Mar 12 2014 5:20pm

Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance Debuts at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Words of RadianceWords of Radiance, the second book in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive fantasy series, has debuted at #1 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list! We are bursting with Stormlight (in a good way) at the news.

The placement speaks highly of the excitement that Sanderson's new series has generated amongst fans of epic fantasy. Words of Radiance provides a satisfying and deep journey into the complex world that Sanderson has only just begun to unveil, and it's exciting to be here watching the series' readership grow alongside that world.

If you've finished the book you can join the discussion of its particulars on the comment thread for Alice Arneson's review of Words of Radiance.

Not familiar with Words of Radiance or the Stormlight Archive series? You can read free chapters from the first book The Way of Kings here. Or free chapters from Words of Radiance itself here.

Congratulations to Brandon Sanderson and his team!

Number one!!!

Words of Radiance UKFor those curious about the ebook, Words of Radiance has also reached #1 on the combined print/ebook bestseller list!

Words of Radiance has also reached #1 on the Kobo Bestseller list, #3 on this week's National Indie Bestseller list, and #6 on the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association bestselling hardcover fiction list.

And a huge congratulations goes out to Stormlight Archive's U.K. publisher Gollancz for debuting Words of Radiance at #2 on the Sunday Times of London Bestseller list!

Jeremy Guebert
1. jeremyguebert
Congratulations to Brandon and team! Well deserved.
Walker White
5. Walker
This means we can finally retire the asterisk from his "#1 NYT Bestseller" title.
6. Freelancer

I had a feeling, when I saw the crowd in the bookstore on the 4th, that the initial reception for Words of Radiance was much stronger than The Way of Kings. And so it was!

Congratulations Brandon, Peter, Tor, and everyone else involved.
Skip Ives
7. Skip
Congratulations to Brandon! I picked up the ebook as soon as the clock struck midnight. A great sequel.
8. Jayms
Wow, well done! I'm reading through the first book now and it's wonderful. Knowing it's going to be a while before another book comes out, I'm taking my time with it.
9. Jordan360
Well deserved! I'm halfway through the audiobook and loving it!
Jennifer B
10. JennB

Congratulations. This book deserves it. Here's to 8 more! I am looking forward to each and every one.
11. philanor

Big congrats and well deserved!! Your books have brought me joy and contentment and made me feel like a young boy again :)

And I get my daily fix from reading from the comment thread for Alice Arneson's review of Words of Radiance. It's pure awesomeness like Stormlight.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Sanderson. Waiting anxiously for your next book!
John Massey
14. subwoofer
On the one hand, yay! OTOH, I'm not good with standing in line for anything. On the other other hand, back off! It's mine! All mine. I musts have the Precious.

Deana Whitney
15. Braid_Tug
Go Team Sanderson!!
Everyone smiling now!

@14, Subwoofer - you are too funny!
16. Danhop
Awesome news! Tor risking a novel of this length and having it do well is a good sign for future works of this nature. Gratz Brandon! Well deserved!
John Hatteberg
17. Oronis
The list for New York Times Best Sellers that I am looking at says that a book called The Undead Pool is #1. Is Words of Radiance going to be #1 next week?
18. kkchaitu
Sweet! This is so awesome!

This is my favorite series so far!! I have never been this excited about any book :).
19. mwu
Is there a link to this #1 listing? I can't find WoR on any of the lists.
Nadine L.
20. travyl
Congratulations from me as well, to Brandon Sanderson, and everybody involved in the process.
I'm sure it would have gotten another #1, if it could be measured how long the average buyer needs to complete the book (days per page).
It's really gripping and ... prone to Lift the spirit: pure "awesomeness" :)
Patrick Mosbacker
21. Patillian
The publicly accessible list is titled the March 16th list, and has the Undead Poll on top as stated, but if you scroll to the bottom, it explains that the rankings are for the week ending March 4th.

So I guess there's a two-week delay. The Mar. 23 list should be the next week including March 4th when Words of Radiance came out. Tor must have some kind of access to that info already. I would love to know where we can see that.
Peter Ahlstrom
22. PeterAhlstrom
Publishers get sent the NYT list a week and a half ahead of when it comes out in the paper. I'm not sure what day the March 23rd list will be put online.

The NYT list has been running for so many years that back when it started, it took two weeks to collect the data for the list. Now it takes less than three days. I personally think that the NYT should one of these weeks publish two weeks at once, making a 53-week year, so they can stop being a week behind everyone else.
Alice Arneson
24. Wetlandernw
NOW you can see it for yourself.

Combined Print & E-Book Fiction
Hardcover Fiction
E-Book Fiction

Clean sweep. SCORE!!

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