Mar 20 2014 10:40am

New Winds of Winter Chapter Coming Out Today

Folks who have downloaded the World of Ice and Fire mobile app are in for a treat, as the app has been updated to include a Tyrion viewpoint chapter from the next Song of Ice and Fire book, The Winds of Winter!

If you’re having issues viewing the excerpt or updating the app (we were seeing that on our own devices, as well) then you can check out a full summary of the events in the chapter on this Reddit ASOIAF thread. (For those keeping track of Martin’s progress on tWoW, this is the Tyrion chapter he read at Worldcon in 2013.) It looks like the battle in Meereen is finally coming to a head! 

1. Kirshy
Looks like this is only on iphone. Can't find it on the google play store.
2. Ray F
There is an Android version of the App as well...the iOS one is more feature rich so it is possible they don't have the sample chapter.

You do have to be a paid user also so you need to buy all of the book modules for the app
3. Amith Jose
Its not available in my country,.!!!
Any suggestions ??
Asa Zernik
4. AsaZernik
Note that the Android version is called "A Game of Thrones Guide". It does have the excerpt for free.
5. NicGoT
Hi, i am trying to find it also on android with the "A game of Thrones Guide" name but it is not working. Some clues? thanks

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