Mar 28 2014 3:40pm

A New Novella from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles Series Arrives November 2014!

The Slow Regard of Silent Things novella Kingkiller Chronicles Patrick Rothfuss

DAW Books has just announced a November 4, 2014 publication date for The Slow Regard of Silent Things, a new novella set in the world of Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy series!

According to the announcement:

The Slow Regard of Silent Things is set at The University, where the brightest minds work to unravel the mysteries of enlightened sciences, such as artificing and alchemy. Auri, a former student (and a secondary but influential character from Rothfuss’s earlier novels) now lives alone beneath the sprawling campus in a maze of ancient and abandoned passageways. There in The Underthing, she feels her powers and learns to see the truths that science—and her former classmates—have overlooked.

This announcement lines up with revelations from Rothfuss’ Reddit AMA in January 2014, which detailed a new novella focused on Bast, as well as two others in progress involving Auri and Laniel Young-Again.

The Bast-centric story “The Lightning Tree” will debut in Rogues, the new fantasy anthology out from George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois on June 17th. The Slow Regard of Silent Things will be a standalone release from DAW Books and will debut in hardcover for $18.95.

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
So this means Auri doesn't die in Day Three?

Well that's something. :-)
2. dougg
Sounds like it's probably a prequel - I wouldn't assume anything.
thistle pong
3. thistlepong
I gave a longer description on the reread SS 21:208 a little bit before this went up.
4. Ryamano
According to the last piece of news on,, this Auri story is a prequel. Then he's set to write another prequel(about Laniel Young-Again). And only then the third day (Doors of Stone). This GRRM method of writing prequels before finishing the series is becoming more and more popular.
thistle pong
7. thistlepong

That's interpretive license on "Stubby's" part, not what he actually announced in the AMA or the public or online appearances where he's talked about it. The story's "centered on Auri," but there's been no confirmation of an origin story.

I posted a longish bit about the how and why of these two novellas elsewhere.* The TL:DR is that DoS probably would have taken even longer without them.

David Thomson
8. ZetaStriker
I've seen this photo of Rothfuss quite a few times, but I still find it hilarious that there's a novel called "Sister Time" on the shelf behind him. I assume the author was going for "The Sister whose name is Time", but I keep reading it as "It's time for sister!" It sounds like a bad anime title. XD
Tudza White
9. tudzax1
I want Rothfuss to swear that he *had* to write this story to get it out of his head before continuing with the third novel.

GRRM may not be our bitch, but we are his customers.
Chris Nelson
10. wubbster
Comparing writing a novel with delivering products to customers is patently ridiculous, tudzax1. You should check that sense of entitlement.
Dylan Sprague
11. Ithilanor
Looking forward to this! Rothfuss is welcome to take as much time as he wants on Doors of Stone; having more stories to tide us over is an added bonus.
lake sidey
12. lakesidey
...the patient, cut-flower silence of a fan who is waiting for Day 3.

Fred Breese
13. Silvanus
That silence is going to be broken by my exited gibbering... what I would give to read this now
14. Zed
Id rather hed been working on the third novel instead!There I said I said it !Hate me!
15. decgem
wubbster, I wub you.
Scott Jones
16. Skavoovee
I'd also rather have the third book, this is getting ridiculous
17. Zed
Indeed.Its like hes working on so many projects other than the one he should be working on-thats book 3.
18. AndrewV
I'm just happy to get more story from Pat. After all, Patrick Rothfuss is not our bitch...

Joe Vondracek
19. joev
To steal from Oscar Wilde: there is only thing worse than fans pestering these authors for more books, and that is no one pestering them for more books.

Frustricipation: The action of being frustrated by the anticipation of something that is not liable to appear anytime soon.
20. mutantalbinocrocodile
Honestly, given Rothfuss' level of attention to prose style, he can take as long as he dang well wants. I'll wait the amount of time it takes for the best possible Book 3. It's not like there will ever be another one.
21. JamesEdJones
I agree with Zed. Rothfuss' writing is art, and you can't rush art. But he's spreading himself too thin.

Every single side project that be begins also adds to my suspicion that I won't enjoy the final book. The book will be brilliant, I'm sure, but he's trying to get everything else done before he concludes it. It's like he knows that his ending will upset a lot of fans, and he won't have their attention after this.
Steven Halter
22. stevenhalter
I would actually guess that Pat is using these "side" projects as both exploration and fuel for getting to D3. If you read things that writers write about their writing, a common theme is that they often get tired of the current work. It starts looking bad and doubts creep in. Turning their attention to something else and then returning to the main work can have a very refreshing effect. Much like a palate cleanser between courses in a long banquet.
Zayne Forehand
23. ShiningArmor
I don't think he's my bitch, but I think these authors that set up these book series with a ton of dangling plot threads have a responsibility to their readers to finish their stories.

I don't think anyone has the right to tell him how the story should end, but I think producing an ending is a responsibility that readers can be frustrated by them not fulfilling.

Robert Jordan stopped writing and started making outlines and notes so his story could be finished for his readers that had been with him for years. That to me is the ultimate dedication to fans that made your series popular in the first place. I think some current series writers (mainly GRRM, 3 years for Rothfuss right now for a final book isn't terrible, though it is frustrating) could learn something from him about the importance of finishing your work for your readers.
24. lordnoga
Well its something. Looks like Winds of Winter will beat out Doors of Stone after all. I really think Pat's publisher is a bit of a bitch. I mean didnt he already write the whole series years ago? Why even say that if its not true? At least Rothfuss is a much younger guy than GRRM. That guys health and pace of writing scares the hell outta me.
Steven Halter
25. stevenhalter
lordnoga@24:Pat's publisher really doesn't have anything to do with the delay. I'm sure as soon as he is satisfied they will be happy to publish it quickly.
Pat had a draft of the whole series. A draft is much different than a finished product.
michelle reed
26. MsBookHangovers
Can't wait to read some new material from Rothfuss!
27. Json
I'm excitedly disappointed. I'll read your book, I'll bet I'll enjoy it, I'm curious about those people and enjoyed their characters. I like Pat, he seems like one of the most awesomest of dudes. But from that honest place in my heart that I tend to pull my words from. Finish the f&%king story bro.
28. omglolnowai
Am I the only one who has noticed that Rothfuss seems to work on everything except the Doors of Stone? He's constantly talking about how he's super busy making decks of cards, and World Builders for a few months every year, and writing for a video game, and doing anthologies, and it just never ends. Everything. But. Book Three.

And as soon as you so much as ask, "Can you give us an update about when to expect book three?" two things happen.

1) He whines about how he doesn't like people pressuring him. It's not like we're pressuring him, though. We just want an update more than twice a year. And we have every right to be irritated that you're over committing yourself to the wrong projects, Pat.

2) His cult-like fan base will immediately decend upon you in a frothing rage. "Shut the hell up! Stop pressuring him! It will be ready when he says it is!" Whatever. His core fanbase seems to have a Mass Stockholm Syndrome. The idea that Rothfuss is some sort of demigod who graces his with his words is absurd. He is a man who writes stories and, as the consumers of his stories, we have a right to ask when he'll finish his commitment. You say he doesn't owe us anything? Well I'm pretty sure he signed a contract with his publisher that says he does.

The worst part about Rothfuss and his (lack of) work, though, is that it isn't even that good. It is the most beautifully written book about nothing that you'll ever read. The romantic tension between Kvothe and Denna is entirely unbelievable, and both of his books can be summarized with, "Emo kid has money problems."

I'd recommend other authors to read, but I don't want to name drop them in such a negative sounding post.
Steven Halter
29. stevenhalter
@28:If Rothfuss' work isn't that good then why be worried about it coming out in a timely fashion?
PR's contract with his publisher is between him and the publisher and doesn't really have anything to do with we readers. You can (of course) ask when the next book is out and he is free not to say anything.
If we're a cult then I want to know where our robes and sacrificial daggers are. I must have missed the memo. Although, I have seen Pat throw pieces of candy to the audience.
30. Ryamano
I've seen an author (Phillip Pullman) who was rushed by his agent make a very crappy conclusion (amber glass) to a trilogy that started very well (golden compass in his dark materials trilogy). So I don't think it's a good idea to rush authors anymore. Just relax and read other stuff. A book is done when it's done. A late book is late for sometime. A rushed bad book is bad for all time.
Still, it's interesting that authors are deciding to write prequels instead of concluding their series first. It's like GRRM syndrome spreading.
31. Pandaismand
This new book is fantastic news. It a little something while you wait for the real thing. If you follow the "statistics" of his releases of the 2 other books there should be nothing before 2015. The name of the wind was released 2007 and the wise mans fear was released 2011. Thats 4 years in between. So I think we have to guard us with alittle more patience. and just be thrilled thats theres is a little treat in between.
32. Tengig
And then sometimes, you give the author all the time in the world (GRRM) and you still end up with 'A Feast for Crows'.
33. Cool Breeze
My name is Kvothe. You may have heard of me

Perhaps, the name would seem to give rise to the ringing a distant sounding bell, but its been so long. The recollection is no more than a hollow echo bereft of shape, form and meaning. It is a name with naught but the power of token indifference.

Allow me to regail your memory and .....

Nah, save your breath. The world is filled with many books, many authors and many stories. I learned the lesson of patience from Master Lorren. If i am to wait until early 2016 for the opportunity to pay $20 for book 3 then I may as well wait until late 2016 and pay $5 for a seondary market copy.
34. scratchmark
i think the tv deal is the hold up.the third book will be released when the show premires
35. grumpy

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