Mar 14 2014 2:30pm

Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros Sweepstakes!

Game of Thrones pop up book

On March 25th, Insight Editions will release Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros, a gorgeously illustrated book inspired by the show's Emmy Award-winning title sequence. Now we want to send you your very own 3-D map of Westeros, complete with mini pop-ups of direwolves, White Walkers, and dragons (oh my!).

Find out how to enter, and what has learned about the shocking developments in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, after the cut!

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Three very lucky winners will receive a copy of Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros (dinosaurs not included, but you should go out and buy some for just this very eventuality).

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on March 14. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on March 18. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Robert Walther
1. Robert Walther
I would love to have this, count me in.
Robert Walther
4. Tessa11
So pretty! I'd love it!!
Robert Walther
6. Jackie D
I'd love this.
Robert Walther
8. Hans Cummings
That is the most epic pop-up book ever!
Robert Walther
11. BenjaminJB
That looks fun. I mean the book. The dinosaurs also look fun.
Robert Walther
12. Darth Touma
Olly Olly Oxenfree
Robert Walther
14. edk0300
I promise not to be disappointed if the dinosaurs aren't included. Looks amazing!
Erich Eberhardt
17. eber3
To awesome, I'd love to have this. Count me in!
Robert Walther
18. NoraL
This is so beautiful! I'd love one!
Sean Fagan
19. sef
Gosh, that'd make a nice present for someone.
Robert Walther
20. spaghetticats
Looks awesome.
Robert Walther
21. olethros
Hell, I'll even send you a picture of my sons' dinosaurs rampaging through Westeros if I win.
Robert Walther
25. Marcos Amano
Count me in! =D
Robert Walther
27. Ray Jr
One for me, please.
Robert Walther
29. carrottop2864
This would make my entire year!!
Robert Walther
33. Andrew Littlefield
Awesome I so want one.
Robert Walther
34. Scott Posey
This is awesome! Thanks for offering giveaways!
Robert Walther
37. Laurie Viets
We have dinosaurs ready to go!
Robert Walther
38. RichardAuffrey
A very cool idea.
William Gardner
39. myangelsman09
Three winners? Very lucky indeed, three chances, there's power in that number. A power beyond all comprehending, should it be said that one did not at least attempt to join the one in three, then know all is not lost. For something ventured is something gained; as long as it doesn't resolve in an axe to the neck, crossbow bolt to the chest, knife to the throat, or drowning in wildfire, let alone dragon fire; then i'd say, success.
Robert Walther
42. Stephanie O
Already have the dinos. :)
Andy Holman
43. AndyHolman
Wow, count me in! I'm excited to enter this contest.
Susan Terendy
44. suekitty13
OMG! This is the most awesome book ever! :)
Robert Walther
45. SciFiChick
I see a little silhouett-a of a man...
Tim Lewis
46. RaPToRFunK
Dinosaurs not included? Oh well. I'll still enter.
Robert Walther
47. Keelyn
Oh my gosh, I want! :)
Sharon Haas
48. kazul1
Wow! This would be great and I've already got the dinosaurs! lol
Robert Walther
50. The Chieftain
I would be cool just winning the dinosaurs... wink wink....but the pop-up book is cool too.
Andy Warta
51. dragontrainer
That looks awesome, even if the dinosaurs are not included!
Robert Walther
54. JenniferA
I would love to win one! It looks awesome :)
Robert Walther
55. Teawench
This looks vaguely awesome
Robert Walther
56. BrandyH
This is so great!

(Dinosaurs Not Included is the name of my Oingo Boingo cover band project, btw.)
Robert Walther
57. NCAR
This would be awesome to win, I hope I win.
Robert Walther
58. eric’s alias
Does it come with the dinosaurs?
Julia S
59. TwistedDream
Will there be a separate contest to win the dinosaurs? Because Winter is not complete without dinosaurs, now..
Robert Walther
60. JenniferC
Westeros could use more dinosaurs, but even without them the book looks awesome!
Robert Walther
61. Heather H.
That's the best way to experience this book...dinosaurs.

Gives new meaning to, "Aaahhh, curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!"
Robert Walther
62. Kuma
Rolling! Looks awesome.
Robert Walther
63. AdrianMz
This is amazing! I must have!!
Andrew Hamilton
64. Forty-Two
I didn't think this series could get any better, but then, *SIGH* Dinosaurs, you had me at Dinosaurs.
Robert Walther
66. Templarz
WOW! Please! I need this!
Robert Walther
68. RLBrown
Not just a want, but a need.
Robert Walther
70. Steve Grow
Now I can re-enact the opening credits in my lap...
Robert Walther
72. @bookverve
You had me at dinosaurs.
Robert Walther
73. DRickard
Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Robert Walther
75. Heather Przystas
Pick me! =)
Robert Walther
76. Athanor
Not even sure I want to win. I have little ones, so they may destroy if I get one!
Robert Walther
77. LDB
More Card Stock Art AWESOME!!
Robert Walther
80. BookOuroboros
I have toy plastic dinosaurs and also Jawas. Oh please oh please oh please.
Robert Walther
81. baslow
I'm entering my name for this book because I figure that an ebook version is not planned...
Robert Walther
82. Iron Maiden James
Curse your sudden, yet inevitable betrayal
Robert Walther
83. Pamela D
Thank you for the giveaway. I have some toy dinosaurs already for the cause. :)
Robert Walther
84. Kelly L.
This is awesome! Want!
Robert Walther
85. Emontie Purth
Dan Herbert
86. Ordeith
I already have the dinosaurs to go with it!
Robert Walther
87. Erin E Smith
No book setting personifies "sudden but inevitable betrayal" like this one.
Robert Walther
90. MakaelaT
I would love this even more if the dinorsaurs were included. ;) Looks awesome!
Robert Walther
91. Austin Free
I want it, please
Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer
92. EllenMCM
Oh, me, please! We would have so much fun with this.
Robert Walther
93. stephastein
Meeeee! So glorious.
Christine LaRue
94. LadyAnubis
I dig dinosaurs! (And thanks for somehow reminding me OMAR COMIN')
Robert Walther
95. Herb237
Are the dinos included?
Robert Walther
96. Andrea B.
IwillnotwatchuntilIread. IwillnotwatchuntilIread. IwillnotwatchuntilIread. IwillnotwatchuntilIread.
I can, however, enjoy this amazing work of paper art!
Amanda Martino
97. isismaat
Want! I don't have dinosaurs (but I'll buy some) but I do have an android army ready to move in!
Robert Walther
98. George Norris
Hope to win. This is an amazing series
Robert Walther
100. ClaudImp
Fingers: crossed.
Robert Walther
101. Tracy Townsend
I have plastic dinosaurs! I'm ready! Let's do this.
Robert Walther
102. DanielKerns
Looks cool I'm in.
Robert Walther
103. KanchB
oh, yes, please!
Robert Walther
104. Janet M
Dinosaurs are almost dragons (too bad they never developed the fire-breathing thing).
Robert Walther
105. Josh Zhanson
The red comet...
Robert Walther
107. BigJim
This is the greatest Popup Book Ever!
Robert Walther
108. Nicki Burkhead
Do we get the dinos, too? (:
Robert Walther
109. DougL
Me, me, me, me, please!!!!
Brandy Thomas
110. Roese
Luckily I already have dinosaurs but they need a book.
Robert Walther
111. Alex A.
I'm only here for the dinosaurs. ;) The pop-up book would be a plus though.
Robert Walther
112. Malinovka
I would love to win this!!!
Robert Walther
115. Jennifer Ellifritz
Damn dinosaurs (and the damned captcha). Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal.
Sam Brougher
116. Azuaron
I even have the dinosaurs already!
Robert Walther
117. Casejord
Really cool.
Robert Walther
119. rebusrex
I want to give this to my brother!
Robert Walther
120. Kitty
Dinosaurs are practically Dragons. :)
Mark Alexander Lindberg
121. MarkLindberg
This is beautiful. You give away the most awesome stuff. I would love to win this.
Robert Walther
122. moonglum
I have already procured my dinosaurs.
Robert Walther
124. LannisterLover
This must be mine, it will be mine, it shall be mine!!!!!
Robert Walther
125. Doug Atkinson
Robert Walther
126. Darith3Duh
This is like the BEST thing to get! Please, God of Chance! :D
Robert Walther
127. Erin G
I would love this!
Robert Walther
129. Tabitha O.
I would love to win this the books!
Robert Walther
130. A.J. Waskie
Robert Walther
131. Jeanette Jackson
This looks amazing. Please include me in the drawing.
Stephen Bristow
133. Vanesmantha
Perfect to have by my side when I reread the series--thanks for the chance!
Rammy Meyerowitz
135. m5rammy
Even without dinosaurs, that is something to win!
Robert Walther
137. Sue Barney
Awesome! Thx for the chance!
Robert Walther
138. Marlene Urban
I love the Firefly reference!
Robert Walther
139. Chris Mulliss
By the Old Gods and the New!
Robert Walther
140. Raytheist
I want this so so so so bad! The dinosaurs are a very nice touch. Take that, Miss Stormborn!
Robert Walther
141. Brobostigus
Cool !
Robert Walther
142. Deadjack
Very cool.
J. Akimatsu
145. DesertLorelei
Oh, wow! I can't think of anything smarter to say than just "wow."
Robert Walther
150. EricL
ooo ooo ooo i want
Robert Walther
151. cronan275pep
this looks really cool!
Robert Walther
152. Lynn K.
That is very cool! I also think the dinosaur meme is funny though I would change the second is to are. lol
Robert Walther
153. djstau
I'm interested
greg scott
155. worthy
Very nice...and I think the T-Rex is a necessity if you have one.
Richard Schatz
156. schatzfam
This will be great to have on hand when Season 4 starts on April 6.
Robert Walther
158. Robynn
I'm a little bummed the dinosaurs are not included.
Robert Walther
159. Rev. Zeek
(Also trying to restrain his disappointment at the lack of dinosaurs)
Robert Walther
160. Mandamon
I'd love to have one!
Robert Walther
163. lucaser
Count me in!
Greg Lincoln
164. glshade
So yeah that looks nuts.... I may just have to buy one ....
Robert Walther
166. Sandraaaaaaaa
Gonna let my Boromir action figure tramp around Westeros because reasons...
Robert Walther
167. Judy in SATX
Robert Walther
168. Alejandro1
I am in.
Robert Walther
169. John Hayward
This looks awesome
Robert Walther
170. Mike D.
I've got a Star Wars popup book that's really cool. I'd like to learn how to make my own sometime
Robert Walther
171. Melissa Carroll
This would be the perfect addition to my son's Game of Thrones map collection.
Robert Walther
173. wilderowens
You guys are so awesome for doing this. :)
erick sibert
174. lollygags
I wouldn't get anything done at work since this would be covering my desk.
Robert Walther
175. Einkidu
I would love this. Only Tv show my husband will watch with me.
Robert Walther
176. Aaron Muguerza
Wow, that is one beutiful looking pop up book.
Robert Walther
178. cat_woman
Love pop up books! So much fun.
Robert Walther
179. TurtleKnitta
Robert Walther
180. JeremyB
It'll just take up valuable bookshelf space and gather dust, but... DON"T CARE! WANT! :D
Robert Walther
183. Lady Atarah
Super cool (even without the dinosaurs)!
Robert Walther
185. TimWA
Looks awesome - I'm in!
Robert Walther
188. CD
This looks beautiful!
Robert Walther
189. Craig Marquis
This looks full of awesome !
Robert Walther
190. Mike Weisberg
Sooo Cool. Pick me. :)
Robert Walther
191. Mike Weisberg
Sooo Cool. Pick me. :)
Robert Walther
192. bridgeburner
This book is awesome and would like to own it. Hopefully winds of winter is not to far behind.
Robert Walther
193. Shannon Baas
How fun is this.
Robert Walther
194. Angel Heaven Lee
This is utterly and completely AWESOMESAUCE!!!
Peter Lam
196. Petor1
Hey there's a Tyrion dinosaur on top of the wall pissing off the edge of the world.
Robert Walther
197. rickel bart
i'd love to give this to my stepson!
Robert Walther
199. CarolZ
Please. I see a birthday gift ahead.
Robert Walther
200. Aaron Humphrey
This is my favorite show, would love to win.
Robert Walther
201. Jerry El
Started the series when book 1 hardcover was published & due to the forever seeming nature of each succeeding book, I had to reread all the prior novels. The pop-up would be a wonderful addition to my book collection. Hopefully books 6 & 7 are finished before I or the author are no longer alive.
Robert Walther
202. m bolton
ohhh yeah !!!!! choose me PLEEASSSEEEE !!!!!!!!
Robert Walther
203. Orctavius
Entering contest
Robert Walther
204. Jacqueline Weiskopff
This would be an amazing win.
Robert Walther
205. Brenda Cushman
This is wicked awesome it would be so cool to score this one thanks Tor for the great sweepstakes love,love,love it!!
Robert Walther
207. Jen McKernan
This looks amazing!
Robert Walther
210. Rhonda Struthers
This would be a great surprise for my son and husband who are great fans of the show
Robert Walther
212. peter gladue
Yes Please!!!
Robert Walther
213. Bee Sol
So one of these is mine, right?
Robert Walther
214. misty rummell
Awesome giveaway
Robert Walther
215. augrim
Finally, a giveaway for me and my five-year old.
Nancy Soule
216. nlsoule
I would love to give this to my boyfriend for his birthday!! He would totally geek out. :) ...Not to mention the fact that I would be ten times as excited as he would.
Robert Walther
218. Gail Hoeker
This is so cool!
Robert Walther
219. angiew
Love the show. The book looks terrific.
Robert Walther
221. lee Mckoen
So awesome!
Jeanette Baker
222. FollowYourMuse
Dinasaurs! Thanks to Tor I now have dinosaurs sitting on my Big Epic Bookshelf! The pop-up book is fantastic!
Robert Walther
225. Thomas lockhart
looks awesome
Chi Shannon
226. anastasiafall
lol This is fantastic!!! I would LOVE this :)
bob keck
227. ky2here
Grandson will go completely nutts over this.

ky2here at msn dot com
Robert Walther
228. matkeltri
Love it!!!!
Robert Walther
229. Serena Powell
This would make the perfect birthday gift for my brother.
Robert Walther
230. Kara Prem
I can see 11 Doctors coming to save Westeros from the dinosaurs happening. Well, if I win the book, it could happen.
Robert Walther
232. RodneyTheYeti
I'll take it!
Robert Walther
233. Dawn K
looks great
Aaron Tranes
235. Itchy
That looks very cool! Pop up books are awesome!
Scott Raun
236. sraun
Please! I have a friend for whom this would be the perfect birthday present!
Robert Walther
237. nightigsnow
I so love this. Unfortunately, I'm not from the States. :(
Joseph Cook
238. Jobi-Wan
This looks excellent, I am only on book 2 but have been trying to get my hands on as much GOT gear as I can lately.
Heather De Luna
239. melikegarfield
This is TOO cool...and I know the perfect place for it. Unfortunately I suspect my cats will need to be restricted in order to save it from a monsterous fate.
Lauren Hartman
241. naupathia
We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... This Land.
Robert Walther
242. Elgion
Awesome! Would love to have please.
Robert Walther
243. Brenda F
This is just gorgeous! Count me in, I know a friend in need
Robert Walther
244. Beverly Henry
my grandson would love it
Jessica Walden
248. jessicaw
I can't even articulate how much I want this.
Robert Walther
249. Stuart Conover
Considering my son loves Dinos and I love Game of Thrones.. this seems like a no brainer to enter!

Dinosaurs Is Coming!
Robert Walther
250. Devolark
This looks fantastic!
Robert Walther
251. Nancy Meyer
Oh wow! That is awesome!!! I'd love to win!
Robert Walther
252. Aaron Tyler
Do. Want.
Robert Walther
253. Burke McIntosh
YES! Please
Robert Walther
254. Ryan Milford
Sign me up!
Robert Walther
255. Another Andy
I want one!
Robert Walther
256. Stacie H
Looks like a gorgeous book- I know the perfect George RR Martin fan for it! Id love one!
Robert Walther
257. Lena Coakley
Yes, please!
Robert Walther
258. stainedcyrano
Pick me!!!
Robert Walther
259. bruce hendrickson
While waiting for winter to come (April 6) it has been coming and going, coming and going, etc. in the DC area. A pop-up guide to Westeros will make the time pass quicker.
Robert Walther
260. Zach Gardner
My birthday is April 6. This would make a great birthday present. Just saying.
Jennifer Clark
262. Gwynella
Already have the dinos...just need the book now :)
Robert Walther
263. Rebecca L
Yes!!! So awesome. I would love a copy of this. :)
Robert Walther
264. Carol B
Love this! Absolutely awesome!!
Robert Walther
265. Janet Iannantuono
Beautiful. I would love to win it and donate it to our charity auction in November!
Robert Walther
266. Sterling M
Robert Walther
267. Halley Hair
The pop up book collection at UNC needs this one!!
Robert Walther
268. R. Grey
Beautiful! Don't know if I would keep it or gift it. Difficult decision if I win!
Robert Walther
271. Michelle L.
This is just so cool! I could use this for a great homeschooling lesson.
Robert Walther
272. Sharon Browning
If I win this, I will get sooooo many "mom points" with my son!
Robert Walther
274. Holly Wright
Wow awesome giveaway! We love Game of Thrones
Robert Walther
275. Megan Robertson
What an awesome giveaway!
Robert Walther
276. Darlene Wrigh
Love it, thanks!
Linda Peters
277. linnett
this would make a great gift for the hubby who loves Game of Thrones, thanks
Robert Walther
278. Nichole Anne
I must have please!!!
Robert Walther
279. DavidBrewer
That is awesomeness I need!
Robert Walther
280. some call me Tim
Robert Walther
283. MARIA simon
Robert Walther
284. Andy Holcombe
Awesome. It must be mine!
Robert Walther
285. God of Wax
Want. So great.
Robert Walther
286. Vicki Andrew
my daughter is a big fa, watched it each week with her friends, just got me into it so I am playing catch up
Robert Walther
287. Lindsey B
One of the best pop-up books I've ever seen!
Robert Walther
288. Ellen G.
Oh, the fun I would have with this!
Robert Walther
289. Allison Bahr
this is awesome
Robert Walther
Cool, count me in :)
Robert Walther
292. Victoria Barton
So awesome!!! I already have the dinosaurs ready to go. Ill just have to borrow them from my six year old
Robert Walther
293. Margaret P.
Fantastic! Continuing my obsession with Game of Thrones....
Robert Walther
295. Ryoshi
That is one impressive book. Count me in!
Wayne Lecoy
296. hotrodguy
I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win a copy of Game of Thrones:
A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros by Matthew Christian Reinhart
This looks like an interesting book.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Walther
297. Malina
Robert Walther
299. Liz Curr
* Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, OH PLEASE!!!!! *
Robert Walther
300. Melia Koerner
This is so cool, love it!
barbara stenby
301. wikichoco
I LOVE Game of Thrones This would make a great Birthday present for me! Thanks for the chance!
Robert Walther
302. philip halter
wow great price
Robert Walther
304. Michelle McLaughlin
My nephew would love this!
Heather Cowley
305. cowleyh
Just to see a grown man play with a pop-up book...I'm so in!
kathy pease
306. klp1965
Great Giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance :)
Susan Smoaks
307. susansmoaks
Game of Thrones is my favorite show. I would love to win this!
Robert Walther
308. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Robert Walther
309. daniel trimble
Enter please!
Mike Bowers
310. agetoki9
I love the firefly refrence. I hope I get this
Robert Walther
311. Rickie Hinrichs
A great series on tv glad it's returning for another season.
Robert Walther
313. Charles Price
Robert Walther
314. Jaime Cummings
I'd love it!!
LeAnn Knott
315. knottlady
I have a Special Nephew who would love this. He is big into Dinosaurs!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!
Robert Walther
316. DanV
This would be a lot of fun
Lisa Schensted
317. heylisarenee
This is so, so cool. Thank you for the contest!
Robert Walther
319. WatcherJohn
I think my wife would love this, sans dinosaurs.
Robert Walther
320. Stephanie Galbraith
Pick me!
Robert Walther
321. Nova Mitchell
This is really neat! How great would it be to look at the pop-up while reading the books and watching the series?
Robert Walther
322. Rachel Cutler
please pick me before winter comes
Robert Walther
324. Marie Constantineau
Robert Walther
325. Emily Reviews
What a neat giveaway - i always struggle to visualize the layout so having a 3d model would be super helpful :)
Robert Walther
327. Nick Fontana
Comment in the post!
Robert Walther
328. Jessie Jinkelheimer
Sounds like a great book, can't wait to see it.

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