Mar 5 2014 5:05pm

Cover Reveal for The Three-Body Problem

Tor Books is very excited to reveal the cover to The Three-Body Problem. Stephan Martiniere, who created the cover art, had this to say about the process:

“I have always been attracted to complex and giant mechanical construct. When the assignment for the book came in I had just gotten back from Florence with tons of pictures from the Museo Galileo, which displays some incredible armillaries and other wonderful devices. The timing could not have been more perfect. All these references inspired me and gave me tons of ideas to create the elaborate construct depicted on the cover. This was a celestial experience.”

The Three-Body Problem is an award-winning series by Liu Cixin—the first of which is arguably the first Chinese science fiction novel translated into English. Liu uses the “three-body problem” of classical mechanics to ask some terrifying questions about human nature and what lies at the core of civilization. The series explores the world of the Trisolarans, a race that is forced to adapt to life in a triple star system, on a planet whose gravity, heat, and orbit are in constant flux. Facing utter extinction, the Trisolarans plan to evacuate and conquer the nearest habitable planet, and finally intercept a message—from Earth. The Three-Body Problem, due out in October 2014, will be translated into English by award winning writer, Ken Liu.

Islam Sci-Fi
1. Islam Sci-Fi
Superb cover and fascinating story. Its about time that Chinese Sci-Fi will be getting its due.
Angela Korra'ti
2. annathepiper
Well, that's gorgeous!

I'll be quite interested in checking this out once it releases!
Islam Sci-Fi
3. zurrisampdoria
Definitely the most imaginative Chinese novel ever.
Islam Sci-Fi
Fantistic story! Highly recommended!
Islam Sci-Fi
5. Alkindus
Is there a way to preorder this already, or if not, when can we?
Islam Sci-Fi
6. IvanL
One of the best Sci-Fi novels ever!
Islam Sci-Fi
8. Naava
You mean I have to wait until october? ;)
Scott Jones
9. Skavoovee
This book sounds rad as heck! I hope you guys are gonna do some cool prerelease stuff with it, I can't wait to dig in!
Islam Sci-Fi
10. rraph
It sounds very interesting.
If we're talking about chinese Sci-fi, I suggest you read "The Fat Years" by Chan Koonchung.
It may not be classical sci-fi per se, but it offers a novel view on the dystopian sub genre.
Islam Sci-Fi
13. Mark Ma
Excellent Novel! I have read the Chinese version. Highly recommended!
Islam Sci-Fi
14. Magrathea
The best Chinese novel ever.
May you people enjoy it~
Islam Sci-Fi
15. VanD.
I've read the entire series angain and again. In my opinion, it's on the same level as star trek and star wars.

Fantastic sci-fi novel!
Islam Sci-Fi
16. Yiping Tang
Absolutely the best sci-fi I've ever read! Can't wait for the English version to come out
Islam Sci-Fi
17. Ruobing Han
Pre-ordered this book today on Amazon. I have the paper-cover and hard-cover Chinese versions of all three books in this series and have read them over and over. Can't wait to read the English one.
Islam Sci-Fi
18. CHEN Jinlei
I found that this cover is a little bit different from the released book cover. The name of the author is Liu Cixin, however, the published is bocoming Cixin Liu. I must say in Chinese tradition surname is always comes at first. Given to the Cixin is not a English name, it is not ok to put it as Cixin Liu. It can be told from the name what a culture like, and I would gradly accept a person named Barack Obama, not Obama Barack(Chinese would not translate like this). This shows respect to a country, a culture as well. Hoping that might be help.

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