Apr 25 2014 5:00pm

Batman vs. Superman: Hollywood Weighs In!

Batman vs Superman High Five

Literally all of your favorite people have been asked the question: Batman or Superman? Total Film has been asking the question at press junkets for a while now, and have answers from a variety of actors and directors. The fun bit is in seeing how they interpret the question. While some actors clearly think it means “Who would win in a fight?” (as the pro-Superman Peter Berg declares, “preposterous fight. It’s gonna be a massacre.”), many others take it as a question about the characters’ as individuals. Some vote for Batman because he chooses to fight for good despite a lack of supernatural powers.

In Part One, the actors kind of ignore the binary nature of the question—Harrison Ford votes for Lois Lane, Kat Dennings declares her allegiance to Marvel, and Natalie Portman chooses a certain Norse god. And then Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth end up arguing over whether Supes could take Thor in a fight. It’s all pretty delightful.


Part two features (among others) Richard Ayoade, Evangeline Lilly, Daniel Radcliffe, and Dane DeHaan. Plus Sylvester Stallone tells a sweet story about his Superman fandom, and Benedict Cumberbatch once again wins all the hearts by choosing Batman for all the right reasons. And Jesse Eisenberg—Lex Luthor himself!—explains that this very question has torn his family apart.

1. OgreMkV
Iron Man beats Batman and both Thor and Hulk beat Superman. Done.
2. Wizard Clip
@1: Having long ago anticipated just such an eventuality, Batman has mapped all the weaknessnes in Iron Man's armor and neutralizes it before Stark can even prime his repulsors. Meanwhile, Superman takes Thor and Hulk by the scruff of their necks, clunks their skulls together like Moe disciplining Larry and Curly, and heads straight for the sun, basking in its life-giving warmth as the other two burn to cinders.
Jenny Thrash
3. Sihaya
@#2: Yeah, but Ironman is just as tactically aware as Batman, plus he is the designer and fabricator of most of his gadgetry, so he tends to be able to tweak it, sometimes on the fly. His weakness is actually his cockiness - Batman stays more levelheaded in a fight, even when he's winning. As for Supes, his immunities and strengths are unpredictable when pitted against supernatural powers, so a fight between he and Thor can't really be called based on quantifiable data. Superman would probably do just what Marvel had to do to contain Hulk - put him on another planet.
4. TheAdlerian
You're all incorrect.

All good people can recognize each other pretty easily. There would be no fight because all of these character would consider their actions, the actions of the other guys, and nothing would happen.

Certainly, Thor would be able to see the character of the other guys and he wouldn't let it happen. Superman would be next on that list. He and and Thor are throughly good people.
Jenny Thrash
5. Sihaya
Past comic history shows that every comicbook good guy must *briefly* fight any other comicbook good guy he meets before they can settle their difference, figure out the other guy is actually good and join for a teamup. There's no understandable cause for this, it's just empirically true.
6. FourDown
The winner is whomever the writer of the comic showdown says is the winner.
Matt Spencer
7. Iarvin
Totally irrelevant - but is Robin spanking Batman for a reason?
8. sizerfs
Haha at Iarvin's comment - it does look like that, especially with the motion lines. Naughty Robin he looks so pleased with himself too.

I don't think I can pick between Batman & Superman! They're both awesome.
9. Stylowears
Superman is one of the most popular super hero. Every child, teenager wants to be Superman

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