Feb 24 2014 1:30pm

Tor Books Announces Special Die-Cut Card Promotion For Words of Radiance

Szeth die-cut card for Words of RadianceFans of #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson are in for a pleasant surprise for the launch of Words of Radiance, the much-anticipated sequel to The Way of Kings and book two in “The Stormlight Archive” series. Sanderson and Tor Books, an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC—the largest publisher of science fiction and fantasy titles in the world—have teamed up to create more than 1,000 die-cut cards with a pop-out action figure of Szeth “The Assassin in White,” one of the main characters in the series.

The flat, 3x4 die-cut cards will have two parts that pop out, one piece that will be used as a stand for the other piece, the action figure. (As pictured above.) Sanderson will be distributing the die-cut cards along with signed bookplates inside copies of Words of Radiance throughout his nationwide road tour. Recipients will be not only his dedicated fans but also booksellers—those who are part of the tour and those he couldn’t fit into the tour schedule, including both independent bookstores and airport bookstores such as Hudson News.

“For years, I’ve been planting little goodies in books that I sign, and I’ve wanted something just a little more awesome,” Sanderson says. “I pitched this idea to Tor Books, and I’m thrilled that they’re willing to put up with my eccentric—and hopefully awesome—ideas for extra value and fun for the readers of The Stormlight Archive.”

The die-cut cards will include a code for fans to unlock that will lead them to secret goodies and giveaways that will be revealed on the landing page at, which will go live on the day of the book release, next Tuesday, March 4place for the code to be entered, and for every 75 codes entered fans will be surprised with a page of special content.

Szeth die-cut card for Words of Radiance

(Dinosaurs not included. OR ARE THEY?)

Check out excerpts and other news regarding Words of Radiance, our Way of Kings reread, and some fierce “Glimpse”-fueled speculation in's Stormlight Archive index!

1. phoenixofthelight
WHY?! He doesn't come anywhere near me (I live in Alabama), and I have a mighty need for one of those beautiful cutouts! :-(
2. The Question
I must have one of these!
Ross Newberry
3. rossnewberry
phoenixofthelight @1: Come to JordanCon in Atlanta. Hopefully he'll have some left over!
4. chipbap1207
Not much chance of getting one over here in Wales :-(
Paige Vest
5. paigevest
I want one of these so very much! It's cool!
Angela Vaughan
6. karaokeang
What!!!! So cool. I hope I get one!!!!

Oh and everyone, please participate in my WOR Scrapbook project;
Deana Whitney
7. Braid_Tug
Well, maybe WetlanderNW will get one, so I'll know someone who has one.
And maybe I'll get to see on in person at JordanCon.

Very cool idea.
Cory S.
8. Hungry_For_Hands
Very cool! I'm sad that the closest signing to me (Boston) is Philadelphia. Who knows, maybe there will be other methods to get our hands on one?
9. Rancho Unicorno
How about that. Brandon is the one creating the value add for me to try and get to the Houston signing - beyond "here's Brandon", the store hasn't given me any reason to go to there over another store/Amazon.
Deana Whitney
10. Braid_Tug
@ 9, Careful. Peter posted some rules about the Houston signing that might make it hard.

Since the store is small, they are limiting people. So you have to buy from the store, starting March 4th to get a ticket to the signing.
No ticket, no entrance.

Since I can't travel there from Dallas very easily mid-week, it's a lost cause for me. So I hope you live close to Houston to make it worth your time.
Katie Frey
11. TalithaSedai
There is some weirdness in the paragraph just above the image of Szeth with dinos. Because of that, could someone please clarify if the special content released every 75 codes for code holders only, or for everyone?

Also, what about the figure cards for booksellers...Are they for them to give out? Will there be information on partipating booksellers (or a way for us to get a local indie bookeller to participate?)? Will there be other ways to get codes/awesome Szeth card figures?

This all sounds so very awesome! I really wish I could attend a sign and get a chance at one...but as this is likely not in my future, I'm just trying to get information. =D
12. Haelbarde

If its anything like steelhunt (which is what he did with the release of Steelheart), then the content is for the card holders. With steelhunt, if you had a code, you could access the site, which would update every 75 codes.

However, again, if its the same as Steelhunt, there will be other ways of getting codes. There were a few competitions, plus a few other things.

Me, I'm in Australia - no hope at all at getting to any signings. So, yeh, hoping that there are indeed ways of getting access without turning up to a signing again.
Kyle Hiatt
13. risleyp
Alas! Yet another awesome perk to living close to a signing location. And here I'm stuck in Turkey with no hope of getting my hands on one of these ::very sad face::
14. schwizzle
Ugh....Kansas City....why can't you be closer to Utah or Chicago or any other city that Brandon frequents....
Kerly Luige
15. Celebrinnen
@12 and @13 - I hear you! Good luck to me with it as well, here in Estonia ... :(
16. Peezy
I'm going to a signing at a store that I bought steelheart at this weekend and ordered a hardback wok from.

I'm getting wor as a gift from amazon. I'd like one of these thingies, but am ok with how and where I got these books. The signing is like a month after wor comes out. Are these cutouts inside books or does he just have a pile for the signings?

I guess I could ask my mom to cancel her birthday gift for me but it feels gauche. Whatcha think?
17. psymon1
I live in Utah not an hour away from where Brandon lives, unfortunately due to me working graves and going to school, I don't think I'll be able to get to the midnight release party in Provo. You think its hard for you if you live far away and nowhere near where he'll be? Try being this close and still not able to pull it off! It's torture! I want one of those cut outs sooooo very bad!
James Devlin
18. JimD
I'd like a cut-out. I'd like an ARC of one of Brandon's books, too. I have first editions of all his books, though, a few of them signed, so I guess I shouldn't be too greedy...
19. Serm
Strange. I got one of the cutouts but it has no code on it. Where am I supposed to look?
Deana Whitney
20. Braid_Tug
I got a card!!! From the Weller Bookstore that he signed ahead of time.

Not sure if everyone from that 500 grouping got one, or just a luckly few of us. But yea!!!

Thank you Team Sanderson!

@19, I think only some of the cards had codes. Mine did not and a few others who have gotten one did not.
Peter Ahlstrom
21. PeterAhlstrom
Not all of them have codes. The ones that do have a sticker on the back with the URL and the code.

And the URL is public for anyone to see:
22. Gavinwad
Got a Szeth card at the Huntington Beach booksigning last night! It is super cool. Also, I cannot help but notice that there are some kind of game statistics on the back of the figurine:

Champion - Szeth
Factions - Roshar, Assassins
Play: IR-10

P: 2 C: 1 S: 2
A: Choose a champion. Until your next turn, it can't be activated and its footing gives no investiture."

What is this? I've scoured the Internet, and can't find anything about a game. It doesn't seem to be associated with the Mistborn RPG...


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