can write it down! (And thanks for the chance!)
Robert W
212. Cecrow
Agh! Over 200 replies already, my chances rapidly dimishing. Everyone else: hey look over there - it's George Martin hawking the Winds of Winter publication date!
Robert W
213. Dawn K
great books
Robert W
214. Ragnarredbeard
I was thinking about buying these a couple of days ago. Now maybe I won't have to.
Robert W
215. icedragonMaesterblaster
I SHALL SEND YOU ALL TO THE WALL IN FETTERS! ALL YOUR WONDERFULLY CRAFTED JOURNALS ARE BELONG TO ME! Please with a cherry on top and whipped cream and dragon eggs.
Robert W
216. Rebecca B
Love Game of Thrones -- nice journals!
Robert W
217. calgarytrade
Nicely done, thanks for the chance
Robert W
221. oooooops
These look wonderful. I'd love to have them.
Aaron Tranes
222. Itchy
Those are some pretty cool looking journals! I would use them to plot the downfall of all those that I consider rivals. Thanks.
Robert W
226. akacapa
Oh, very neat!
Robert W
227. Another Sarah
This would be so much cooler than my moleskine for keeping all of my lists and calendars.
Amanda Klepper
228. dichotomy08
These are gorgeous. I would love to win them!
Robert W
230. ETuBrutus
If i don't win these I'll definitely have to buy them.
Robert W
232. Xena Catolica
oo! yes, please.
Robert W
234. Shelley K
I am sure that my dire wolves will shred all but the house of Stark. But I would love to win them! Please sign me up!
Robert W
235. SueA
In the game of thrones, you win, or you die.
I would very much like to win these, but as a beloved character in the story of my life, I would hate to suffer Martin-esque fate!
Alas! I cannot resist the call of honor-
sign me up!
Robert W
236. Flinn
These are awesome! Yes, please!
Robert W
237. Manuel Vizcaya
nice set
Susan O'Bryant
238. susanaudrey
Oh my... I had to pick my jaw up off my desk before I could comment. What a beautiful set! Thanks for the giveaway!
Robert W
240. madainn
Oooooh, pretty.
Joseph Cook
242. Jobi-Wan
Well now I have to buy at least one of these, go go Amazon Prime.
Robert W
243. philolexian
When you play the game of notebooks, you win or, well, you don't win. But hope is as eternal as winter is coming.
Robert W
244. Bigsixer
In MN, Winter came, went, then came back today.
Robert W
245. Noreen
Beautiful journals! I would love to share these with my daughter.
Robert W
246. malinovka
Robert W
247. Rhonda Forbes
I love the series GAME OF THRONES. It is the best program on TV. The books are also wonderful. would love to receive the journals. Rhonda
Robert W
248. Lara Spol
They look so cool :)
Robert W
250. War Wizard
Yowza a game of thrones battle would ensue for these at home!
Sky Thibedeau
251. SkylarkThibedeau
Valar Scribere. All men must Write.
Valar Legere. All men must Read.
Robert W
252. cancon
So awesome... please!
Robert W
253. tormz
These look really awesome. Would love to win, but if not definitely going to buy at least one if not more
Robert W
258. rdevans01
Me want.
Robert W
261. Julie K
Winter is coming......just not for a long time please
Robert W
263. Darith3Duh
A million yeses! I want this so much! :D
Robert W
264. PBanks
Sign me up!
Robert W
266. joan01
totally excited by this contest
I'm not lying, I'm just making the post better
Lynette thompson
267. THENET52
what a wonderful giveaway. I hope I win. But I see that many, many more people have too. Good luck to everyone.
Robert W
268. dragonluvr555
Gorgeous journals! I would love to win these!
Robert W
269. Darth Touma
I'm gonna wreck it!!
Robert W
269. dragonluvr555
Gorgeous journals! I would love to win these!
Chi Shannon
270. anastasiafall
This is sweet! I love Game of Thrones!! :)
Robert W
271. runner
Groovy Game of Thrones House Journals!
Robert W
272. SciFiChick
They are very spiffy
Robert W
273. MattG
Journals are coming.
Robert W
275. MarkC
Wow! Those look great!
Robert W
276. ShayanM
Love them! So cool.
Robert W
278. Hope Wheeler
A lot of comments already, but entering to try to win anyway.
Robert W
279. BeguileThySorrow
AHHHH! perfect mashup of my 2 favorite things: GoT and journals!
Kelley J.
280. anothernovelread
WOW, those are gorgeous!! I've been needing some new journals, too! (Okay, *a* new journal, but I'm not going to turn down a set of four!)
Robert W
283. Stephanie Sloim
Would love these!! What a great show!!
Robert W
284. Julianne Q
Such beautiful journals! Thanks for the giveaway.
Robert W
285. B Brown
I'd use these for the best worst-stories.
Robert W
286. RLBrown
Winter is coming - again!
Robert W
287. Tara Braun
Love the series.
Vernon Luckert
288. vl4095
Would love to win these for my son!
Kal S. Davian
289. kalez238
These would be so awesome. I rarely win anything, but heres hoping!
Robert W
291. Josh G
Very nice looking.
Robert W
292. Beth D.
Count me in!
Robert W
293. Shannon S.
Love that series!
Robert W
295. djkastle
Very cool looking journals. I could use these for sure.
Robert W
296. Bry Ch
Great looking journals! Would be great to have one
Robert W
297. AO
Thanks for the opportunity.
Robert W
299. lilash
Can't wait until the show starts again this Sunday! And I want to win those =)
Robert W
300. Julie N
I feel lucky
Robert W
301. Allison Melton Osborne
I love this show and would love to win!
Robert W
Nice prize thanks for the chance!!!!! I can't wait for Sunday for the show starting again!!!
Robert W
303. Hal Jenner
Finally a chance to win a journal for each of my personalities
Please enter us in.
Robert W
304. Sylvie White
My teenage daughter is crazy about the series Game of Thrones. She would love this prize.
Robert W
305. Heather A
Beautiful journals! I'm itching to start writing in one.
Robert W
306. john racicot
I do not have HBO but I am bying the season I have 1 and 2 looking to get 3 soon these will make a great adition to my box sets.
Robert W
307. kayehm
love them. want them. that is all
Robert W
308. Mary G
I would love these so hard!!!!
Robert W
309. Deb Philippon
Great looking journals. Would love to win them.
Robert W
310. Joshua McVey
I'd share these with my buddy and GoT fan in commen Lee, so count us in!!
Robert W
311. Chondrin
These are awesome!
Tim Lucas
312. T1551L
Summer is coming, I need reading material
Robert W
Oh, they are actually very appealing to the eye...gorgeous!
Robert W
315. Loretta
These are absolutely fabulous!!!! So hoping to win!
Robert W
316. Alexandria Tremble
These are beautiful!
Robert W
317. Leslie Stanziani
These are beautiful and I would love to own them.Thanks!
Robert W
318. Daniel G.
I love GOT
Robert W
319. Aliya D
Love Game of Thrones... This would be a perfect gift for my best friend. Thanks!
Robert W
320. andrew siemens
Would love this, love Westeros!
Robert W
321. jessica edwards
Looove those!
Robert W
322. Florence C
Love to win this to give to my daughter. She is a big fan
Robert W
323. Shannon Katz
How awesome is this!!!
Robert W
324. Dan Rugg
Love these books and Game of Thrones thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prizes. Please enter me.
C. Parrella
326. I.B.Curious
Oh my goodness, these are beautiful. I want to give them to my friend, who is in love with the books. Thanks for the giveaway!
Robert W
327. Carol Diane Cross
Wonderful - thank you for the chance!
Robert W
329. MountainManCO
Enter me please.
Robert W
330. Sky Kory
This is so cool! Please enter mee!
Robert W
331. Jenee
Gorgeous! I'm torn between Stark and Targaryen!
Robert W
332. Maria O.
Awesome prize! Please enter me !
Robert W
333. Dayna Wilson
My brother is obsessed with GoT, he'd love these! Thank you for the opportunity :)
Robert W
334. Stephanie LaPlante
Oh wow those are awesome! Crossing my fingers!
Robert W
335. BC Lady
Oh, the scheming that I could do, using these for inspiration!
Robert W
336. mochalotta
I want them my fingers and toes crossed!!!
Robert W
337. sherry schadeck
I want this to surprise my daughter!
Robert W
338. Mary A
This is awesome!!!
Robert W
339. Leslie Sil
hope I win
Robert W
340. Jaime Brown
My daughter would be soooooo happy with these, she loves the show. Thank you:)
Robert W
341. Marlene V.
Thanks for the chance to win
Robert W
343. Rico L
What a great contest. Would love to win this.
Robert W
I am such a fan, would love these!
Robert W
345. Sandyus
Would love to win!
Robert W
346. Tiffy
These would make great planners! ;)
Robert W
347. Devin M.
These would be great for my daughter!
Robert W
351. Jonni Luvena
Perfect for recounting dreams and my travels abroad. Inspirational covers to be reminders to keep all the world an epic tale.
Wayne Lecoy
352. hotrodguy
I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win a set of
all four Game of Thrones House journals.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!
Robert W
353. annabelle2
Winter is coming. These are great
kathy pease
354. klp1965
Great Giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance :)
Robert W
355. Karen Drake
Enter me to win.
Robert W
356. Nick Tefoglou
I'd love to win
Robert W
357. Susan Ashcraft
beautiful books. please enter me
Robert W
358. Meredith Jones
My husband thinks these are cool.
Robert W
359. David Lale
Good luck to all
Robert W
360. Marcus Sutherland
Beautiful books would look great on my desk!
Robert W
361. Will D
So cool looking
Robert W
362. Maryanne
I want to win!!
Robert W
363. Barry Kazimer
Great Prize!
Robert W
364. Jill Rivera
This is one of my favorite series I have read.
Robert W
365. Rancho Unicorno
Maybe this time I win
Robert W
366. ageless
Perfect gifts for my young adult children
Robert W
367. Pota
My girlfriend would love these!
Robert W
369. Christine Knight
Those are gorgeous. Hope I win
Robert W
370. Donna McCarthy
Love them!!
Devin Singer
372. DevinSinger
I'd love those! Not that I *need* more blank books...
Robert W
373. Wayne Erik
Those look awesome! By the old gods and the new, pick me!
Robert W
374. Brenda Robinson
I would love to have this.
Robert W
376. Breann Vinck
I just love Game of Thrones! These journals would be amazing!
Robert W
377. Isabel Topps
Would love to win these, I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones!!
Robert W
378. Christine N Cherry
OMG! I want this! Please enter me!!! Please CHOOSE me!
Robert W
379. Janie N
"When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.” ? George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones
Robert W
380. krista p.
I plan to use these to try and keep track of who has killed who and why.
Robert W
381. Roxann
These are awesome. I would love to win.
Robert W
382. RIKM
Now that is a nice set of journals...Please enter me.Aloha...
Robert W
383. Eileen K
Very nice, thanks!
Robert W
384. Louisa Julius
Holy smoke, those look gorgeous. I would love to win!!!
Robert W
386. Ambre W
Beautiful journals!
Robert W
387. Karrie Millheim
Ohhhh I love this!!! I am obsessed with Game of Thrones!! Thank you for this chance
Robert W
388. Rose Holloway
I'd love to win :)
Robert W
389. Madison Smith
I would love these! So excited for the premiere. (:
Robert W
390. Brenda Penton
These look cool! I'd love to win!
Robert W
391. Russell Porter
This is awesome. Would make a great gift for my wife. :)
Robert W
393. Trisha McKee
This would be a beyond awesome win!
Debra Kidle
394. lubelle
Love this show, this would be so cool to win!
Robert W
395. Carolyn Daley
I would love to win a Game of Thrones journal. Thank you for the opportunity!
Robert W
396. Steve Lynch
Those look very handsome... and would like to enter for my wife.
Robert W
397. Jay Jeworski
So awesome... almost too nice to write in ;)
Robert W
398. Cheryl Reinhardt
Robert W
399. Alison K
I have the perfect persons in mind who would be over the moon to receive a journal. Thanks for making me look so good ;)
Robert W
400. Todd Olsen
Wow those are awesome. It would be even more awesome to win them.
Robert W
401. Amanda S.
Very cool! thanks!
Robert W
402. Jaime Cummings
Please enter me! Ty!
Brian Eason
403. brianpiero
Thanks for the giveaway…the eternal question, pen vs. sword !!!
Susan Deas
404. SusanD
Journals are useful for those who handwrite their thoughts as they arise
Robert W
405. Betty S
What a great set, I have just the right place for these, thank you for the chance
barbara stenby
407. wikichoco
I am loyal to House Stark but would love to have this collection! How awesome!
Robert W
408. Melia Koerner
Our whole family loves this series and we love books. Awesome set of books!
Robert W
409. Donna Dorothy
Please enter me for this! LOVE IT!!
Heather Cowley
410. cowleyh
Whoa. These would be AWESOME as gifts for the hubby. Thank you!
Robert W
411. Andrea Hickey
These are cool! Thanks for the chance!!
Robert W
412. Jane H
Our entire family are fans. This is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win it.
Robert W
413. megon burkit
Those are incredibly awesome! I haven't watched the show yet, I'm waiting until the books are finished!
Robert W
414. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Robert W
415. Sprintfish
Cool stuff!
Robert W
416. Rickie Hinrichs
One hell of a hot serirs on TV. These would be a perfect complement to the series.
Robert W
417. Charlene Kuser
This would be wonderful to write all my deepest thoughts in,I would love to win this one.
Robert W
419. Steph1542
These look amazing. I would definatly have a few people that would love to have these.

Robert W
420. Sabine
Looks great, please enter me!
Susan Smoaks
421. susansmoaks
oh i would love to win this, thanks for the chance to win!
Robert W
424. Mosely
My husband keeps a journal - and my kids love Game of Thrones!
Robert W
425. Melissa B
This is my favorite show and I think these journals are so cool!
Robert W
426. Jennifer I.
These look fab! I would love to win them!
Robert W
427. Nicole Carter Weasley
Thank for the great giveway!
Robert W
428. Rebecca E.
Boo, I think I'm too late. These are gorgeous!
Robert W
429. Colette S
I haven't seen this show as yet. I'd like to do so sometime
Robert W
430. Amie S
Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!
Robert W
431. Lori Bazan
Make my day!!! These are great!
Robert W
432. Kristin Duncan
These are so beautiful!
Robert W
433. Dave McG
This would be a fantastic prize
Robert W
434. Dayle G
Thank you for the great giveaway! Would love to win these lovely journals!
Robert W
435. Ariel Chiu
Would love to win!
Robert W
436. melissa beers
Would live to wun. Am a hugh fan
Robert W
437. Kelley Moore
would love to win the journels for my daughter we love Game of Thrones!!!!
Robert W
438. Cathy Hudgins
Robert W
439. Trisha Y.
I love these!
Robert W
440. Nadine Doering
These are so neat! I would love to give one to each friend who lives in a different city lol.
Robert W
441. Nancy P
They would be for a gift for a big fan.
Samantha Cox
442. aznnymph09
awesome prize... I am a big GOT fan....
Robert W
443. Caroline M
Robert W
444. christinerenee312
They are so beautiful! They would make the perfect nerdy gifts for my brothers. I'd keep Stark for me and give the other 3 to my 3 brothers. Let them fight over which houses they want.
Robert W
446. Cory Fillion
It would be great to win a Game of Thrones journal.
Thanks for having this contest.
Robert W
447. Emily Reviews
Awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.
Robert W
450. Jennifer Eddy
I love these journals! Would love to win!!
Robert W
451. MiamiDad305
"The North Will Never Forget" "Valar Morghulis"

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