Mar 6 2014 12:10pm

What Makes Carl Sagan’s Cosmos So Great?

Carl Sagan's Cosmos

Cosmos is returning to our screens this Sunday, March 9th, updated for the early 21st century in look, style, and discovery. But what was it about its originator Carl Sagan’s Cosmos that inspired such a need to see it continue?

As fans of science fiction and fantasy, and as fans of entertaining science education, the answer to that question feels obvious. This is a show that effectively explained the fourth spatial dimension with nothing more than a piece of paper and a box, this is a show that taught us how to figure out how much alien life there could actually be around us.

But there’s more to it than that. As Brit Mandelo discovered when she rewatched the show for us in 2013, watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos takes you on your own journey. Read her own explorations of each episode and see where the show might lead you.


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