Mar 14 2014 5:00pm

Does Watson’s Hair Smell Like Christmas?

Vidar Magnussen and Bjarte Tjøstheim, stars of the Norwegian TV-show Underholdningsavdelingen, are both huge Sherlock fans. They also bear some resemblance to Messrs. Cumberbatch and Freeman, and decided to put this to the best possible use! Magnussen makes an excellently snotty Holmes, and Tjøstheim captures Freeman’s mix of exasperation and stoicism perfectly.

But this time our sleuths don’t bother solving crimes; solving crimes is for babies, and they’ve got more important matters to investigate...

How can we make our hair smell like Christmas? And will Sherlock ever defeat that villainous Autocorrect?

Eugene R.
1. Eugene R.
I believe that this episode is the one for which I was waiting, all Season/Series 3 long. At last!
Eugene R.
2. Monkat
I cannot help but wonder if, when the show was dubbed into Norwegian, it all went terribly wrong somehow.

(Similarly, I wonder if they managed to be poorly dubbed despite speaking English in this video.)
Pernilla Leijonhufvud
3. Therru
@2: I would be extremely surprised if the Norwegians dubbed anything except children's movies. We certainly don't in Sweden. We learn to read subtitles instead.

This is not to say that things can't go horribly wrong with subtitles, as well.

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