Apr 17 2014 10:25am

Brandon Sanderson Profiled in the New York Times

Brandon Sanderson Words of RadianceHot off the #1 New York Times best-seller list debut of Words of Radiance, Brandon Sanderson has now been profiled in the New York Times itself. The article tracks Sanderson's career path from a graveyard shift hotel clerk to a bestselling sensation, including material from interviews with Brandon and with his Tor editor Moshe Feder. You can read the full article here, and check out more information and articles about Words of Radiance here.

1. ChefPow
It's a shame the second book isn't larger. I want something that requires a forklift, not just a handtruck/dolly. (HUGE eye roll)
Deana Whitney
2. Braid_Tug
Is it just me, or does the picture of his books being all out of order and messed up bother anyone else?

I mean, they could at least put the three WoT books together! And they have two copies of Way of Kings. The US & the UK version.

Good article.
Andrea Jacobson
3. Moonbug
@2: Haha, yes slightly, but the out of order is forgiven with the fact that those books have the original covers of Mistborn. ;)

Enjoyed the article as well!
David Foster
4. ZenBossanova
Now that you mention it, 2. Braid_Tug, yes that does bother me.

I didn't realize Sanderson was 38. For some reason I thought he was younger than that.
Adam S.
I own all the books in that picture. I did not arrange them in the same order, because I have, you know, some sense of logic...
Andrew Berenson
6. AndrewHB
Brandon is so serious in the article's picture. That look seems so different than the Brandon I have seen at his book signings. (Granted that is a smal sampling). I would have preferred him to be smiling. Ah well, I am not his publicist. To each their own.

Thanks for reading my musings,
7. Ilithyia
"gangster fantasy"?
John Hatteberg
8. Oronis
Brandon Sanderson is my favorite writer!
Dixon Davis
9. KadesSwordElanor
Never knew about the Dragonsbane thing. One of my favorites too. I mean, who puts the fight with the dragon in the middle of the book?;)

Ilythia @ 7, I’m with you. Gangster Fantasy? I think someone is trying to be the first to label a "new" genre.
Peter Ahlstrom
10. PeterAhlstrom
Jacob sent us an email saying he was misquoted with the "gangster fantasy" thing, and he actually said something approximately opposite that.

Brandon also didn't say he plays Star Wars Legos with his sons. He actually said Lego Star Wars, the PS3 game. The Lego Marvel game is also popular with the boys, but I don't remember its exact name.
David Foster
11. ZenBossanova
And not only that, but Brandon has now settled the long fought PS vs X-Box war in favor of PS.

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