Mar 1 2014 3:38pm

The Opening Scene of The Veronica Mars Movie

The Veronica Mars Movie is coming and the opening scene has been released. It’s merely a recap of the TV show but Mars fandom must be getting excited. Veronica Mars will be out March 14th.

james brazil
1. james brazil
i cant wait!
Christopher Bennett
2. ChristopherLBennett
That last line sounds like the setup for a punchline that we don't get to hear yet.
Church Tucker
3. Church
@2 It's fan service. It was from a line in the first season (episode?) and was adopted by the fandom as their nickname.
Dominic van Berkel
4. Barometz
I suppose it's time I gave Veronica Mars a go. Or to add it on the ever-growing to-watch list, at least.
james brazil
5. RobinM
I can't wait to see this movie. I've been watching the re-runs on cable. Barometz you really should give the series a look see it's a good one.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
7. Lisamarie
Sooooo excited!

I was also a bit perplexed at first that they glossed over some of the key elements of the murder case and then I realized that they managed to summarize the series without actually spoiling it.

Barometz@4, YES, check it out! It's so good! The first season, especially.
Christopher Bennett
8. ChristopherLBennett
I didn't think the second and third seasons worked nearly as well as the first. The second in particular took an awkward twist toward the end, as if they decided they were getting nowhere with that season's main mystery arc and threw in a retcon to tie it back into the first season's arc in a very contrived way.
james brazil
9. AndrewV
I've never seen this show before. What kind of sci-fi is it?
Joseph Newton
10. crzydroid
@9: This would probably fit more under "the universe" section of the tagline, as it's probably not really considered sci fi or fantasy. But it's probably on here because it's a genre show that people on here might like. It's actually a show about a teenage private detective, which is a lot better than it sounds.
james brazil
11. soru
@9: It's set in a cyperpunk dystopia divided between the warring classes of corporate overlords and biker gangs.

Or, as it is known, 'California'.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
12. Lisamarie
ChristopherLBennett@8 - agreed. I found the second season a bit odd - in addition to the retcon (which still sits a bit oddly with me, if for no other reason that seemed way out of nowhere and doesn't let you take the first season for what it was when you first saw it), I really thought the whole thing with the coma baby was just...stretching believability and I don't like how they wrote that particular character off the show. It was just too convenient. Not saying he was a favorite character of mine

I actually enjoyed the 3rd season a bit more, on rewatching. The format did change, but at least they were trying something different with the 'mini-arcs'. Shame the 3rd arc got cut off so abruptly when it was canceled. I'm really interested to know what the fallout was from all that, especially given that here she says she got out when she was 19, which implies she didn't stick around at the college she was at. I wonder if they'll explain any of hat in the movie.

I'd love a rewatch on Tor, discussing things like feminism, rape culture, and class struggles, etc in this show. The show is definitely problematic in some ways in how it portrays this, but also thought provoking. Can it be argued hard enough that one of the characters comes back as a ghost (not likely but kiiiiind of possible based on a certain interpretation of a second season episode) to put this in the fantasy category? ;) Or that it takes place in an alternate universe where some guy in Neptune invented streaming video?

soru@11, I love your description :)
Christopher Bennett
13. ChristopherLBennett
@9: It isn't science fiction, but as Lisamarie mentioned, there is a mild and ambiguous supernatural element that occasionally crops up.

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