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A Twist Saved is a Twist Earned. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

Spoiler warning: This episode is a direct response to the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There will be immediate spoilers for the movie. Go see the movie it’s really good.

BOOM! I feel like so many of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s weaknesses were directly addressed in last night’s episode. There were twists! And turns! Turns! Turns! And nary a crappy Deathlok costume in sight.

Which means I get to talk about all the things I liked, because the episode was pretty much non-stop Things To Like.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

1.) May doesn’t get let off the hook.

“Turn, Turn, Turn” picks up right where “The End of the Beginning” left off, with Coulson and Skye in a tense face-off with Agent May, whom they have just discovered has been informing on them the entire time. In between curse words, Coulson demands an explanation from her and even Fitz gets to have a moment in the sun, demanding to know why May tried to shoot him. May’s explanations are not satisfying, to the agents or to the audience. (We’ll get to that latter point in the Tidbits section.)

Since the episode opens with the team in the midst of a second-by-second crisis, May’s skills and info are necessary, and you expect Coulson and company to back down with a stern “We’ll be watching you.” In a move that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. surprised me with, this only sort of happens. Coulson essentially marches her where he needs her and leaves her handcuffed for the rest of the episode. By the end, when the crisis is more or less resolved, and even though May’s actions didn’t end up having any negative consequences, Coulson doesn’t let the change in circumstances wipe away what May did. She still betrayed them, and now she needs to prove herself trustworthy.

In essence: YAY! Although seemingly harsh, Coulson’s actions really strengthen the consistency of his character. As we’ve seen with Skye, he does not react well to being betrayed, but he also does not ignore the faith you’ve previously shown in him. You don’t get to betray the team and then go off alone feeling sorry for yourself. You are going to work to regain his trust. In just this one scene, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings us a clearer rendition of Coulson’s unique leadership style, gives May a rich new character arc that can play out over subsequent episodes, and creates a common ground between May and Skye, two characters that haven't really gotten a chance to interact. And all by adhering (excitingly!) to the emotional logic of the characters and their setting.

This is the kind of rapid-fire drama I’ve wanted from this comic book show from the very start. And this was just the opening scene, too!

(Although did anyone tense up every time Coulson looked away from May? Coulson, that’s just the opening she needs! Isn’t it great that the show can panic us like this, though?)


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

2.) Everyone took a class in casual funny between episodes.

“Turn, Turn, Turn” repeatedly took the time to sprinkle in funny asides juxtaposed against the serious events going down and the result was so lively and human that it felt like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had woken from a coma. Coulson’s cute little “Booyah!” after shooting rockets at the drones, Garrett’s argument over whether HYDRA’s motto refers to limbs or heads, Ward wondering why Skye’s explosives weren’t as loud as KABOOM!... These touches were small but they go a long, long way in making us invested in the reality of the story. When you see the actors genuinely engaged with what is happening onscreen, you get invested in their struggle in a way that a hundred nefarious supervillains/rousing speeches could never do.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

3.) You didn’t have to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier to understand what was happening.

This episode was not only dealing with the show’s ongoing “Clairvoyant” plotline but the events that occur in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Although your viewing was definitely enhanced by knowing what Cap, Fury, Widow, and Falcon are up to, the show wisely stuck to presenting the threat of HYDRA through the lens of what had occurred on the show. The Clairvoyant is revealed as a piece of the larger HYDRA threat early on, leaving the show free to deal with the larger battle. In the end, though, the episode makes certain to have what our characters know about the Clairvoyant become key in getting them all safely out of HYDRA’s reach. It’s a complex parallel to pull off, but “Turn, Turn, Turn” does it, all while using the larger fight in Winter Soldier to highlight the agents’ individual reactions to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

4.) Ward.

Because in the end, we want to know how these huge events affect the characters and of all people Ward is the one who we find out the most about. I’ve made no secret of how much I dislike Ward’s character and this is mostly due to how much Ward is a fresh-out-of-the-box brooding alpha male stereotype that has yet to play any emotion besides Clenched Jaw.

It’s gotten worse over the last few months, as the actor himself is a perfectly congenial and wryly funny personality. If you watch behind-the-scenes clips of the show, or interviews, he comes to a life in a way that the show has never allowed him to do...until tonight.

May’s dressing down visibly rattles Ward, and that rattling seems to loosen him up for the rest of the episode onwards. His talk with Skye in the closet actually comes off as vulnerable and heartfelt instead of monotone and weary. Then he jumps right into an exciting sequence where he has to winnow down 12 soldiers without somehow getting killed.

It’s quite a coup for the episode to pull off, especially since those scenes give us a lot to reflect on when the show pulls out its final twist: Ward’s betrayal. It feels like we just saw him be human for the first time, and then he murders Hand and frees the Clairvoyant. In some ways you see this coming, so the betrayal feels natural, but the episode makes you not want to see it coming, to actively hope that it won’t.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 episode 17 recap: Turn, Turn, Turn

5.) Every twist feels earned.

As opposed to the reveal of Coulson’s resurrection earlier in the season, the twists and turns in this episode feel earned by the character and plot work that has come before it. That brain-spider and the Kree-juice came out of nowhere, but we have just the right amount of information about Victoria Hand and Agent Garrett to have formed assumptions about them that the episode then takes great joy in overturning.

And what a merry chase they lead us through with Hand! I was totally on board with Garrett being the fake-out Clairvoyant and Hand being the real one, so it was funny to discover that the theories about Garrett being the Clairvoyant were dead on.

Hand’s reversal is very well-played and makes sense within the context of HYDRA’s takeover. It makes me want to go back and rewatch the episode to see if any of her actions actually contradict her true agenda. (I don’t think they do!) It’s also well-placed within the plot of the episode itself. Things are looking pretty hopeless until Hand reveals her, um, hand. Then she ratchets up the tension even further be declaring that she’s going after Coulson. You and I both know Coulson isn’t HYDRA, but just planting the seed of doubt is enough to keep things on edge, as is the worry that Hand’s forces will gun down Coulson’s team without knowing any better.

“Turn, Turn, Turn” does a great job in keeping these redefinitions of the playing field clear to us, as well. There are twists upon twists, but you’re given enough time with each one to get yourself properly re-oriented and to get excited about how this affects the overall story. Of course, just as you’re accustomed to the new context, another twist comes about.

Which keeps the momentum in this episode completely relentless. By the time the end came around I was actually getting worried that no one would have the time to slow down and ask what was going to happen to them now that SHIELD is gone. Luckily, the answer to that question was: “We don’t know exactly, but probably all sorts of bad things that you’ve got to hustle to contain!”

Bring it on, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..



  • One small critique: Next time you splurge on the rights for “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” actually play it over your exciting CGI dogfight! Have we learned nothing from Apocalypse Now?
  • May reveals that Fury ordered her to build a team that could support and keep tabs on Coulson, since he’s now an unknown element post-resurrection. I hope they flesh this out in subsequent episodes, because it felt pretty rushed here and I don’t entirely buy it. Fury is more than capable of keeping track of Coulson himself. Thankfully, Samuel L. Jackson has been announced as guest-starring in the season finale, so we’ll probably get some light shed on this.
  • Having Coulson remove May’s cuffs so he could beat up Garrett with them was one slick symbolic move.
  • Did Hand order Ward to shoot her? She agrees to let Ward accompany her and Garrett to the Fridge, even though that’s probably a bad idea. Maybe she knew that HYDRA still needed tabs kept on them and Ward was the agent that Garrett would trust the most. Blood on the hand does not a mortal wound make. If Ward was firing blanks, that is.
  • If Ward HAS turned then we’re in for some fireworks. Skye gave him the hard drive detailing all the superpowered nutters we’ve tangled with this past season.
  • Is Triplett on Coulson’s team now? That didn’t seem to be entirely decided.
  • The agents came out of this episode way more interesting than they were going in. Good job, show.
  • “Have a team patch us up.” Um...WHAT team, Coulson?
  • Seriously, where is all that jet fuel gonna come from?

Chris Lough is the resident Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recapper and Kate Mulgrew-defender.

Colin R
1. Colin R
Fun episode! This connection to SHIELD and the other events going on in the MCU are what this show has been lacking.
Christopher Bennett
2. ChristopherLBennett
I wish the series had had a winter premiere rather than a fall premiere, or that The Winter Soldier had come out a few months earlier. This would've worked better as the season's midpoint twist. I mean, the episode itself worked very well, but the season as a whole might've been stronger if it had come sooner.
Colin R
3. KAsiki
The only real critique is that it felt lazy to reveal everything that happens in Winter Soldier less than a week after it premiered. Other shows have had more than enough for an episode between the stand off and landing. If before being assaulted Sky had translated the encrypted message and it only said HH at the end it would have been more than enough. Why was in neccesary to spoil everything in a great movie?
Brian Haughwout
4. bhaughwout
I think that folks are overthinking Ward's shooting of Hand: The off-screen part wasn't to show that she was alive, but rather that ABC isn't going to let them show them shoot Saffron Burrows in the face at point-blank range and then three more times in the back of the head while on the ground at 8pm on a Tuesday night. This was a savage execution to show the viewer that Ward was Hydra and that the rulebook was now out the window.

So many twists, turns, and swerves! It's fun to watch fans on the web today try desperately to find ways how to explain how to save characters and imagine that there are double-blinds and strange counter-plots, when THE WINTER SOLDIER and even recent episodes of AGENTS OF SHIELD showed that those days are over. Now we just need to see a dueling "Agents of Hydra" team formed for the remaining episodes to use that nifty new end-of-episode chyron... ;)

(BTW, per your "Don't Fear the Reaper" comment? I for one LOVED that the song cut out right as Garrvoyant was attacked by a squad of MQ-9 Repaer drones and freaked out -- so much for not fearing the reaper!)
5. brentodd
So... did Ward not KNOW the Hydra move was taking place? He started the episode in the holding cell, so at that point he didn't know. But they let him out right? Was he there when they decryped the message? Because if he was Hydra, why didn't he just kill everyone in the plane and take Coulson and/or Skye prisoner?

Or, when it was he and Skye alone, how hard would it be to take her then? Why help her blow up... whatever they were blowing up?

I don't understand his actions early in this episode if he's Hydra. And if he's not, and he's just trying to go undercover... I would doubt that'd work either. Garrett would know he's not Hydra, and probably knows him through-and-through (he's the Clairvoyant, he's got detailed personality profiles on everyone, plus he trained him), so he'd at least suspect it's a trick.

The rest of the ep was a lot of fun though - that piece just isn't sitting right with me.

Oh - and the... walkie-talkie thing Hand heard Garrett's confession through? Where the hell did that thing come from? That was just some hand-waving to get past the tiresome "prove you're not Hydra" scene.
Colin R
6. jbrstr
@5- In a previous scene, Hand confirmed with one of her trusted agents that they had microphones setup throughout the complex to listen to what was happening
Colin R
7. teel77
@5 There was a throw away line from Hand earlier in the episode about putting listening devices in as many rooms as possible. Or, since they paid it off later, maybe it wasn't a throw away. :)
Christopher Bennett
8. ChristopherLBennett
@5: HYDRA got where it was by being patient, by hiding in plain sight and having its assets feign loyalty to SHIELD. It makes sense that they wouldn't completely abandon that successful policy when they made their move. After all, they couldn't be certain of success. They would surely have been aware it was possible they'd be defeated, and thus they would've made contingency plans -- such as having some of their people continue to feign loyalty, so that they'd be in a position to sabotage the SHIELD side from within or, as seen here, liberate captured HYDRA operatives.
Chris Meadows
9. Robotech_Master
I have to say, "Don't Fear the Reaper" was amusing in another sense given that, as many times as Bill Paxton's characters have met the reaper over the course of his career, they're probably old drinking buddies by now.

So, "Ward" almost sounds like "Worf". Worf made a career out of getting beat up and always missing, in direct opposition to what his Klingon heritage would have suggested. Ward seems to be on his way to make one out of being mind controlled, in direct opposition to how he's supposed to be a rough, tough SHIELD agent able to resist that kind of thing.

(The way he was acting in that very last scene, where he's like got his eyes closed then he looks into the camera seemed to me to be shorthand to suggest he might have been conditioned somehow. Like, with the machine that Raina was put in that Garrett wasn't supposed to know about. That might also be why he was so willing to shoot the faux Clairvoyant and then justify it to himself afterward.)
Alan Brown
10. AlanBrown
My wife is no big fan of comics, but she sees SHIELD because I watch it, and saw Captain America: Winter Soldier because that is what my granddaughter wanted to do for her birthday (granddaughter shares the family geek gene, you see). But, because of the pace of the last episode, and what happened in the movie, my wife actually was looking forward to this episode, despite being generally unimpressed with SHIELD to date. And even she found the show exciting and twisty to watch. Maybe we will make a fan of her yet.
This was the show that I have been waiting to see. I am sure they cannot keep this pace up forever, but I loved the action and all the spy twists and turns. A lot of things they did in the earlier shows bore fruit in this episode, so while their 'short game' in the early episodes left us wanting more, it looks like their 'long game' is going to be a fun ride!
Some random thoughts:
- While Garrett is in league with Hydra and the Clairvoyant, I am not ready to call Garrett the Clairvoyant himself. I am still convinced that Zola, who has migrated to new servers, will eventually be revealed as the clairvoyant. Garrett being dirty was not too much of a surprise, but still jarring, as the actor himself is just so appealing.
- Both this show and the Cap movie seem to be obsessed with escaping through improbably created instant holes. Deathlok escaped through one in the last episode, Fury escaped his SUV in one, Cap/Falc/Widow escaped with Hill through one, and now the gang escapes the Bus in one. I suspect that Wile E. Coyote's Acme Corporation is behind this blatant 'portable hole' product placement.
- The Hand being loyal twist I hadn't seen coming. She obviously knew Garrett was dirty, and when Coulson saved him from the drones, it was no wonder she thought Coulson was dirty as well. It made her death all the more disturbing when that twist came.
- Until reading this article, I had not thought that Ward's turn might be a double switch double agent thing, with Hand's death being faked. I suspect that this might just be wishful thinking, as his turn fits with his general stiff aloofness in the series to date, and his gunning down of the fake Clairvoyant in the last episode. And in the coming attractions he is shown freeing prisoners from the Fridge, and I don't think his cover would be so important that he would take actions that will do so much damage.
- I didn't like Fitz hiding under a desk in the fight scene--he may not be a field agent, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him hanging back in a a fight, but hiding is another thing entirely. I did find his tears when the betrayal was revealed entirely believable. Not everyone reacts with stoicism in a crisis, and it was in character, so nice to see in the midst of all the action.
- I would not at all mind seeing Trip fill the muscle role on the team if Ward is really and truly gone. He is an appealing actor, and I think would make an interesting character. And, from the way they showed him screaming at his old boss, he doesn't appear to be a Hydra man.
- And all this has pulled Coulson out of the angst and moping that marred the last few episodes. Shows like this don't work well when the leader is brooding around.
I am looking forward to next week!
Chris Meadows
11. Robotech_Master
You know, there were some interesting parallels between the situation in this episode and in Cap 2. Coulson's and Garrett's relationship sort of rhymes with Fury's and Pierce's—both pairs go way back, both pairs came up through the ranks as agents together. Ditto Coulson's disgust at Garrett being evil to Fury's disgust for Pierce. The battle for the Hub vs. the battle for the Triskelion. And the same instant-hole gizmo was used in both, though that hardly counts.

Oh, and Ward's actor has talked about his new role on the show. Yeah, looks like he's definitely been evil all along, though the actor didn't know it until 15 episodes in. :)
Chris Meadows
12. Robotech_Master
Some other interesting stuff:

Interview with the directors of Cap 2. (Well, the first half hour is. The rest of it is the podcast crew discussing the movie. Interesting but fundamentally skippable.)

The "Kevin" they refer to in the podcast is Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And here's an interview with Feige about Cap 2 and its implications.

Also, various people involved with the show talk about how it's going to affect Agents of Shield.
Executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen tells USA Today, "Survival is a huge part of it. There is no more tapping into big S.H.I.E.L.D. through the holo-comm. The guns you have on the plane are the guns you have. They're basically left with the bare minimum." EP Jed Whedon says the series will show the characters going from being in the most massive organization ever created by man," to a ragtag bunch scraping things together."
That would explain why the first part of the series has been so pokey. They knew before the first episode was filmed what was going to happen in Cap 2, and they basically just had to mark time until the movie came out to get to where they could take everything away from Our Heroes and make everything much more interesting.
Marcus W
13. toryx
I really love how these last two episodes have come together, especially in combination with Captain America 2. I think they did a really good job with handling both aspects of the overall story and it's made me excited about the show for the first time since seeing the first episode.

I avoid future spoilers as much as possible so I'm not going to look into the links about what might be coming down the line with Ward. I just want to say that if he turns out to be a double double-agent, I'm going to be very disappointed. The idea of him being evil all along makes me way more interested in him than I have been.
Colin R
14. raaj
@5 re Ward helping Skye blow up things. At that point Agent Hand was still in control of the Hub and Garrett had fooled the team into believing she was Hydra. So it was in his interest to blow things up in order to undermine Agent Hands control and enable Hydra to take over.
Genevieve Williams
15. welltemperedwriter
EP Jed Whedon says the series will show the characters going from being in the most massive organization ever created by man," to a ragtag bunch scraping things together."

Looks like we get another season of Firefly after all!
Shelly wb
16. shellywb
I think they should have told Dalton what their plans were for him. His switch to this new Ward was just not convincing to me, because it's just that, a new character in his head.
John C. Bunnell
17. JohnCBunnell
Whoa. For once one of my plot predictions turns out to be prophetic (see last week's comment thread, wherein I gave Hand one-in-four odds of being a white hat). As to Ward, I'll hold off a final assessment on that one for now -- he certainly looks like HYDRA right up till the last few frames of this episode, but that roller-coaster evidently has a few swoops left in its run.

May's conversation with Coulson sheds some interesting light on the tech used to resurrect him; clearly not even Fury was sure how well the process was going to work. And one still wonders just whose resource the Guest House was -- it clearly wasn't HYDRA's, but it also seems to have been well off SHIELD's books.

In any event, it looks as if the series is, indeed, finally hitting its stride. And that's a good thing.
Chris Meadows
18. Robotech_Master
@15: Or else, as one of my friends suggested, a new "A-Team" for the 21st century. :)
Colin R
19. agents not found
I have not seen Captain America 2 yet and i found this episode to be as unengaging as the rest of the series. I keep watching for some unknown reason.

Assume you watch the show and aren't a massive Marvel universe comic fan and haven't seen CA2. The show felt like this: suddenly, hydra! Randomly everyone betrays everyone else. We get a few throwaway lines about this being 70 years in the making and cutting off heads. Shouldn't the show stand on its own? In The Dark Knight we are shown how bad the Joker is as he robs a bank and takes over the underground crime network. When he faces Batman we know to be tense and worried. Here we are just told "hydra is taking over... they are super bad" but we are given no motivation, no backstory and no reason to care... for all I know they are better than shield.

The first few episodes of the show felt like the A Team (not in a good way). Then a story arc or two was introduced and I had some hope. But the whole thing just feels slapped together. There is an opportunity for amazing world-building but we have only seen an airplane, two rooms at HQ and shield Hogwarts. Constant references to Agent Fury and events from the movies make this feel like bread meant to fill you up before the main meals that are movies. So much other TV is so much better... why can't they get some decent writers?
Colin R
20. ducky
Hydra was explained in the first Captain America movie, and have been a known evil organization in the Marvel universe for quite some time.
Amal El-Mohtar
21. amalmohtar
Co-sign everything you said, Chris! But also: FITZ. FITZ' TEARS. Oh man. The way he just stood there, tears running down his face as he tried to be brave. FITZ!
Steven Halter
22. stevenhalter
Very good episode. I wonder if Ward is Totally Evil or just brainwashed (ala Tahiti machine perhaps). Either way, he seems to be clearly Hydra at the moment. If shooting Hand was fake, then shooting the other two agents also would have to be. Seems like a stretch--I think that scene was real and Ward and Garrett are going to be a problem.
I would go with the Zola algorithm + a number of Hydra agents = the
Clairvoyant. Many heads and all.
This should play out very interestingly.
Colin R
23. ViewerB
No one seems to have mentioned one of the cooler moments in the ep. When Coulson and May are arguing early on, with lots of other stuff going on, he suddenly thinks to himself "F*ck this!" and ICES HER IN THE CHEST AS HE TURNS TO FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE. Coulson's been a badass before, but he's really upping his game here. Hope he and the show keep it up!
Brian Haughwout
24. bhaughwout
Note that the Team knew that it was Hydra on account of intercepting and decoding the signal (as annoying as folks find Skye to be, it's presented within the show that she's good -- likely part of her 0-8-4 nature? -- that shouldn't have been a message decodable by most other SHIELD teams without a key) so we as the viewer can know what's up and the characters we follow can get involved. Hand learned about it as one of SHIELD's top people commanding the Agency's #2 facility (whose function seemed to be heavily data-based, and which Hydra was interested in copying and crippling). See that Agent Weaver at the Academy only knew that someone was attacking.

Ward would keep his cover up, especially once he got hold of the Bus's backup, as part of the long-con that his implantation. That way, he now has all the data that Garrett suggested to the Coulson that they backup, the better to get out with to spring however and whatever. The other part to keep in mind is that Garrett has proven to be -- true to his role -- a great read at guessing what SHIELD will do. Ward hiding his loyalties long enough to have Garrett appear defeated and carted off just where he wants with his secret sidekick and the Sears Wish List of data backup in his pocket? Better than revealing himself by putting two in Fitz's head or something.

Plus, there are the narrative rules to consider. Grant Ward has to obey the ironclad rules of the Second Act/Third Act split.
Chris Meadows
25. Robotech_Master
Does Ward still have the drive? It seems odd that Coulson would let him toddle off to the Fridge with it still on his person given that they're in the process of rebooting and restoring the plane and they'll be needing it shortly. Though I suppose they could have forgotten to reclaim it in all the hustle and bustle.

I suppose we'll find out next week if Fitz is all, "Okay, let's have the drive now," and Skye is like, "I gave it to Ward," and Coulson is like, "Whaaaaa?"
Timmothy Frink
26. twiff
@25: the line where skye gives him the drive is creepy on a rewatch. to paraphrase:

skye: "you take this, we haven't gone over how to hold up under torture yet."
ward: "we'll get to that, it's fun."

i'm all for triplett to replace ward, as well.
Tom Smith
27. phuzz
@10. AlanBrown.
There was a couple of lines when it was revealed that Fitz had invented the instant mousehole, and passed it up the chain of command, but that it wasn't generally avalaible. Garrett replies something to the effect of "the top agents hog all the best gear".
Sky Thibedeau
28. SkylarkThibedeau
One thing that just flies out in AOS and Cap2 is that SHEILD has bought into a false premise of eliminating threats before they arise. In the beginning you think Hand has sent drones after Garrett and has told her team to kill everyone but Coulson when the plane arrives at HQ because she is HYDRA when really it is SHEILD's policy to eliminate threats with extreame prejudice and no messy trial.

That muddies the water a bit as the only person we're sure is not Hydra in this episode is Coulson. Everyone else seems to want to shoot first and ask questions later. I wonder if this stance by SHEILD is because of the HYDRA agents infiltration putting security above liberty? Order above freedom?

Cry havoc and let loose the drones of war.

Coulson like Cap is one voice of reason in a sea of insanity. I look forward to the last episodes.
Colin R
29. Colin R
Fury using May to spy on Coulson doesn't sound out of character. The Winter Soldier basically establishes that he trusts Captain America more than anyone else in SHIELD except maybe Maria Hill... and he's not even quite sure about that. He's not 100% sure he can trust Captain America! And he has no trouble playing the Black Widow and Cap against each other in order to keep his secrets, so no reason he wouldn't do the same with May and Coulson.
Chris Meadows
30. Robotech_Master
@29 That's another parallel between this episode and the Cap 2 movie. Cap being angry at Black Widow for having a secret mission he wasn't briefed on (and Nick Fury for giving her that mission), and Coulson being angry at May (and probably Fury) for the same reason.
Colin R
31. Megs
I enjoyed this one more than prior episodes as well. I'd love to see Trip become part of the cast - I love how he shakes up the FitzSimmons wonder team. I'd also love to see Ward stay evil, as he's much more interesting that way. Whether the actor was doing it on purpose or not, I actually think it explains his behavior in hindsight perfectly well. Plus, I would be really disapointed if him killing those two agents and Hand is meant to be a fake out. Maybe the audience doesn't see it, but Garrett has a very clear view of Ward shooting her at close range several times.
Robert Dickinson
32. ChocolateRob
You're all missing the most important thing...

What will this day in the MU be known as in future days?

All disasters need a cool name for remembrance.
The Recreance, The Scouring of the Shire (I think), The Red Wedding, The Breaking. You know, something wth a capital 'The'.
I'm putting in a nomination for - The 'Harrowing' of SHIELD. - It speaks of pain, fear and betrayal, not to mention sounding like sorrow.
Chris Meadows
33. Robotech_Master
@32: I suspect, given the title of the rest of the season, they'll probably call it the Uprising.
Colin R
34. Athreeren
@12, 15, 18 EP Jed Whedon says the series will show the characters going from beingin the most massive organization ever created by man," to a ragtag bunch scraping things together."

S.H.I.E.L.D. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on Earth (among other things), arming the human race against the future. The twenty-first century is when everything changes. And you've got to be ready.
Robert Dickinson
35. ChocolateRob
@33 How unimaginative.
Mine's better, it suggests horror.
Colin R
36. Colin R
I vote for "Day Sitwell got run over by a truck Day."
Alan Brown
37. AlanBrown
@32 How about SHIELDFALL? Nice, short and to the point. But I like Colin's idea as well--and his idea could be shortened to Splatwell...
@34 I was thinking the same thing as you about Torchwood. We had all seen parallels between AoS and Torchwood when the show first started, and now those parallels are even stronger. Too bad the name "Hub" is already taken in the world of SHIELD, or the gang could use it for their new hideout.
By the way, the introduction of Eric Koneig is coming up soon. But, like Garrett and Sitwell, it looks like they are using this old familiar name from the comicverse for a new character who has nothing to do with the original character, something I am beginning to find irritating. If they use the old character names, they should at least be somewhat familiar and similar to their original comic counterparts (like Hand-whose arc was different, but at least the character was recognizable).
Robert Dickinson
38. ChocolateRob
@36 Wordy, but I like it. Only problem is 'run over' implies he went under it, 'splattered over the front like a bug' would be more accurate. Or maybe 'turned into an impromptu hood ornament' perhaps?
39. brentodd
@34 That sounds like a TV version of the video game X-Com. I would 100% be on board with that. Take out a threat, research any tech left behind, convert to their own uses, and sell the resulting goods to the planet's nations for more funding.
Chris Nelly
40. Aeryl
While I felt that keeping Thor2 under wraps was the right call for the show to make, I also feel that revealing Cap2 was ALSO the right call.

Since the beginning, Cap's movies are the ones you know how they end. CA:FA opened with the plane crashed in the Artic, highlighting the shield, so you knew where this was going. Now, the same thing has happened for CA:WS.

This episode was all the things you said it was Chris, I can't wait for the rest.
Colin R
41. PK9
“Have a team patch us up.” Um...WHAT team, Coulson?
Seriously, where is all that jet fuel gonna come from?"

At the end of the episode, the Hub was (nominally at least) under SHIELD control. The Hydra agents that revealed themselves had been subdued. So Coulson was telling Fitz to get some loyalists from the Hub to help patch up the Bus. They'd also refuel the plane.

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