Mar 21 2014 3:05pm

A Young Catwoman Appears in Gotham!

Young Selina Kyle already has her fashion sense firmly in place! Camren Bicondova, a 14-year-old actor and dancer, will play the Girl Who Will be Catwoman in Gotham, and apparently even as a high school student, she has a taste for black leather. (And goggles...) We’re really hoping that they keep at least a hint of her Catwoman personamaybe she can boost earrings from Claire’s, and she and young Bruce Wayne can argue about the criminal justice system during school dances!

And speaking of Young Bruce, we’ve already seen shots of Harvey Bullock, plus Oswald Cobblepot and young Jim Gordon himself, but none of them can compare to Young Batman eating an ice cream sandwich!

Chris Lough
1. TorChris
Baby Batman? Baby Catwoman? I can't wait for Baby Penguin!!!
Christopher Bennett
2. ChristopherLBennett
@1: As stated in the article, we've already seen photos of Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot. I think he gives off a bit of a Burgess Meredith vibe.

And I'm struggling to remind myself that the Selina portrayer's name is Camren rather than Carmen. I'm actually a bit surprised I haven't seen that typo anywhere yet, but I'm sure it'll happen a lot.
4. RobertX
This Catwoman...not so much.

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