Mar 14 2014 5:19pm

This Possible Star Wars Episode VII Would Really Be...Something

Star Wars Episode 7 logo

What do you think? Actual Star Wars Episode 7 logo? Taco Bell marketing plan sneak peek? Leaked April Fool’s joke from Disney/Lucasfilm? This logo for the next Star Wars movie has been popping up here and there on the internet today and we just had to share it with you. Isn’t it great? We love S7ar Wars 7 Fast 7 Furious! And it opens up all these possibilities for St8r W8rs and 9S9ta99 Wa99r9, too! (As far as we can tell, that last one is in Kashyyyk.)

1. Freelancer
My money is on this being a trial balloon. Well, it isn't going to fly.
2. jere7my
The original poster has confirmed that it's a fake:

The official Star Wars Twitter account (@starwars) corroborates.
3. Palpatim
"As far as we can tell, that last one is in Kashyyyk."

The main Wookiee language is actually called "Shyriiwook." "Kashyyyk" is the name of the Wookiee home world, and oh God, why can't I just stop myself? Have I actually made the world a better place with this little nerdsplosion?
TW Grace
5. TWGrace
Only if the last line is "what's in the box..."
Joseph Newton
6. crzydroid
I'm still hoping the April Fool's joke will turn out to be that he didn't actually sell Lucasfilm to Disney and they will not be making any more movies.
7. CaptainViggo
Oh come on, if it's real, it's obviously a teaser logo, nothing more.
As far as I'm concerned, they can have graphic designers playing with it as they want, as long as, at the end, they stick with either the classy prequel poster logos, or even better the OT retro ones (could be fun by the way).

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