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First Four Game of Thrones Episode Titles Revealed

Game of Thrones season 4 episode titles

The first four episode titles of Game of Thrones season 4 have leaked! Let’s take a look and speculate as to what events await us beginning April 6th!

That means SPOILERS AHEAD for Game of Thrones season 4. noticed the listing over the weekend:


Episode 1: “Two Swords”

Generic title is generic! The first episode is possibly just a reintroduction of where everyone is at in the series, with the story in King’s Landing revolving around Jaime’s return, the gift of Ned’s re-made sword to him, and Jaime’s subsequent re-gifting and re-naming of it to Brienne.

Episode 2: “The Lion and the Rose”

George R. R. Martin’s contribution to this season almost certainly brings wedding bells to King’s Landing! We wish King Joffrey and Queen Margaery all the best in their scrunchy-faced reign, long may it last.

Episode 3: “Breaker of Chains”

This is the moniker given to Daenerys as she continues her march west, gathering a nomadic nation of freed slaves behind her. Is this the episode where she takes Meereen? Her epic “dracarys” moment came around this time last season, as well.

In grand Game of Thrones tradition, the title probably applies literally and ironically, the latter being the case for Tyrion, post-Purple Wedding.

Episode 4: “Oathbreaker” “Oathkeeper”

Tyrion’s trial, perhaps? Since Jaime is gifted the sword Oathkeeper that could very well make Tyrion the “oathbreaker.” The two brothers have always been cast as opposites in all eyes but their own.

We just hate oaths so much we thought the episode title was “Oathbreaker”! And as the comments point out below, this episode probably focuses on Jon Snow.


This is all just speculation, of course. We wonder if they’ll title one of the latter episodes “A Storm of Swords”....

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
They are putting the wedding that early?
How far into book 4/5 are they going to go this season then?
2. daleri
"Oathbreaker" is almost certainly a reference to Jon Snow after returning to the Wall
Ox Hobbs
3. Amandrek
Daleri, good call, I would agree with your foresight on Oathbreaker.

@Braid_Tug - I am curious about this myself.. I don't see much in the trailer from books 4/5. Even with the wedding happening early in the season, I think there is plenty of content for the rest of the season from book 3.
Rob Munnelly
4. RobMRobM
@1, 3 My predictions, based largely on casting spoilers and teaser clips.

- Bran north of the Wall and reaching his destination by season end. Next season will cover what happens when he gets there.

- Dany will begin to learn how hard it will be to rule her next location; info from at least the first Dany chapter in ADWD will be included (i.e., dragons behaving badly).

- Bank of Braavos beginning its debt collection strategy relative to Lannisters.

Doubtful about other developments.
Carolyn Paterson
5. iceandfyre
According to, the title of episode 4 is "Oathkeeper" not "Oathbreaker".
Chris Nelly
6. Aeryl
Episode One is where we will learn about the two swords.

Episoede Four is when Jaime will give Brienne the sword and her quest.

As was pointed out to me, Jaime/Brienne is the only ship to get two episode titles so far(The Bear and the Maiden Fair, Oathkeeper). I think we can figure out who the showrunners ship!
Nathan Martin
7. lerris
@1 From looking at its placement in the book, I had the Purple Wedding at episode 3, since I assumed they'd find a way to pad events to delay it a little. Jaime's early arrival complicates things a little. I imagine the first half of the season will focus on King's Landing, and the second half on The Wall.
Brigitte Reed
8. brigittereed
There is a spoiler below for those who have not seen Rains of Castamere. (S3Ep9)

They (aka the writers) do know that Jaime doesn't return to the capital until AFTER Joffery's wedding right?? -_- I don't think any of us who have read the books will be able to get THAT lovely little reunion scene out of our heads for a long, LONG time. Ew. . .

(I'm not saying "ew" because it is incest. I am saying it because there are other, more obvious, ew-factors.)

Also, I think this show would have made more sense if the writers (VERONICA) hadn't decided to play high-and-mighty with a perfectly fine story. If they had just stuck to the story arcs laid down by GRRM, they wouldn't have had to invent things. Like Rob's wife. "Oh, I'm going to bring my wife with me to the twins. They TOTALLY won't see that as yet another slight. Oh? You mean she's dead now? Oops." Boy, that was a convenient way to get rid of a character that never exsisted in the first place.
Joe Vondracek
9. joev
Stubby, Stubby, Stubby.... Jaime is not gifted the sword Oathkeeper. His father gives him a sword that was forged from the remains of Ice, and Jaime himself names it Oathkeeper when he gives it to Brienne.
10. SeeingI
@brigittereed: But the show had Jaime returning at the end of the last season, so he'll be around for the wedding, which should definitely change the dynamic between him and Tyrion some.
Nathan Martin
11. lerris
What works in print does not necessarily work in a visual medium ( and vice-versa ). GRRM has written both novels and television episodes in his career, and is not exactly uninvolved with the show ( he has writing credits on an episode each season ).
Adam Whitehead
12. Werthead
How far into book 4/5 are they going to go this season then?
Quite far with Bran (he starts Season 4 basically where he is at the start of Book 5), Brienne (Episode 4's title suggests she begins her Book 4 storyline at that point), Theon (some of his Book 5 storyline will take place, based on casting information and the trailers) and Sansa (based on casting notes for the Lords of the Vale). Davos and Stannis will - bizarrely - touch on a Book 5 storyline (and a Book 4/5 location) in a new plot that is basically a more efficient way of handling a story than it's handled in the books (basically, Stannis's dealings with the Iron Bank).

On the other side of the coin, Jon/Sam and the King's Landing storylines will likely only get to the end of ASoS at the end of the season. I suspect the final scene of Episode 10 will be the final scene of the book.

Season 5 is going to be more fun to plan. I think the remainder of both AFFC and ADWD will be sequeezed into that one season, a lot of new characters from those books will be cut and for budgetary purposes they may even need to end the season with one of the two big battles that opens TWoW (and have the other one at the start of Season 6). The balloon, as they say, is going up.

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