Mar 6 2014 9:00am

Morning Roundup: We’ve Got Your Morning Multipass!

The Fifth Element was a pretty fantastic movie, with a wonderfully claustrophobic view of future New York. Redditor J0BE recently posted this gallery of concept art from the film, all sketches contributed by French artist Jean-Claude Mezieres, and they show a slightly expanded world, and best of all, a gorgeous, truly alien Diva. Yay, concept art!

Morning Roundup has news about The Age of Ultron, the Constantine TV series, and a dark and gritty Santa Claus movie!

Wait, what?

1. Brainmeister
They are making a Krampus movie. Kevin Smith is doing it.
2. sfgale
Your 'gallery of concept art' link appears to be broken? or is it just me?
Jeff Youngstrom
3. jeffy
It's not just you, sfgale. It's missing its "http://" Try this:

Love Fifth Element so much.

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