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A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends: The Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars Movie Kristen Bell

When Veronica Mars was airing on television, I didn’t watch. Hell, I barely even remember it being on. The mid-Aughts were a difficult period in my life for a variety of reasons, and I missed a lot of great shows that had the misfortune to premiere in my televisual deadzone - Deadwood, Supernatural, The Dresden Files, to name a few. Nowadays, things are a lot less complicated, which means I have a lot more time to pillage the back catalogue of Great Television. And during the month of January 2012, I did just that with Veronica Mars. When I say I watched that show, I mean I binge-watched it. Every bit of spare time was spent with Veronica, Keith, Wallace, and Logan. And when the Kickstarter popped up a few months later, I rushed to become one of those 91,585 backers eager to do anything and everything to bring Neptune back.

That being said, my anticipation was rippled with fret and a little bit of dread. Veronica Mars the television show was one of the top moments in television history, a shining beacon of greatness amongst a sea of mediocrity. Veronica was Buffy for the next generation, a tough girl who took no guff and always had a card up her sleeve. Kristen Bell played her perfectly, and imbued her with wit and cunning bravery. Rob Thomas never shied from the darker side of things, and, as in the season one finale, pushed Veronica to the breaking point just to watch her push back. I didn’t want to see that ruined. Would they be able to get all the actors back together? How good could the movie be with a $2 million budget? Would they make it to theatrical distribution or just release a bunch of crappy digital copies? The second and third seasons were exercises in patience testing at best, poorly thought out at worst; did that mean season one was unreplicatable or could lightning strike twice?

Yes. Emphatically, passionately, excitedly YES.

For those going into the movie blind, here’s the skinny: Veronica grew up in Neptune, California, an ocean side town populated by the super rich and the dirt poor, by the exploiters and abusers and their hapless victims. When her best friend is murdered, Veronica’s father, Sheriff Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), accuses the dead girl’s father and is driven from office. Mama Mars takes up the bottle and eventually flees town, leaving Mars the Elder and Mars the Younger to operate their PI firm together. Veronica’s descent from fortune and success eradicates her friendships and puts her at the bottom of the social pecking order. But her keen investigative skills and relentless determination make her the one person her classmates can turn to for help.

Over three seasons, Veronica - with help from her best friend Wallace - handles cases ranging from dog-napping to computer hacking to blackmail to rape to murder. She solves the mystery of Lilly Kane’s murder and the vicious crimes that spiral out from it, and becomes a target of a much bigger case, all while battling incompetent sheriffs, psychotic actors, pedophiles, and frat boys. And when she’s not out playing Encyclopedia Brown, she’s struggling with an epic love story with Logan (Jason Dohring), spanning years and continents, ruined lives, and bloodshed. The show was canceled after low ratings, but, like Firefly, none of us self-ascribed “Marshmallows” ever got over it. And like Firefly, at least we got a movie out of it. (Need more? Here ya go.)

Said movie picks up nine years after Veronica left Neptune. She’s just graduated from law school and is about to be accepted into a prestigious law firm in New York City, where she lives with her fiancé Piz (yes, Piz, *sigh*). Her future is falling perfectly into place, albeit a lot less exciting than what she prefers, when out of the blue she gets a call from Logan Echolls (yes, Logan, *dreamy sigh*). He’s accused of killing his songstress girlfriend Bonnie DeVille (aka Carrie Bishop, formerly played by Leighton Meester), but maintains his innocence. Sheriff Lamb 2.0 (Jerry O’Connell) is as much of an idiot as his younger brother but a heckuva lot more of an asshole, and looks forward to locking Logan up and reveling in the publicity. Piz (Chris Lowell, who is great in Enlisted, by the way) just wants her to go back to NYC to meet his parents and be his rich lawyer wife. Keith wants her to be happy and not make a mistake for the sake of fleeting emotions she can’t undo. Veronica already knows what she wants but isn’t ready to admit it.

Veronica only plans to go home for a few days, which turn into a few more days, then a few more after that. It’s also Neptune High’s ten year high school reunion. A lot has changed in the ensuing years, and not just for Veronica. Piz has somehow gotten more boring, Wallace is now a coach at Neptune High, Mac works for Kane Industries, Logan joined the military - and looks damn good in a uniform - and Weevil has a steady job and a family. But where Veronica goes, trouble follows. Or, perhaps she’s just better than everyone else at sensing its impending arrival. Almost as soon as she lands, chaos ensues and she can either go back to New York and let everyone else pick up the pieces, or stay and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

The conceit of the Ten Year Reunion both guarantees we’ll get to see all our favorite recurring characters and introduces key players for the show and movie in a way that doesn’t feel like shoehorning. On the docket are Dick Casablacas (Ryan Hansen), Weevil (Francis Capra), Gia Goodman (Krysten Ritter), Deputy Leo D’Amato (Max Greenfield, who I now only think of as Schmidt), Deputy Sacks (Brandon Hillock), Cliff McCormack (Daran Norris), Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino), and Celeste Kane (Lisa Thornhill). The central murder mystery isn’t the strongest, but it does its job as best it can. The shortened running time does the mystery no favors, but doesn’t work against it, either. Veronica Mars worked best when it could stretch out a mystery throughout a full season, sprinkling red herrings and Easter eggs to keep the audience on its toes.

The best part about the mystery, as weird as this is to say, isn’t the murder but the underlying sexual assault. Veronica Mars is the only recent bit of film or television I can recall that doesn’t reduce the women to merely being rape victims. Too often, women in media are left to cry in the corner while the men go off and seek retribution, which turns the rape into a plot point for the betterment of the male lead rather than the woman who suffered through it. Veronica Mars women maintain their agency and think of themselves as survivors. They don’t let what was done to them define them or break them. They act and fight back in whatever ways, big or small, they can.

But no one’s really there to find out whodunnit anyway. No, we’re all watching Veronica Mars for Veronica Mars. And Logan. Mostly Veronica. But also mostly Logan. And Keith. And Wallace and Mac. And Dick, oh sweet Zeus, Dick. Veronica could give Sam Winchester a run for his money on “Dick is a dick” jokes (never not funny). The dialogue is as whip-smart and rapid-fire as always. As a teenager, her quips always had a sheen of youthful frivolity to it, but now that she’s older and has survived rape, attempted rape, and multiple attempts on her life, she carries a weight to her. Not a chip on her shoulder, more like a sense of world weariness, of preparing for the worst case scenario. She’s closer to what her father is like, a person who has seen the best and worst in people and who recognizes that even though the bad guys too frequently win, the battle is still worth fighting.

Veronica Mars the movie feels like coming home. It’s so full of callbacks and in-jokes that I can’t imagine what newcomers will think of it. It’s not impenetrable, but much of the dialogue will sail by merely as something clever rather than the reference point it’s meant to be. Hopefully it will inspire them to check out the show and see how it all began. Even if you’re a Kickstarter backer or have downloaded the digital release, I beg of you to see it in theaters. The more seats we fill, the more money they bring in, the more likely there is to be a sequel. Yes, we’re already getting a book series, but we could have so much more. There’s more than enough loose threads left by the film to fill out a movie or season. This is our chance. We did it once with Kickstarter, and we can do it again. Besides, this is the kind of movie that is best seen on the big screen with your friends. Get out there, Marshmallows.

Alex Brown is an archivist, research librarian, writer, geeknerdloserweirdo, and all-around pop culture obsessive who watches entirely too much TV. Keep up with her every move on Twitter, or get lost in the rabbit warren of ships and fandoms on her Tumblr.

Joseph Newton
1. crzydroid
YES!! I was hoping someone on Tor would cover the movie!

Thank you, this was spot on. I think the thing I really enjoyed about this movie was that it really delivered. Rob Thomas proved he still knew how to make Veronica Mars. All the characters fit easily back into their roles. It was like we were getting exactly what we wanted when we backed the Kickstarter--more Veronica Mars. But it wasn't just more Veronica Mars--it was like watching one of the best episodes of the show ever.

We already pre-ordered the book; I'm with you in that I want to try and see it in the theater so we can support ticket sales. We just watched our digital copy for now though, because it's difficult for us to find a sitter. But there definitely needs to be more of this...I'm ready to throw my money at Rob Thomas.

I think the downside of the movie was once the killer was revealed, it lost a little bit of interest...some of the intrigue was gone, and it felt like Veronica had been in this same situation several times before. But as you say, we weren't really in this for the mystery, we were in it for the characters. And on that front it was perfect. I even liked how Vinnie's part actually fit into the plot, instead of just being a cameo for its own sake. This was still one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time.

Church Tucker
2. Church
Saw it with the GF, who never saw the show, and she quite liked it. So, they managed to straddle that particular line very well.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
3. Lisamarie
I had low expectations for this movie, only because I've gotten kind of cynical in my old age (ha, I'm only 31) and most movies lately just haven't done it for me. Something about modern movies just don't appeal to me. Veronica Mars blew all of it out of the water. Absolutely one of the best movies I've seen in years (and yes, I was kind of obsessed with the show, so that might help). I actually kind of love that it was primarily for the fans (without totally shutting out newcomers) and what WE wanted to see. I made the same comment to my husband that the cameos actually fit into the plot instead of seeming like gratuitious fan wank.

I agree that the main mystery was a little 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' and that it would have been fun to stretch it out even MORE, over a TV season. But I still loved it. Logan in a uniform was worth my Kickstarter backing contribution alone :) And James Franco, lol.

I have to say, I still remain totally heartbroken in a still-obsessing-over-it-days-after-watching-the-movie way over how Weevil's story turned out. I don't want to spoil it too much but let's just say I have a bit of headcanon firmly in my head that's not going away. His car's in the shop and he's just going out to get Huggies, allright?

But yeah, my husband and I laughed out loud and gasped and yelled at all the right places.

The one minor complaint I have is that I think instead of using a new character as the ultimate master mind (which, in retrospect is kind of obvious - why create a new character if he's not going to have a significant role) I think Sean (or an existing character) should have been the one behind it - but my pick is Sean since it adds a little more weight to Carrie's affair with him and we already know from season 1 he is a prick who wants to pretend to fit in with the people he sees as his 'betters'. I just think the story would have a little more economy of characters that way (although one could argue it would then make it a little too 'small universe' for everybody important to have been part of the show').

I have to admit, I like Piz in a real life sense, but it was kind of funny to me that his main role in the movie was to get beat up and then walk out of Veronica's life. It's actually a bit similar to some of the discussion on the Star Wars EU thread regarding Callista being introduced as Luke's love and then promptly written out because the fans rebelled and wanted Mara Jade instead.

Really excited for the book, and I also hope a new movie comes out too. I will absolutely fund it.
Alex Brown
4. AlexBrown
@crzydroid: Rob Thomas can have all my money for whatever the hell he wants to do with it, if this is the result. The movie made the right choice in trying to distinguish itself from the show by not simply picking up where we left off. Everyone is a little older, a little wiser, and a little more frustrated by the hand life has dealt them.

@Church: Good to hear! I was worried about n00bs not getting it. The screening I went to was entirely populated by Marshmallows.
Alex Brown
5. AlexBrown
@Lisamarie: I think Piz is a fine choice, but not for Veronica (and definitely not for me...way too boring and nice for my taste). And yes, like Weevil, Piz's plot was cut short, but I strongly suspect they're both being set up for future entries. Can't resolve all cliffhangers.
Julia Malin
6. juliamd
I would LOVE to plop my butt down in a theater and see this film. Unfortunately there is not a single AMC north of NYC where this is playing.

So I have a download waiting for me and I am cheered by the thought that this is at least as good as the series... maybe with some VOD numbers added to the box office, then there may be a continuing run of Mars movies.
Alex Brown
7. AlexBrown
@juliamd: Yeah, I ended up trekking an hour away to catch it.
8. Greermahoney
Hmmm, spot on review, but 2 questions:

1) Was Piz her fiance? I thought they had only been dating a few months. I don't even think they were living together, despite the scene with her packing while he was there. He def says to Ira that they dated a few months of college and then most of the last year.
2) You say that the best part of the movie was the sexual assault. I'm really struggling here....what sexual assault?? Cobb/Gia? While I would consider that sexual assualt via coersion, I guess I wouldn't consider it the best part of the mystery. I mean, we only found out about them gettin' it on a few minutes before, so the fact that it wasn't voluntary didn't make as much of an impact on me, I guess. The fact that he was controlling everyone in the group because of one pic was more of the "ohhhh" moment for me.

Just making sure I didn't miss a major plotpoint somewhere....For sure sexual assault played a HUGE role in all 3 season of the show.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
9. Lisamarie
Yeah, I didn't quite understand the sexual assault comment in the context of the movie; my assumption is that Alex was referring to the rape in Season 1 (although you are right it also has a lot to do with Season 3).

As for Piz, according to the shooting script, there was a deleted line where she says something to Mac like, "I'm not ready to have you go bridesmaid dress shopping" so I don't think they were intended to be engaged. I love 'boring and nice' (and I don't think he was boring, really - being nice doesn't make somebody boring) so in a way it bothers me that I root for Logan because I would never want a girl I knew in real life to think that relationships have to be that drama filled and so chemistry-focused for the long term (although he was a bit more mature in this one, at least).
Alex Brown
10. AlexBrown
@Greermahoney and Lisamarie: I thought Piz and Veronica said they were engaged, but I might have misheard. It was awfully loud in the theater, and I kept missing bits of dialogue. Haven't had a chance to watch the digital version yet. My apologies for the confusion.

Nice doesn't always equal boring, but to me Piz is the definition of nice and boring. I've known guys like Piz, and while some may find that attractive, I like a little more spark in my relationships. Veronica doesn't want nice, as evidenced by what happens with the law firm later on in the movie. Not that I necessarily think Veronica's better off with Logan, or at least not the Logal from Neptune High. Adult!Logan and Adult!Veronica seem like much better matches than when they were teens.

As for the sexual assault...


What happened between Cobb and Gia is rape in my book. Years of being forced to be his sexual conquest against her wishes, not being allowed curtains so he could watch her, etc. That's years of sexual assault if ever I heard. And what he was doing to Bonnie wasn't much better. He wasn't raping her, but it was strongly implied he was keeping her drugged up to tamp down her growing guilt. Gia even said something about being the one unlucky enough to be the girl he loved. She clearly wasn't in a consensual relationship with Cobb, but the movie didn't treat it lightly or force her to be his victim. She maintained herself throughout his years of abuse and turned on him when she was finally able to (i.e., when Veronica confronted her). I don't seem her helping him kill Bonnie as co-conspiracy but as someone being forced to do something with the threat of violence. She was terrified of him and what he'd do to her.

Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
11. Lisamarie
I definitely agree with you about what happened to Gia - and I went back and re-read your paragraph and realized you were specifically talking about the mystery, but I actually interpreted your paragraph about agency, etc as being about Veronica. I think on rewatch I'll be able to think about Gia as well in that light, but since the revelation came pretty close to the end (and then she's killed), I didn't have a lot of expansive thoughts on the subject, except for thinking about how horrible it must have been to live like that for years and still maintain a 'normal' exterior.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
12. Lisamarie
Oh, and not disagreeing that Piz is not what Veronica wants deep down ;) Just saying that I'm definitely not Veronica.
Alex Brown
13. AlexBrown
@Lisamarie: Yeah, I re-read that paragraph in the review again and realize I should've been clearer.

You shall have Piz and I shall have Logan and we shall all live happily ever after :)
14. Victoria Barton
yeah I would see it in the theater if it was showing in Bakersfield ca. My city sucks.
S Cooper
15. SPC
I also trekked an hour and a half to see it in a theater, and it was absolutely worth it. It gave the series a sense of closure it didn't have before - I was so very angry at the last episode. If they make a sequel I'll totally watch it, and I'll certainly read the books, but I am satisfied with where the story sits now.

That said, I'm also upset about Weevil. I jumped so hard at a certain shot ringing out that I hurt my knee. I don't think I've ever had tears spring to my eyes so instantly.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
16. Lisamarie
Oh, I actually don't want Piz either - he doesn't know what Purgatory is (as evidenced by Season 3)!

I find it a tiny bit funny that the scene after him spouting his (very common) incorrect assertion is Logan rushing in and beating the crap out of him. THAT's what he was so mad about, folks ;)

But in all seriousness, I can definitely see why some people see him as a boring character - not so much because he's nice, but compared to the more assertive characters we are used to...his moping around for Veronica wasn't super attractive. In real life I do appreciate his 'live and let live' attitude, especially in his ability to walk away from conflict, but it wouldn't really make for exciting TV (what that says about us...not sure. I think in some ways my cheering for the Logan/Veronica pairing is a bit vicarious. I really would NOT want a relationship like that at all, and I worry a tiny bit about the implications of the 'Fixer Sue' vibe that is going on, but it's still fun to watch).
Lauren Hartman
17. naupathia
I really liked the movie, it was very well written and the dialogue was amazing as ever.

My one big issue with it was everyone griping at Veronica for "throwing her life away". I mean yes, her dad raised some good points. But she stayed so she could get an innocent man from getting the death penalty. Why does no one else in Neptune think Veronica was doing a good thing? When no one else would fight for Logan she was helping. I don't care whether they had been in a relationship or not - she was helping a friend who was innocent. And yet everyone is bitching at her the whole movie as if she's insane for staying and only doing it because she has feelings for Logan.

Which, admittedly, the movie really pushes it that way. The whole Veronica + Logan romance feels very shoehorned to me. Don't get me wrong, I do think they are a good couple. I like Logan, especially after he "cleans up". He was good in S2, S3 really screwed everything up because the execs wanted more drama so honestly I tend to ignore that part. And I do love Piz, he's more my kind of guy, but not Veronica's.

All that being said, I still feel like the movie went way too far trying to force Veronica and Logan together. Piz dumping her because, to reiterate, SHE IS TRYING TO SAVE A MAN FROM BEING WRONGLY CONVICTED , he dumps her over that because she can't make it in time to meet the parents? Really? That's just a little bit ridiculous in my book.

But anyway, it was a good movie, happy ending for all. I really enjoyed it.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
18. Lisamarie
naupathia@17, I actually agree with you here. I was a little soured on the whole 'addiction/junkie' metaphor because a)I felt it was a bit disrespectful to people who have actual, harmful, life destroying and family destroying addictions (my parents are in the music scene so I have witnessed this many times) and b)I DON'T THINK VERONICA IS MAKING THE WRONG CHOICE! I am GLAD she didn't end up some lawyer defending big companies from 'frivolous lawsuits' (because, let's face it, some of them probably are not going to be frivolous). My husband jokes that Veronica is kind of like Neptune's version of Batman. I think she needs to be there - the need to right injustices isn't some horrible thing.

Now, in some ways the analogy works because she is so determined and single minded and unable to let some things go and maybe a little too emphatic that justice as SHE sees it be done - to the extent that she may have a hard time maintaining relationships (although it seemed to me in the movie she was a little less spiteful and maybe not as apt to flat out use people) or living a more quiet life. And maybe part of her DOES enjoy the adrenalyne rush and the thrill of the chase. But I don't think that's her only motive. And I think part of the rush/pleasure is from a good thing - from seeing justice.

That said, while I think Piz should have at least understood that this was pretty important and I did roll my eyes a bit at his loyalty gibe (although - you have to wonder how much Veronica shared with him about what she was discovering and what was going on. To him it may very well have seemed like she was just staying because of her feelings for Logan) I think it IS his perogative to walk away if what he is looking for is a more typical 'family life'. And that's okay too, there's all sorts of vocations in the world and they're all valuable and needed.

Edited to add - and I'm sure the reason Keith is discouraging is because he knows how dangerous and seedy Neptune is, and would naturally want his daughter away from that. But, I think deep down, he's happy and proud (as seen by the little grin he gives in the hospital while watching the final newscast). I wonder if he'd have a shot at being sherrif. In the script that I read, there is some extra dialouge in the beginning where she mentions that her father can never be a p0lice officer again, because he was indicted after Season 3...but that dialouge never actually made it into the movie, so I don't know if it's still 'canon'. I hope the books cover some more of what was left loose with that season!
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
19. Lisamarie
Oh, and Weevil didn't get a happy ending :( :( :( (except in my head!).

Sorry for word-vomiting all over the thread. Aside from my husband, none of my Marshmallow friends in real life have seen the movie yet so I'm dying to talk about it with somebody.

I did hear from a coworker that decided to download the movie after seeing the preview (he's never seen the series) that he loved it and is now planning on watching the series though!
Joseph Newton
20. crzydroid
My problem with Piz was not that he was nice or boring, but just that he was annoying. Just the way he talks. They really did not get a good actor to play him. Oh, and he doesn't know what Purgatory is.

But I loved that scene in the movie where Dick showed the picture of him getting punched in the gut. I think that was there for total fan wank.

That being said, I don't think Piz was wrong to walk away from her. She is always doing that sort of thing...she knew his parents were coming...yet he didn't know she wasn't coming until he was standing there with his parents. Would it have been so hard for her to call ahead and tell him she has to stay a few more days like a normal person?
Alex Brown
21. AlexBrown
@Victoria Barton: Whatever you can do to see it in theaters, try. Warner Bros. will be much more inclined to do a sequel if enough money is made (especially in the theater...they're still very old school so ticket sales matter more to them than digital downloads).

@SPC: The entire theater screamed outloud at that particular Weevil moment. We also all collectively squeed when he showed Veronica the photo of his daughter, so.

@naupathia, Lisamarie: But she didn't HAVE to be involved. Any of those skeezy lawyers could've just as easily gotten Logan off as Veronica. Veronica's just a helluva lot more entertaining about it and prevented it from going to court in the first place.

That being said, I am in total agreement that Veronica is not the kind of woman who could ever seriuosly consider walking away from the case. However, I think it's a combination of her held over feelings for Logan, her disinterest in the lawyering life, her disinterest in settling with Piz, her missing home, her adrenaline junkie mentality, her intense need for justice in an unjust world, AND her deep-seated passion for wrath and retribution.

Piz didn't dump her because of not meeting his parents, although it did make for a convenient excuse. He dumped her because he'd known she wasn't happy in NYC and knew she was never leaving Neptune and he wasn't leaving NYC. He made a point of mentioning that she hadn't met his parents in their entire 9 years of knowing each other (and presumably dating on and off), yet he knows her dad well enough to make the sex with Veronica in Keith's house and joke about it the next morning. He recognized the imbalance in the relationship, and came to the realization it was never going to change and she was never coming home.

@crzydroid: I like Chris Lowell a lot, and think he was just fine given what a plate of beige Piz was when he was first introduced. More importantly, he's great in the tremendous and really funny Enlisted, which you should all be watching. It's rare I find a sitcom that I don't fine insipid or exhausting, and Enlisted is the exact opposite of that. Really great on all fronts.
22. Dianthus
I saw the movie via VOD over the weekend and loved it! I was a huge fan of the series, and it filled that post-BtVS void, even making the occasional BtVS reference. Spuffy is my OTP from BtVS, and I was always Team Logan. I just seem to go for the 'complicated' 'ships. Mulder & Scully...John & Aeryn...

I'm also very glad to see it covered here. I watched it with a friend, who was also a fan, tho' neither of us had seen an ep in years. We both had a lot of fun.
Alex Brown
23. AlexBrown
Just wanted to leave this hear for my fellow Marshmallows...think ya'll will get a kick outta it.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
24. Lisamarie
Hahahaha, 'plate of beige'.

So, I'm actually not sure how long Piz and Veronica actually were dating. At first I just assumed they'd been dating the entire 9 years, but then looking at the dialogue more closely seems to imply that they'd only recently started dating again, when she ended up in NYC?

But - agreed that Piz didn't break up with her soley for that reason, but just that it was probably one more thing that demonstrated the different paths they were on. I'm not so sure I agree that one of the other lawyers could have gotten him off (and, okay - nitpick. The photo of them pushing Susan overboard doesn't really prove Logan wasn't involved in Carrie's death, unless Cobb confessed to everything. I know that in a trial the burden is more to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did do it, and perhaps the photo does introduce that...but it also seems like they had taken Cobb in custody for the crime as well. I need to rewatch the ending.). I mean, maybe, because it's Neptune and he's rich, but presumably Carrie's family is too.

Anyway, just rambling, I think you hit on the various combination of factors that make Veronica who she is and why she had to stay quite well.
25. Sophist
"My one big issue with it was everyone griping at Veronica for "throwing her life away". I mean yes, her dad raised some good points. But she stayed so she could get an innocent man from getting the death penalty. Why does no one else in Neptune think Veronica was doing a good thing?"

In thinking about this, it might have played better if she had given this reason to Truman-Mann, only to have them say they didn't care and order her to report if she wanted the job. That would have been consistent with the show's theme about the moral corruption of the powerful.
Joseph Newton
26. crzydroid
@21: I see the problem with the wording of my statement, particularly the line, "They really did not get a good actor to play him." I don't mean to say that he is not "good," as in he has no merit as an actor or can't be good in other roles. I meant more along the lines of a good least from my personal point of view. I really did not like the way the character talked.

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