Feb 5 2014 11:05am

Words of Radiance is Here!

Words of Radiance book picture

Look what came in the mail today! It’s Words of Radiance, the biggest, most hugest epic fantasy novel even we have ever laid eyes on. (It’s so big it actually required some serious finagling at the printer, but that’s a story for another time.) And the gang’s all here! Kaladin! Shallan! Szeth! Scrappy the Dinosaur*!

*What do you mean there’s no dinosaur in the book? It’s right there!

In answer to your questions “Where is it?” and “Give it to me,” the books are still being pressed and still need to be shipped over the next few weeks so they can be in stores across the U.S. and Canada by the March 4th release date. Until then, there’s plenty of excerpts to read, glimpses to reveal, and other fun things a’comin’.

If you’ll excuse us, now that the book is in our hands, we have some doors to stop.

Deana Whitney
3. Braid_Tug
Where is the "Like" button?!

Hope Scrappy makes it until the end of all 10 books.

And I’m starting to wonder if all 10 of these book are going to take the same amount of shelf space as the 14 WoT ones….
5. Cytherean
I suppose this means I need to start my Way of Kings reread soon.
6. Tarcalion
I think it's like 1020 pages or so. I remember it ended up being one page sort from the largest the printers could produce or something.
7. DaemonDan
Scrappy doesn't make the best size comparison, because I don't know how big a dinosaur he is. Can you lay WoR next to a banana? ;)
8. BradyDill

1088 pages, according to Sanderson's facebook statuses.
9. fuzzbinn
Want to see the spine! Please rotate slightly!
Jeremy Goff
10. JeremyM
Has there been any word on if you will be able to receive the ebook for free if you buy the hardback? I thought they had done this with a couple of Brandon's books in the past.
Martin Koenig
12. Vauric
@10 Jeremy - I believe that's just been in place for a couple of his novellas.
Deana Whitney
13. Braid_Tug
@9: Peter A, posted a picture of the spine on FB or Twitter the other day. It is the same as the WoK. If that helps you out any.
Kimani Rogers
14. KiManiak
We're getting closer to release date!

And that thing is huge!
15. Vorkon
This SO should have been called "The Book of Endless Pages."
16. Nicholas Winter
It's not the largest fantasy book published as the 50th Anniversary edition of The Lord of The Rings I have here in my library runs 1216 pages.
17. Fuzzy_Dunlop
What's the word count?
Jeremy Guebert
18. jeremyguebert
Two things:

Firstly, I am so excited! I can hardly wait for March 4th. We're at less than a month, now!!

Secondly, I so totally called the garnet-coloured cover (garnet is the jewel related to Shallan's Lightweaver order in much the same way as saphire is related to Kaladin's Windrunners).
19. vanye
Does anyone know how big Tad Williams' To Green Angel Tower was in hardcover? It had to be published in two parts as a paperback, it was so large...
Reid cashman
20. hellzie
*What do you mean there’s no dinosaur in the book? It’s right there!
Well if it's a K'Chain Che'Malle...

@15: I agree; definitely should have kept it "The Book of Endless Pages"
22. ElendsSecondCousin
they call the book a doorstop...*twitch*

Dear Tor: I will trade you for your 'doorstop'. In fact, I will give you TWO doorstops in exchange. Sound like a deal?
Matthew Harris
23. Serendipity04
It is foolish of you to have revealed this to a fandom comprised primarily of Mistborn assassins...
25. flyingtoastr
@24 I plan on buying the ebook for reading and the hardcoer for awesome shelf presence.
Rich Bennett
26. Neuralnet
My arm is already starting to hurt just thinking about reading this heavy beast... cant wait!
27. Alamo Al
How long before an e-book version will be available?
Peter Ahlstrom
28. PeterAhlstrom
The ebook and audiobook will be released the same day as the hardcover, March 4th.
Walker White
29. Walker
It is not a doorstop. It is a monitor stand. That is actually what my wife does with Way of Kings (She uses my copy that was water damaged by a plumbing leak; I replaced it).
30. ak28
I can't wait to read it! It looks more like a cinder block than a book.
Only 27 more days of anticipation...
31. Alamo Al
@28 - Woohoo, thanks for the update!! I don't buy many books (public libraries are great!) but this one is definately on my list to get ASAP.

I read the Myst series when I heard that Brandon Sanderson was finishing the WoT series. I was throughly hooked with his world creation abilities. Now, there's nothing of his I would care to miss.
32. Joe1955
The stores should put a display of book racks next to the display for this. :D
Can't wait till it is available.
Alan Courchene
34. Majicou

Also, ebooks? Pshaw. I'm paying for a great read AND strength training.
35. harry31j97
When is it going to be available in India? Amazon India & Flipkart both don't have it for preorder yet.
Sirius Seyven
36. sirius7
Yes, when will it be available in India?

I have called/visited all the major bookstores here, also checked all the online shopping site. No option available to preorder. Faced same issue for AMOL, flipkart listed it for sale only on the release date.
I can hardly wait for 4th march. But it seems we may have to wait longer than that. :(
Peter Ahlstrom
37. PeterAhlstrom
India is served by Brandon's UK publisher, Gollancz. I have sent them a query about this.
38. Krystil
This is huge. I want to read it. A lot. I agree with placing Kalidon first. He is abviously the most awesome of the three posted. Shalllan doesn't even deserve a explamation mark she is so annoying.
Jennifer B
39. JennB
Finished my WOK reread yesterday. It's going to be a long month.
40. Kirkland
In the words of a triple jumping Mario on N64....yip, yap, YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
So stoked, its like a second birthday this not to pester you Brandon but ....Get back to work!!!! we need a new mist born and the 3rd book hopefully before the end of the year...haha j/k...but not really :-)
41. gt84604
Maybe not the biggest page count ever printed, but it's certainly plenty big. I'm recalling that Janny Wurts' "Ships of Merior" (917 pages in hardcover) had to be split into two books for paperback publication because the binding would have fallen apart otherwise...

@15: yes, "The Book of Endless Pages" was an awesome title :D

March 4 can't come soon enough.
42. Almeldiel
This book is a murder weapon. o_O

And does this mean a Scrappy comes with my shipment of "Words of Radiance"? :D
Jon _
43. Werechull
Door stop? I'm gonna need a bigger door.
Chi Hung Duong
44. lividsama
@42: "Death by book" is now an official term...
45. Jaerynn
Caj Plica
46. Plecarton
wow!!!!!! really is the book most bigger
47. Carfax
5 Emerald broams says someone's already planning on raiding the Tor office before March.
48. Kobool
Sweet, Cant wait !
Was going to buy the audiobook but i dont want Kate Reading to ruin my image of kaladin when Shallan meets him for the first time.

Guess il man up and buy that brick of a book instead.
Sirius Seyven
49. sirius7
@37: Thanks Peter. The imported edition (tor) got listed for sale on Flipkart just now. Ordered it for delivery on march6. Still the Gollancz edition is not listed in any stores here. But thanks very much for looking into the issue, and querying Gollancz.
Sara Khan
50. blind pilot
Too excited! I want to buy the hardcover, but in terms of portability the kindle version is probably more ideal...anyone know if Tor plans to do the MatchBook program?
Peter Ahlstrom
51. PeterAhlstrom
I've asked about MatchBook, and what I was told is that there aren't current plans to do this. As a general rule Tor hasn't been using MatchBook; they did a pilot program with three of Brandon's books, but I don't know how they feel the results of that have gone.

I believe that programs similar to MatchBook are the future, but ideally it has to be something that will get you the ebook on any platform you want, not just Amazon and not only if you bought the hardcover at one specific location. However, this requires infrastructure that is nowhere near being in place.
52. Nia
Hi there!

Just wondering if this will be released in paperback (with the same cover art) at some point?

I've been holding out on buying because i'd like the book to fit nicely with WoK , which i have in paperback.

Thank you! :)

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