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The Way of Kings Reread: Chapter 58

Brandon Sanderson The Way of Kings Welcome back to the reread of The Way of Kings on We’re only two short weeks out from the release of Words of Radiance, and things will be ramping up a lot here on as we approach the release—so stay tuned all you Roshar fans!

This week we cover chapter 58, which splits the point of view between Adolin and Dalinar again. We only get a few Adolin POV chapters and they’re usually interesting to ferret the inner workings of the camp, as Adolin likes to bop around a lot more than his father. Adolin finally comes to recognize the worth of what his father has done. Took him long enough. Dalinar is meanwhile discussing matters of state and philosophy with Sadeas and Elhokar.

Chapter 58: The Journey
Points of View:
Adolin, Dalinar
Setting: The Shattered Plains (Open Market / Dueling Arena)

What Happens: Adolin is relaxing with some yellow wine along with his male friends and their female companions at the Outer Market wine shop. He is accompanied by Danlan, whom it seems he is going to continue courting instead of hopping from woman to woman, as has been his style.

Adolin has been lamenting that he was wrong about his father; every time he starts to see problems in the way Dalinar handles things, Dalinar always ends up doing something heroic like rescuing Sadeas. Adolin questions aloud why Sadeas didn’t make a move against Dalinar and his family, noting that Sadeas gained nothing by admitting Dalinar was not a fault. Even a sly word would have put Dalinar in a bad light—a light that was already badly angled on him.

Danlan thinks Sadeas saying anything could result in war between the two princedoms and he probably wants to avoid that. Toral mentions that the reputation of Adolin’s father hasn’t been “impressive of late,” to which Adolin responds that he has been winning on the plateau quite often lately.

Jakamav says that all that was with Sadeas’ help, but Adolin goes on to say that Dalinar has been doing well the past few months, including saving the king and Sadeas.

Toral has heard enough and tries to derail Adolin by mentioning that this conversation stems from Adolin’s desires to change Dalinar. But Adolin has now reconsidered and doesn’t want his father to change to suit his desires:

“That was before I saw him rescue Sadeas. Every time I start to forget how amazing my father is, he does something to prove me one of the ten fools. It happened when Elhokar was in danger too. It’s like . . . my father only acts like that when he really cares about something.”

Adolin feels very conflicted. He had wanted his father to change to the point where only last week he agreed to take over the family for Dalinar. He is lost in thought, but is pulled back into conversation by a comment about his father’s highstorm episodes suggesting that Dalinar should abdicate to Adolin. Danlan thinks that would be going too far, but that she—like many others—wishes regulations would be lessened so the Kholin men could dress better and be more at one with Alethi society. Adolin tells her he has tried.

Adolin leaves to prepare for a duel against Brightlord Resi of Highprince Thanadal’s house; Thanadal has been saying not nice things about his father. As Adolin walks through the market he keeps thinking of the codes, especially the ones related to dress, and finally realizes what they help accomplishes. They give the common person someone to look up to and they also provide order; you know instantly who is a soldier and can tell their rank and therefore importance. With most upper Lighteyes, including soldiers, dressing however the current fashion dictates means their position isn’t clear without a much closer look, while the soldiers under Dalinar’s command are all easily identifiable. When there is trouble people will look to those soldiers.


Dalinar, Sadeas, and Elhokar are watching the dueling matches as Dalinar awaits his son’s match. Dalinar quotes a story from The Way of Kings about King Nohadon traveling from Abamabar to Urithiru by foot in order to experience what it is like to be a common person traveling such a great distance.

Sadeas is confused as to why a king would walk a great distance when he could at least ride a horse. Dalinar believes it is so that Nohadon could truly go through what other people do, and to prove to himself and his people that nothing is below him. Nohadon had traveled without his family or retinue or even any money. He made his way by working and storytelling to feed and shelter himself. Nohadon felt that no matter the destination, the path a leader takes is more important, as “no good can be achieved of false means.”

Sadeas finds the story ridiculous, stating “He walked all that distance just to make the point that kings should consider the consequences of their commands?” He thinks Dalinar loves the story because he was so “emotional,” which prevents him from levelheaded thinking. All the same Sadeas is glad it led Dalinar to saving his life.

The Way of Kings is made up of forty parables taken from the life of King Nohadon with each trying to convey a lesson of sorts. Dalinar abstains from biting back at the other Highprinces who try to provoke him because he is trying to live by the codes and spread virtue. Elhokar comments that Dalinar sounds like his father when he speaks this way.

Elhokar reveals that Wit has left him, but that he expects him back some day as he has disappeared and returned in the past. Navani soon shows up to watch the duels. Her presence clearly makes Dalinar uncomfortable and his thoughts tumble along as he looks skyward to avoid her. Soon Highprince Vamah arrives below to view the duel whose presence seems to annoy Sadeas. He comments that Vamah’s outfits are terrible and he isn’t fashionable like the other Highprince. Dalinar tries to defend Vamah, but soon falls silent when Sadeas reminds Dalinar of all the times he has commented on what people wear or should wear.

Adolin’s duel is starting and the winner will be whomever shatters a piece of their opponents Shardplate. He is facing Resi though his Highprince Thanadal didn’t attend the match. Both men wear their full Plate and have Shardblades.

The match begins with Resi taking the powerful Stonestance while Adolin goes with the more fluid form Windstance. Elhokar thinks Adolin is even better than his father or Dalinar at dueling and could be a champion. Though in practice Adolin keeps away from ranking matches to keep to the Codes.

Though Adolin and Resi trade blows Adolin controls the match and wins easily by shattering one of Resi’s thigh plates. Dalinar wished there was no war so Adolin could follow his passion. Sadeas asks if he still wants them to abandon the war. Dalinar says he would leave, but that wouldn’t be the end of it.

“It would be because I fear for Alethkar’s stability; leaving this war would help secure our homeland and the loyalty of the highprinces. I would send more envoys and scholars to find out why the Parshendi killed Gavilar. We gave up on that too easily. I still wonder if the assassination was initiated by miscreants or rebels among their own people.”

He also outlines what he would do with the Shattered Plains to bring it into Alethkar and how he would handle the Parshendi. Elhokar thinks it all makes sense and wishes he had explained it so well earlier. Elhokar asks for an update from Sadeas on who could have weakened the gems in his plate, but Sadeas doesn’t have any yet. Elhokar is clearly worried about assassins and says:

“They watch me. Always. Waiting. I see their faces in mirrors. Symbols, twisted, inhuman . . .”

Sadeas and Dalinar are both disturbed by the King’s words. Could he be worse off than they both thought? Worried with paranoia?

Dalinar steers the conversation back to the war wanting to focus on stabilizing and bringing all Alethi together. Discussions turn to the success Dalinar and Sadeas have had on bridge runs. Sadeas wants Dalinar to use his bridgemen so that the Kholin army can join up quicker. Dalinar is reticent, but eventually agrees if his men can still cross later when the bridgemen will not be under constant fire from Parshendi. The king departs to congratulate Adolin on his match. Before Dalinar leaves as well Sadeas asks that he be sent a copy of The Way of Kings so he can have it read to him.

Quote of the Chapter:

“And so, does the destination matter? Or is it the path we take? I declare that no accomplishment has substance nearly as great as the road used to achieve it. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived.”

This is one of my favorite passages in all of The Way of Kings, albeit it is technically quoted from Nohadon’s The Way of Kings. This statement seems very much at the crux of what Sanderson is trying to accomplish with the series—at least so far. I wonder how far he’ll take it because surely he’s got an ending in mind that he’ll want us all to care about, but we’ve all got a long journey to go before we get there.

It is the experiences that make the person. From the mundane (farming, patching wounds) to the fantastic (magic swords, battles with chasmfiends), but what you do and how you act because of those experiences is what matters.


In the course of this reread I’ve grown to appreciate Adolin for the man he is becoming. He’s not there quite yet, but we’ve seen him grow and learn. This chapter was a big breakthrough for him. He also finally seems ready to make a commitment to a woman, I’m just not sure it will be Danlan in the end, however nice and intelligent she seems. Adolin though seems ready to fully commit himself to his father’s cause.

All this talk about dressing has become tiresome only this chapter it is Adolin and Sadeas who seem so intent on talking about it instead of Dalinar. Dalinar actually tries to defend someone’s outlandish dress and is easily taken aback when he realizes what he’s done. What I wouldn’t give for a Sadeas POV chapter to see just how he plan what is to come.

One thing I haven’t seen considered much is that maybe the gems in Elhokar’s Shardplate were weakened/siphoned off by him. The Kholin family clearly are at the center of it all. Gavilar was but the first to be interested in The Way of Kings and perhaps the resurgence of the Knights Radiant. Dalinar has his visions and Syl is interested in him. Jasnah is a surgebinder and has visited Shadesmar. It seems likely that Adolin is being setup as a Radiant of one stripe or another. So it certainly stands to reason that Elhokar has a connect to this realm as well that goes deep. He admits to seeing the Symbolhead spren that we’ve encountered with Shallan yet he is even more distrustful of them than Shallan seeing them as the assassins though he seems to connect them with the Shin.

Speaking of madness. It is interesting to see Nohadon was also willing to let people think him mad as Dalinar is because they both believed what they were doing was the right thing. Elhokar’s madness—which might be a strong word for what he is going through—seems very different. The death of his father has clearly disturbed him to his core and no one seems willing to tell him. Where is Navani when we need her? Or Jasnah at least. She’d slap some sense into him.

Just a couple last notes. The epigraph seems to be another reference to one of the ten deaths.

“Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother, giving birth to abominations with her essence so dark, so terrible, so consuming. She is here! She watches me die!”

She at least sounds like the progenitor of the Midnight Essence. And lastly Elhokar shares some words that are portentous:

“Unreliable as Damnation itself, that one.”

C’mon Elhokar. You just wished Damnation kept to a tighter schedule. You reap what you sow sometimes. Damnation be damned.


Michael Pye (aka The Mad Hatter) runs The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Book Review where he shares his views on genre books. He can also be found nattering on Twitter or in search of the perfect piece of bacon.

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
Agree, this is a major moment of growth for Adolin. A few more and he might be a real adult!

And Oh! the "Don't do it Dalinar!" upon re-reading.
Adam S.
So Elhokar is seeing the same creatures (spren) that Shallan draws. Clearly another potential future radiant, though it's unclear exactly why he would become one. Kaladin is naturally gifted as a warrior and is one of the most (only) honorable men in Alethkar, so it's easy to see why he would attract an honorspren. We don't know exactly what causes the symbolheads to be drawn to someone, but it's hard to find anything remarkable about Elhokar, who seems like a stuck-up royal pain in the...
I wonder if the radiants were hereditary, as in the children of radiants became radiants themselves? Might explain why everone in the Kholin family seems on their way to becoming a radiant (Dalinar, Jasnah, Elhokar, plus maybe Adolin and even Renarin in the future).
The story from the Way of Kings illiustrates the ideals of the radiants: journey before destination. Is anyone surprised that Sadeas doesn't get it? Thought not.
SPOILER FOR PREVIEW CHAPTERS: Interesting how stonestance was not considered inappropriate for a duel while ironstance clearly was. I would think they would be similar. (Roll over to read)
4. Kilumanjaro
@MDNY. I think Elhokar is probably keeping some pretty big secrets... Just like Shallan. Wouldn't be surprised to find they are both attracting deception spren or some such.

I agree that this chapter totally changed my perception of Adolin, for the better. It'll be interesting to see if his progress continues in the next book along the same lines.
Dixon Davis
5. KadesSwordElanor
Adolin mentions the 10 fools. Wonder if this is relate somehow to the 10 deaths?
Nadine L.
6. travyl
Yes it's nice to see that Adolin realized the merit of Dalinar's insistency about following the Codes.

I'm puzzled by the Nightwatcher and it's place in "Vorin" religion. She (?) is the force which can grant a boon, and I know it's been discussed wheter she could be a spren of some sorts. But in this chapter she is more like a good of Death (at least I interpret the passage quoted below in this way). So far I can't make those functions fit into one god, so to speak.
"Whether we find our end in a hallowed sepulcher or a pauper’s ditch, all save the Heralds themselves must dine with the Nightwatcher"
* I don't know why I would attribute a female article to the Nightwatcher, but I decided to not do the she/him/it thing...
Jennifer B
7. JennB
I really hope that surgebinding is not hereditary. It seems like it is not since your actions are what attract Spren, but it is awfully suspicious that there are at least three from the Kholin family.
Angela Vaughan
8. karaokeang
“Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother, giving birth to abominations with her essence so dark, so terrible, so consuming. She is here! She watches me die!”
I am pretty active in the Sanderson fan community and I have never heard about the 10 Deaths. Is that another name for the ten different types of creatures they fight during desolations? Huh... I guess I need to keep an eye out during my re-read this weekend and also do a little more digging in the database!

Check out my project documenting Brandon's WOR tour here. I need everyone's help!!!
Adam S.
@7 BWS has said that the magic systems in all his worlds are at least in part genetic, so I'm assuming that has something to do with the coincidence of Dalinar, Jasnah, Gavilar, etc., and suggests that Adolin and Renarin could become radiants, too.
Sean Dowell
10. qbe_64
Other than Szeth's observations in the prologue, Is there any additional information regarding whether plate interferes with surgebinding?

Szeth's suggests that plate would conflict with his surgebinding, but doesn't really elaborate why. To me, there are four options as to what happened to his gems.

1. he was actually sabotaged by somebody - given later revelations about the saddle, this is probably the most unlikely.

2. he got hit harder than he thought in the fight and the gems cracked during the fight, no sabotage intended.

3. He drew the stormlight out himself, for some unknown surgebind.

4. Dalinar drew the stormlight out of Elhokar's plate in his mad dash to save him.

To me, option 4 seems the most reasonable, but I keep coming back to shardplate interfering with surgebinding. So if it blocks outsiders only (not yourself), either Dalinar's force of will is just that great, or it would suggest that Elhokar is the only one who could have drawn in the storm light.

I'd imagine there will be clarification on Plates interaction with Surgebinding in WoR.
Jared Wood
11. Shardlet
Apparently Michael has not spent much time on It has been talked about quite a bit that perhaps Elhokar unwittingly used the stormlight in his gems, similar to how Kaladin unwittingly used stormlight, thus weakening his gemstones himself.

@10- Nope, there really is not much info on this except that Brandon has said that it is difficult to affect heavily invested things with any of the magics. The investiture resists manipulation.
Kimani Rogers
12. KiManiak
Thanks Michael,

I like how, in a reread, you can see how Sadeas is slowly setting Dalinar up for the big betrayal. Sadeas casually mentions that Dalinar’s forces should use Sadeas’s bridges. And, likely, to put Dalinar at ease and have Dalinar think that Dalinar’s efforts are working on him, Sadeas asks for a copy of the Way of Kings. Diabolical.

As for the epigraph, the connection between Midnight Mother and Midnight Essence seems fairly strong. And the naming of Re-Shephir (the Midnight Mother) is fairly similar to Ye-lig nar (the Blightwind), identified as one of The Unmade. Another candidate for The Unmade is Dai-Gonarthis (the Black Fisher). All are mentioned in epigraphs; however, only Ye-lig nar is labeled as one of The Unmade. The commonality in hyphenated names and labeling leads towards speculation that all 3 could be Unmade. Speculation is that The Unmade could be Odium’s versions of the Ten Heralds.

MDNY@2 – re: The Way of Kings and the Radiants ideals – Yeah, this Nohadon story spells out fairly clearly a portion of the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant. There are 40 parables also mentioned, which just happens to coincide with the remaining number of ideals for all of the Knights Radiant Orders combined (10 Orders, 4 remaining ideals for each Order). Coincidence?

Kades@5 & karaokeang@8 – There are allusions to the Ten Deaths (specifically, The Starfalls Chapter, Dalinar's flashback) and the Ten Fools in WoK. There may even be some linkage between those labels and The Unmade (all kinds of wild theories and speculation out there). But for now, Brandon is just giving us little spoonfuls of this universe, so I don't think there's all that much concrete information out there.
13. hersha
@3 I don't think that ironstance was particuarlly appropriate for a duel but rather that when you are significantly better than your opponent it becomes a tactic that will quickly overwhelm the opponent if they don't know how to handle it. It was a strategy that would only really work once because now his opponents will prepare for that tactic.
Glen V
14. Ways
How many colors of wine are there in Alethkar anyway? Blue and orange are mentioned back in chapt. 22. I'm virtually certain purple is mentioned somewhere also. The order of strength, IIRC, is purple>blue>orange. Now we have yellow. Or is that the same as orange? And is the wavelength of the color always inversely proportional to strength? If that's the case, then orange would be the weakest and yellow slightly stronger.

And what fruits or vegetables are these wines fermented from?

Inquiring minds winos want to know. I'll have a glass of that 400nm blend.

Edited--to incoporate the real ROYGBIV
Preston Flagg
15. Pre5to
I believe that Brandon has said the magic on Roshar isn't hereditary. No quotee though.

As far as explaining the whole family being radients without genes playing a role, it's not that hard. When your a parent you tend to try to pass your moral values and other societal beliefs on to your kids. Gavilar and Dalinar were probably raised by relatively honorable parents and thus act as honorable adults, attracting spren. They then try and raise their kids the same way, they grow up, act honorably, attract spren of their own.

You can see this in the Kaladin flashbacks. His father was a very honorable man, and there are a couple of scenes where we're shown him actively trying to teach that honor to Kaladin. Some of it stuck, thus Syl.
Walker White
16. Walker
I am pretty active in the Sanderson fan community and I have never heard about the 10 Deaths.
you may have heard them referred to as the Unmade.
David Foster
17. ZenBossanova
There was one passing reference in one of Dalinar's visions about the 10 Deaths, but I have never heard them directly correlated with the Unmade. Interesting, but those may be two entirely different things.
Leeland Woodard
18. TheKingOfCarrotFlowers
@12 I think the 40 parables include the one that was mentioned about Journey before Destination, which would mean there could only be 40 ideals in all, which is one short. Plus, since this parable only did "journey before destination," there would likely have to be another one about "strength before weakness," and another about "life before death." Which means that we only have another 37 parables.

It's still possible, because it's entirely possible that some ideals are shared between neighboring orders of the Knight's Radiant. And I really, really like the idea of the 40 parables being examples about the generation of the Ideals, since Nohadon apparently founded the KR in the first place--you'd think he'd have something to do with determining their ideals, too.
Andrew Berenson
19. AndrewHB
Ways @14. I am also fascinated by the different colors of wine having different alcoholic concentration. I would love to be a wine brewer (or whatever the term is called) in Roshar. They must do a nice business.

Are there certain colors of wine that only women can drink and some colors that only men can drink. The same with foods that they can eat?

Thanks for reading my musings.
(aka the musespren)
Alice Arneson
20. Wetlandernw
Ways @14 - I had to check that out a while back, and it seems that wavelength is indeed inversely proportional to strenght. Violet is identified as "among the strongest", blue (also "deep blue" or "sapphire") is implied to be quite strong; yellow appears to be mildly intoxicating, or at least enough to be relaxing; orange is sweet and not at all intoxicating. We haven't seen red or green wines at all yet. Also, in one instance Dalinar refers to "darkwine" but there's no indication what color it is.
21. wolf charmer
I would really perfered to do this post at the end of this reread but I very much would like to get everyone's (anyone's) ideas, corrections etc. before WOR is released. In an effort tobetter understand the tactics, doctrine and weapons of the Alethi and Parshendi armies I made a list of what specifics I could find in the WOK . In the hardcover edition p37 Darkeyed spearman have Leather jerkins,kneelength skirt,simple steel cap, matching breastplates,short or long spears,javelins. Lighteyes have full suits of armour. Darkeyed archers are listed but not the type of bows they use.

P37 Darkeyed formation short spears in front, long spears and javelins next, archers at the sides. This descibtion is somewhat confusing since it would seem unlikely that the javelin troops would be expected to throw their javelins over the heads of the spearman at enemy troops they could barely see. Also we are not told what secondary weapons are carried by the javelin troops.

P39 Kaladin carries a shortspear with two knife sheaths strapped to the shaft. We also learn his spear squad is about 30 soldiers plus himself.

P40 the shortspear is meant to be wielded one handed but Kaladin's spear is a hand longer than normal size. ( This suggests that a long spear is a two handed weapon used either without a shield or like a greek hoplite in phalanx formation the shield could be worn with a strap around the neck like an extra breastplate.

p41 Poorly disciplined troops break formation before contact with the enemy. P43 Metal plate on Kaladin's shield . This seems to indicate that a spearman's shield is wood covered with a metal skin(again perhaps very similiar to a greek hoplite round shield which was called a hoplin and weighed 17-33lbs.)

P45 Mounted soldier in full plate swinging a "wicked mace".

P103 Kaladin's first plateau assault as a bridgeman Army 2000 men ,1200 darkeyed spearman, several hundred cavalry and a large group of heavy foot - lighteyed men in thick armour carrying large maces and square steel shields. (These last soldiers must be extremely powerful,strong men . For example, a steel shield one quarter inch thick, one and one half ft. wide by 3 ft. high would weight about 45lbs. that together with thick armour and a large mace is quite a load to march and fight in .

P199 Grand bows Large steel bows to be used a a shardbearer because of their high draw weight( Do these have a future as a crew served weapon mounted on a stand with a windlass to draw it.)

P244 See sketches of armour,steel caps, chainmail,swords and a very unusual spear.

P380 Parshendi abandoned their bows pulling out axes,swords or maces. p391 a helmet

P396 Daggers

P400 Parshendi armour "Breastplates,helms,guards on the arms and legs Extensive armour for regular foot soldiers.

P401 Many Parshendi used heavy weapons axes, hammers , knives

P838- 839 Medium-sized wooden spearman's shield

P 879 lighter spears up beside the head with the shield raised . This seems to suggest for Alethi vs Alethi engagements regular Alethi doctrine called for a combined attack by short and long spearman after the enemy lines were attacked by arrow and javelin with heavy lighteeyed infantry last.

P 898 Parshendi slingman throwing head sized stones.

P? Parshendi making a spear wall to hold off cavalry. Plateau assault by Alethi troops. First bridge down,cavalry charge to clear bridge head , assault by the spearman followed by heavy infantry . Thoughts ,ideas, corrections .
David Foster
22. ZenBossanova
Fantastic, 21. wolf charmer!
A+ for you!

It will be interesting to see how well this holds up when the Desolation starts.
23. Palpie
It's a shame Carl didn't get adolin's duel since he's such a fan.

Does anyone else think Danlan is a plant/spy? Some thing about how she shows up in camp and immediately gets Adolin's attention as well as a place with Dalinar's scribes is suspecious. Here she is actively trying to turn Adolin away from the codes and following his father.
Deana Whitney
24. Braid_Tug
@21, WC: Great info! Can't think of anything to add at this point.
In a way it lines up historically if you think about the later half of the 100 year war.
Peasant archers and spearmen vs. the nobles in plate, or a least richer guys in better ringmail.

Mods, thank you for altering the formatting.
Much easier to read.
Leeland Woodard
25. TheKingOfCarrotFlowers
The herald icons for chapter 58 are Jez-Betab.

Jez seems pretty straightforward to me in this chapter. The divine attributes associated with Jez are leading/protecting, and I for one think that this chapter is chock full of that. Adolin learns why people should follow the codes, and Dalinar is reading from the Way of Kings specifically about leading.

Betab is a little less straightforward, and I have a couple of possibilities to submit. The divine attributes associated with Betab are wise/careful. It's possible that Adolin's acceptance of the codes could be considered wise. It's possible that Dalinar's reading from a philosopher's book could be wise. All in all though, I wonder if Betab isn't here as "careful" due to Sadeas and the treachery that's coming. Dalinar isn't comfortable abandoning his bridges (but for the wrong reasons), and Sadeas is urging him to do so, almost definitely so that he can leave him to die later on.
Leeland Woodard
26. TheKingOfCarrotFlowers
Edited to remove this comment. Accidentally posted something spoilerish meant for the Glimpses thread.
Kimani Rogers
27. KiManiak
Braid_Tug@24 - Thanks for that. The block of text was a little difficult to read.

Thanks to the Mods, too.
Glen V
28. Ways
Wet @20
Ahem. Mea Culpa. Apparently ROYGBIV temporarily ran away from me in my @14, which has now been corrected.
Dixon Davis
29. KadesSwordElanor

I would hang with the miners on Roshar. They drink beer. :)

See Interlude I-3
Kyle Hiatt
30. risleyp
@23 Palpie--YES! I completely think of Danlan as a spy. Maybe it's because of the way Michael Kramer portrays her voice in the audiobook.
Birgit F
31. birgit
I got a mail from Amazon that WoR is released earlier than expected and my book has been shipped.
Glen V
33. Ways
KSE @29
Maybe so, orange wine sounds a bit weird. I'm in for a good brewski.

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