Apr 4 2014 1:30pm

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Sweepstakes

Winter is coming...actually, if you live in the Northern parts of the US it may feel like winter is never leaving, but no matter where you live, this weekend is host to one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. The premiere of Season 4 of A Game of Thrones? Yeah, that too, but this Saturday, April 5, 2014 is International TableTop Day, and what better way to celebrate than to give away a copy of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game? We happen to have a review of the first edition right here on This sweepstakes is for the second edition, which is just like the first, only way better, with all-new art and the best parts of both expansions thrown in.

Comment on this post to enter and visit your local game store to join in the celebration!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on April 4. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on April 8. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Sarah Lester
5. slester
My boyfriend and I love board games and Game of Thrones!
eric’s alias
8. eric’s alias
I have been looking to get this game...
eric’s alias
12. Stephanie H
Looks like fun!
Andy Warta
13. dragontrainer
Nice, I haven't gotten a chance to play the 2nd edition yet, here's hoping!
eric’s alias
14. mikeb
Hooray for board games!
Gary Schaper
15. Garyfury
Is "you win or you die" an actual rule?
Charles Smith
16. csgaidin
Combining our two favorite hobbies. We're big fans of Fantasy Flight Games, but we haven't picked this one up yet.
eric’s alias
17. Jenavira
I'm pretty sure "you win or you die" is how my friends and I play all board games.
eric’s alias
20. Robert W
"Here We Stand"
22. parabola
Looking very cool! Can I get in on it?
eric’s alias
23. reportingjosie
Can't wait for Saturday.
eric’s alias
24. cisko
Oooh, I'd love to give that a shot. Heading to a friend's house Saturday night for a Tabletop Day get-together. Most of us are Game of Thrones fans - we'd love to give this one a shot some night!
eric’s alias
25. olethros
This would make a worthy addition to our regular RISK/Settlers of Cataan/beer tasting weekends.
eric’s alias
27. Brettish
I love boardgames. Yay
eric’s alias
28. NoraL
I love board games!
eric’s alias
30. Harryapeman
Just played the BSG board game last night. Time to switch shows.
eric’s alias
32. Colins
oh man, yes!
Michael Carter
33. Mcart
Please enter me.
Thanks ---
Matthew Schmeer
35. mwschmeer
I probably won't win, but I'm still posting a comment.
eric’s alias
38. as;dlfkjasdff
count me in!
eric’s alias
39. Anagrama
Looks great!
eric’s alias
42. Stanczyk
Played it. Loved it. Don't own it.

Want it.
eric’s alias
43. Zephaus
Winter is coming!
Andy Kilby
44. adk2639
I really want to get into table top gaming.
eric’s alias
49. ChewyGristle
Game of Thrones, The Books, The Game, and The Show, they all ROCK!
eric’s alias
51. JLK
Board games and Game of Thrones? It doesn't get much better than that...
eric’s alias
52. DrZrgl
I am in like Flintstone, baby!
eric’s alias
53. ExtraAvocado
Rad, I'm so in!
eric’s alias
55. Tehol Lives
I've wanted this game for so long! Thanks for being awesome!
eric’s alias
58. Underbelly
Yes please.
eric’s alias
60. Ray Jr
Yes - me please!
eric’s alias
62. Darith3Duh
You guys have the coolest giveaways around! Definite want!
eric’s alias
65. LPoulson
I have heard a lot of good things about this game! Can't wait to play it.
eric’s alias
66. SandyL
I know a few people who would play.
eric’s alias
67. harmonyfb
The (older) teen group at our library would love the heck out of this.
eric’s alias
68. Pamela D
Thank you for the giveaway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
eric’s alias
70. GarrettC
I would love this.
eric’s alias
71. Max Boyd
Ooh Ooh. Gimme Gimme.
eric’s alias
74. nforget
Yes, please!
David Thomson
75. ZetaStriker
I never got around to trying this one, but I've heard good things. As a huge fan of tabletop gaming, I'd love to add it to my collection.
eric’s alias
76. Nix
"Why not," he said.
eric’s alias
77. Hersha
Table-Top Day GO!
eric’s alias
78. NotThatMattSmith
I, for one, would love to play the Game of Thrones.
eric’s alias
82. thesnuggler
Yes please.
eric’s alias
83. corsarius
Count me in!
Boyd Abernathy
84. gratefuldad1121
Bring it on. Can't wait for the premier and this game would be the cherry on top.
eric’s alias
85. Stephane B
Would love this game!
eric’s alias
86. AgingComputer
Count me in.
eric’s alias
89. Nick S.
Gotta have it!!
eric’s alias
90. JonLundy
I would love a copy.
eric’s alias
91. DJ Erfquake
Nice! Pick me please!
eric’s alias
94. Paul L.
I would love to have this game! :)
eric’s alias
101. Richard Marshall
Season 4 premiers on my birthday, which is cool enough, but this would make an awesome birthday present!
Ryan McIver
102. McWhoopass
I'll take one by mercy or by force! I am the rightful heir!
eric’s alias
104. The Knight of Cups
This would be super cool to win! I'm so in!
eric’s alias
107. Kim B.
I would love to win this.
eric’s alias
108. JonathanW
Pretty please with a Stark on top? :)
eric’s alias
109. bmalone
Count me in!
eric’s alias
110. Kimberly B.
This would be awesome to win! Thanks for the great giveaway!
eric’s alias
113. rstipati
This will be mine. It is known.
eric’s alias
115. ncarter
I have to miss TableTop day, but this would be a nice consolation!
eric’s alias
116. Hamilton
I'd love to play this.
Marcus W
117. toryx
Oh yes, I'd love that. And some people to play it with too, please.
Andrew Harper
119. HKwoodwose
I've been interested in this one a while, count me in.
Robert Smith
120. Seraphkin
Really like this game but never had my own copy, good luck all
Robert Smith
121. Courtain
/enter, shame it won't be here by tabletop day
eric’s alias
122. Joe Reil
Winter is going.
eric’s alias
123. RobinM
I want to play.
eric’s alias
124. furious_u
Looks like fun.
eric’s alias
126. SnugglesVelociraptor
I travelled 7 kingdoms before I came upon Game of Thrones and now that I'm here I must enter the contest.
eric’s alias
127. Ryan23
Looks really cool
eric’s alias
129. heykelley
Oh my gosh, awesome! My friends and I are having a Games of Thrones party for the season premiere, and we're also a bunch of board game geeks, so this seems like a total win!
eric’s alias
130. Doug C
I love this game. And the show! I am hosting a 6-player game tomorrow for Tabletop Day. I have GoT barware and beer to serve. Very excited.
eric’s alias
133. Radhil
No comment backstabbing, intrigue, torture, or sudden certain death?

Good. I'm no good at any of those things.
eric’s alias
137. RLBrown
Family game night just got real!
eric’s alias
138. B Brown
How many of my friends can I kill in this...?
eric’s alias
140. Jeanette Jackson
I would love to play this game! Please enter me.
Dirk Walls
141. dirk
I like board games and I like Game of Thrones!
eric’s alias
143. Baramos
Forget about it, Sam. It's Oldtown.
eric’s alias
144. Colty
WOOO!!! count me in please!
Eric Craddock
145. ebonecircus
Played it once. Loved it. Want my own copy. Now.
Heather De Luna
146. melikegarfield
Now this is something I can actually do with my boyfriend!
Greg Lincoln
147. glshade
Yes very,uch yes more yes that that.... A game I may be able to get my SO to play...
eric’s alias
148. Howland
Yeah....board game
eric’s alias
150. don1234
count me in
eric’s alias
151. DustinAGoT
I would only want to do good with this game, but throw me it would do only evil and force my wife to play! in short i would love it.
eric’s alias
152. AO
Thanks for the opportunity.
eric’s alias
153. matkeltri
Looks like great fun!
eric’s alias
155. Jim Haltom
Sounds great! I'm in and thank you!
eric’s alias
157. Chris B
Board games are coming
Stephen Bristow
158. Vanesmantha
This game is just as fun to play as it is to just open it up and display all the pieces and cards and what-not's like a work of art! Thanks for the chance!
eric’s alias
159. Margax
Wouldn't mind trying this out; I've heard it's pretty fun!
Alex wetoll
161. Bladegun
Please can I have it, I haven't played a board game like that ever.
eric’s alias
163. Treebearded
What a cool giveaway! If I were The Mountain, I'd just smash this site and take the game, but I suppose leaving it up to chance is ok, too. Happy Tabletop Day!
eric’s alias
165. cancon
That would greatly improve game night
Ferri Pantaleon
166. fjonp
This would be a very welcome addition to our growing collection of games. Happy Table Top Day!
Micah Tucker
167. Cosmicgoat
Haven't played it, but it would be hard pressed to go wrong. Love board games and Game of Thrones.
eric’s alias
168. Chondrin
I didn't realize this existed. Do Want!!
eric’s alias
169. garrek42
Gimme gimme gimme
eric’s alias
171. Jameyt
Oh, so good... this will make waiting for season 5 much easier.
eric’s alias
172. JordanM
sounds awesome!
eric’s alias
173. Loganegood
Love Game of Thrones! This would be amazing
eric’s alias
176. heinzy57
I'm in for a free game.
eric’s alias
177. ed!
This is my entry!
eric’s alias
178. Racheli
Count me in
eric’s alias
179. Genre Monkey
I'd love to have a Game of Thrones board game!
greg scott
180. worthy
wow, sounds like a dangerous game to play, but I'm up for it :)
Kevin Manrique
181. leeko
Bend a knee to the true king of Westeros!
eric’s alias
184. Benjerman
I'd love it!
eric’s alias
186. Jonni Luvena
Challenges! I will win!
eric’s alias
187. Ron Ablang
Oh! I'm in.
eric’s alias
188. Lisa Voyce
My son-in-law loves this show and I'm sure he would love this.
eric’s alias
189. Karen T Gonyea
Count me in please :)
eric’s alias
190. Margo McKeon
My whole family would enjoy this!!
eric’s alias
191. larry chaput
game of kings I must have!
eric’s alias
193. Donna Hunt
We're always looking for things to do & this sounds like fun--count me in! Thanks for the giveaway!
eric’s alias
194. Shannon Baas
I would love this.
Aric McDaniel
196. aric93
May I be found worthy in the eyes of the Seven.
eric’s alias
197. August Kroll
Usually Video to game adaptations suck but I've heard nothing but great stuff about this one. Count me in!
eric’s alias
199. Jennifer Jenkins
I am always up for adventure and challenges!!!
eric’s alias
200. rickel bart
this looks like fun!
eric’s alias
201. ageless
A boardgame for the entire family to enjoy!
Alex Reid
203. microwavedboy
Gaming is coming...! Someday I might win one of these..
eric’s alias
204. dpt24
I'm in! The game looks pretty cool!
eric’s alias
205. dustingreen
Count me in too. Great game I hear
eric’s alias
208. Holly H.
Well I can't win if I don't even try! Good luck everyone, I'd love to win this :)
eric’s alias
209. Rebecca L
Count me in!
eric’s alias
210. Miz Vickik
Looks fun-- thanks!
eric’s alias
212. Nick Fontana
eric’s alias
213. misty rummell
Awesome giveaway
eric’s alias
215. Erica C.
Sounds fun.
eric’s alias
216. Herb2648
It's about time we had a board night at the new house.
eric’s alias
218. Renee G
This looks like a lot of fun.
eric’s alias
219. srizzo00
I always enjoy a good game!
eric’s alias
220. Serena Powell
My family is always looking for new board games to play. We are huge collectors and would love to add this to our collection.
eric’s alias
222. Rebecca E.
I have been dying to play this game! I think it would be a great way to spend some time with my family.
eric’s alias
223. Xty Cruz
My husband and I would really enjoy this game
Tim Lewis
224. RaPToRFunK
Cool. Do a lot of people die while playing this?
eric’s alias
227. Richard of Winterfell
Winter is coming!!!
eric’s alias
228. Dierdra Byrd
I am such a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones! I have watched every episode and read every book! I cannot wait for more episodes, and more books!!
eric’s alias
229. Elina O
Yes, please!
eric’s alias
231. James Witherspoon
I've been wanting to play this so bad. I hope I win!
eric’s alias
232. Todd Olsen
Heard it was a fun game, hope I win it.
Scott Goodwin
233. LazyBarghast
Oh would be nice for my Wednesday night table-top group. Good luck to all, but I hope I win.
eric’s alias
234. Carla S
This looks like a fun game!
eric’s alias
235. Amanda S.
Of course there's a board game. Looks fun :)
eric’s alias
238. Karen Drake
Enter me to win.
eric’s alias
239. Cecrow
Our gang would love to have a go at this.
eric’s alias
242. Gabriel Davis
Verily, that game should come to me.
Aaron Tranes
244. Itchy
I would greatly enjoy this game. I enjoy board games!
eric’s alias
245. MaxM
Give it to me (waves hand slowly past whoever is giving this away).
eric’s alias
246. Sheila K.
I would love to have this game—thanks for the opportunity to win one!
Sheila Korman
247. skkorman
I would love to have this game—thanks for the opportunity to win one!
eric’s alias
248. Charles Earl Burbridge
I HAVE to win this!
eric’s alias
250. BigJim
Sign me up!
eric’s alias
251. akacapa
I've been really interested in this game. Heard good things.
eric’s alias
253. Chrysa
My hubby would love this!
eric’s alias
254. Douglas Houston
Royal Intrigue, backstabbing and king making, I am in.
eric’s alias
255. Richard Hicks
A must have board game for sure!
eric’s alias
256. Sabine
Looks interesting, please enter me... Thanks!
257. jpl123456
Game of Thrones is the best.
Can hardly wait until I get the board game.
eric’s alias
260. King Robbie
I'm ready to join the mayhem.
eric’s alias
261. Tara Woods
Looks fun. Count me in!
eric’s alias
262. Linda G.
I would love this game!
eric’s alias
263. Marie Constantineau
thanks for the chance
eric’s alias
265. Alyss
This is AWESOME!!!
eric’s alias
266. Tweedle Dee
wow, this one is popular, hope I'm not too late.
eric’s alias
267. Steph1542
I would love to win this to give to my boyfriend!

eric’s alias
268. Pota
I would play this everynight.
eric’s alias
270. Karrie Millheim
Wow do I ever Love this
eric’s alias
271. rose t
Looks great! Love games, and love Game of Thrones!
eric’s alias
273. JoelDanger
Looks like fun!
eric’s alias
274. Jaime Cummings
Wow - I'd love this game!
eric’s alias
275. bill norris
board games rock as does the subject matter
eric’s alias
276. Rebecca Lock
One of my sons has this game and he really likes it.
eric’s alias
278. Codeman85
Thanks for the chance!
eric’s alias
279. cheekysod7
nothing better than playing "red wedding"
eric’s alias
280. Littleroonkanga2
This would be great!!
eric’s alias
283. Vicki Andrew
my daughter anfd her friends have game night every week, this would be a great addition
eric’s alias
284. Brian VanAlstyne
Been wanting to play this game for a long time now. Hopefully I win a copy and make that happen.
eric’s alias
285. Trisha McKee
This would be awesome to have!
eric’s alias
286. Corey Olomon
This sounds like so much fun
Brian Eason
287. brianpiero
Thanks for the giveaway… I will be the Top Hat !
eric’s alias
289. Carolyn Daley
I would love to win the Game of Thrones board game for my boyfriend.
eric’s alias
290. Kristin Sims
my son would love this....thank you for the giveaway
Chi Shannon
291. anastasiafall
Yes!! I'm watching Game of Thrones right now!! I'd love to have this!! :)
barbara stenby
294. wikichoco
OMG! I must have this! I am Loyal to House Stark & my husband is a Lanister we can finally battle it out!
Heather Cowley
295. cowleyh
Is the way to win the game to behead all the Starks? lol My husband would love this!
Susan Smoaks
296. susansmoaks
awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!
kathy pease
297. klp1965
Great Giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance :)
eric’s alias
299. Jane H
It looks like we may have a revival of family game night. Thanks so much for the chance to win this.
eric’s alias
300. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
eric’s alias
302. Kayce Crews
I want to play!
eric’s alias
303. Rosanne
If it's as good as the show it is beyond worth it
eric’s alias
304. Rickie Hinrichs
Ode to play.
eric’s alias
306. Christine N Cherry
eric’s alias
307. Cynthia Sizemore
You are so right about thinking winter is never going to end.Please enter me in this contest,i would love to win this to play on family game night.
eric’s alias
308. Julie N
I feel lucky
eric’s alias
312. Stephanie Galbraith
Pick Me!
eric’s alias
314. Melanie Fox
Family Time!!!
eric’s alias
315. Gil Carrandi
Reek. Rhymes with weak. Which I'm fairly certain describe the chances I have for winning this, but I have to at least try.
eric’s alias
316. Donna Kellogg
Love the show and would love to play this
eric’s alias
317. Heather S
Family fun
eric’s alias
318. Kyl Neusch
neat game
eric’s alias
319. MiamiDad305
"The North Will Never Forget" "Valar Morghulis"

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